Jumping in!!

all-pics-044.jpgI have been really wanting to start my own blog but have been a LOT  little nervous but thought, hey, just jump in.

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother and hope a friend.  One of my greatest joys are my 3 grandchildren.  I have two that are 7 and one who’s 3.  Friday night my husband Paul and I were sitting here and the phone rang at 9:30 PM.  We wondered who would be calling at that time.  It was my granddaughter Trinity who is 7.  She said “grandma, could you please come over and pull out my tooth.”  For whatever reason, she’s lost 3 and I’ve pulled helped them all come out.  I said “Trinity, I’m in my pajama’s” and she said “please grandma, it’s really lose and I want it out”.  So like any good grandma, pj’s and all, I drove over there and got it out for her.  My daughter in law told her she’d help her get it out but she told her she wasn’t grandma Joy.  How funny is that?

I know there is controversy in pulling teeth but hey, what could I do?  All that said, tooth is out, she was happy, tooth fairy came despite how late it was and this grandma feels really good.  Funny how wonderful a child can make you feel.

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7 Responses to Jumping in!!

  1. Jennifer says:

    I found your blog! The last email did the trick!

    You’re on the right track!

    Bless you Grandma for going over in your jammies to pull a tooth. My mom would try to pull mine and I would hide in the bathroom. 🙂


  2. lisamike says:

    Glad its you and not me. I can’t do that kind of thing. But I totally agree with you to pull it out ,that is if and when its ready. My kids always got a little anxious and wanted it out as soon as it was lose, just to see what the tooth fairy had to bring them… But luckily I have Mike to take care of all our lose teeth in the house!!!!

  3. SKL says:

    I love your new blog!! How wonderful to be so special to your grandkids. As far as pulling baby teeth – my daughters ask me to tickle them a lot, so I do – is that worse? My brother told me he doesn’t believe in tickling too much, even if requested. I say, if the kid asks for it, and it’s not dangerous, go for it!

  4. Tessa says:

    That is cute Joy! What a sweet relationship you have with them! Thanks for sharing. Tessa Nice blog page!

  5. starlaschat says:

    That is such a cute post. I actually remember this story. I bet these grandchildren are a lot older now. It doesn’t take too long for them to grow up. So sweet that she would call you late at night and it’s great that you went over. I bet you guys still have a close relationship. :+)

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