Throwing things in my face

So last night I get home from work at 6:30 pm.  My husband and I decide to go out for supper.  Just in town. My oldest just got her driver’s license, she was at a friends house all day working on a school project.  I love my daughter and trust her judgement fully.  BUT … I still want to look out for her and do worry.  Well she doesn’t phone me but at 9 pm I get a text message that says, ” Gone to Winnipeg bowling, will be back when I get back !! ”  People who know me, knows that this does not fly with me.  I need to know my kids where-abouts at all times.  The worst thing is , she then shut her phone off.  So I sat here waiting till 1 am.  She walks in the house and I ( the mother) get told  that I need to lighten up and she is nothing like me.  Meaning –  I got pregnant with her when I was 15 and had to move out and away from home.  Again I do fully trust her but she is still only 16 and I don’t know how long she will be throwing this in  my face.

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4 Responses to Throwing things in my face

  1. keekers says:

    Hi Joy!
    Just wanted to thank you for the compliment on the “When I dream…” post. And I’m going to be taking a peek at your blog and I’ll add it to mine!

    I did read you post about your daughter…and I absolutely agree with you…and I’m not sure that my daughter would still be breathing if she threw ANYTHING in my face!!! : ) You are a good mom…and she’d better go back and find that respect she used to have…. : )
    My daughter is almost 12 and has begun “the process” of coming into her own…boy I hope she make is out alive!!! : )

    Talk to you soon and thank you again for your nice post!


  2. kweenmama says:

    Welcome to the blog, Lisa!

    Joy, your blog has been “tagged.” I got tagged two days ago and decided to participate (just this once) as I try to learn everything there is to learn about blogging. If you choose not to participate that is okay. My feelings won’t be hurt. 😉 If it sends more people to your site, that will be a good thing! I think people would enjoy reading what you have to say!

    Find the rules here:

  3. amberfireinus says:

    My daughter who is adopted used to say to me, “Oh Ambrah you are old, and you don’t know what sexy is.” They think they are so smart at that age.

    The first thing I did was looked her in the eye and said, well, maybe not, but guess what? I am the Mom. You are the kid. There is a reason for that. I have been where you are already. I learned my lessons the hard way. It is my job now to teach you how to avoid those same lessons.

    So in answer to your question – No, I will not “Lighten up” You will do as I ask out of respect to me if not out of respect to yourself. I both demand and deserve that from you.

    If in future you would like to have freedom to do what you wish, prove to me that you don’t need my guidance by being responsible and calling and asking. Looking at the bigger picture. Only a spoiled child acts as you did. Your actions prove to me that you are not ready to take on more responsibility. Until you are…. I might not be “Sexy” But I am the Mom… and that is how things are.

  4. Joy says:

    This is a really tough one. You really are going to have to “trust” Samantha. I know how hard it is, BELIEVE me, I do. There were times I followed Jason around and he had no idea I was there but you do have to let go somewhat even though it’s so hard. She is really a good girl and you know that. She has a job and works hard and is generally, a nice *GASP* teenager. It’s really hard to make that break and let her go more.

    Given that said, I think what she pulled was awful of her. I love and adore her but I think she pulled a dirty one on you knowing how much you worry about her. She should have told you/asked you up front and not been such a chicken and texting you and then turning off her phone. I’m not really sure what she was afraid of because you would have let her go. Making you worry and then pulling that “I’m not you” cockamamie deal was wrong and immature of her. In my opinion anyway. I would have punished her for that and being inconsiderate, and making sure she knew “WHY” you were so upset. It wasn’t going bowling, it was taking off with such a bad attitude and cutting off communication with you knowing you were sitting and worrying every single second until she got home.

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