Times, they are a changin’ (Jason)

I remember jumping onto my dukes of hazard big wheel and riding up to the local park. I was four to six years old.  Mom and dad didn’t worry about kidnappings or child molesters.  Was it because they weren’t around or because technology didn’t keep us as informed?  Everyday you hear about some new tragedy that just makes you sick to your stomach. Your first question is always “where were the parents” and “what kind of person would do this?” 

Where are the parents?  The same place as ours were, or do they just not care, or just don’t think it won’t happen to them?

As a worrying parent of an eight year old boy,  I don’t like him in my own yard where I can’t see him, let alone letting him just take off on his bike.  We now live in a world of locked doors and bars on windows.  So from one worried set of parents to another, lock your doors, keep an eye on your kids because………..Times, they are a changin’.


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5 Responses to Times, they are a changin’ (Jason)

  1. Tessa says:

    Hey Jason, I really liked your blogs! They are so true, and I can totally relate already. Times are more dangerous, and I think it is mostly due to the fact that neighbors barely know each other, families are not as close as they use to be or they live too far away, and parents work too much these days. I catch myself doing many things my mom use to do also, and I I realize now that she was right about a lot of things! Hope everything is good over there and think we might see you guys soon!

  2. joyerickson says:

    Times have changed though I’m not sure why. Do you think population plays a role? There are a lot more people living so close together now. I’m not sure. There are so many ways that we hear things RIGHT NOW, now also. The Internet has really changed a lot of things and the way we do things.

    Do your really think there are more child molesters and kidnappers now or do we just hear more about them now?

    I did worry. PLENTY! But I worried about accidents and something like that happening.

  3. nicole says:

    As long as I was home by dinner I wasn’t in trouble. Summer, gone all day without a care in the world. But not my 8 year old!!! He’ll be lucky to go on his prom without me! You just can’t trust anyone or anything. It’s a scary world.

  4. Lisa says:

    Times are changing and why ??? I totally agree and add this one the the worrying one of your mom’s. Now I don’t wonder why I worry so much ! Lots to watch out for.

  5. Candi says:

    I can remember being out all day with friends and not having to worry about a thing, Besides hanging out with friends. Yes this world is forever changing, and its not for the good. You hear sad stories on the news everyday. You can’t trust anyone at all.

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