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Does it make sense that pro athletes make more money than people who protect our lives, save us from dangers and teach our children?  Why is that and is anyone at fault for it?

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  1. SKL says:

    I think it’s about supply and demand and the extreme rarity of a truly great sports talent.

    I am not a huge sports fan, but I feel that if people willingly choose to spend their money that way AND the athletes are chosen and exhibited in a fair manner, it’s OK with me.

    I do have a problem with some aspects of it, though. Like taxing everyone (or a sub-group such as smokers) to pay for new stadiums and such, even though some of the people being taxed will never go to a game. Or, the way kids and teens (and even adults) are pressured to buy into the sports trademarks, even though they add no substantive value. I remember when my younger brother and all his friends just HAD to have $100 “Michael Air Jordan” shoes (that they would grow out of within months), when you could get a pair of quite decent leather shoes for $20 or less. And in some areas, you have kids being brutally beaten and robbed so someone else can wear their unnecessarily fancy shoes. And, it saddens me that many parents are so uptight about whether or not their kids are sufficiently competitive in sports, like they even have a chance in a million of making it big, and how this impacts kids’ sense of what’s important.

    I am proud of true athletes who have worked hard to be the best, provided they have kept sight of basic values. I will encourage my kids to watch, e.g., the Olympics and the Superbowl. If my kids manage to do a tenth of what these televised athletes can do, I will be ecstatic. If not, I will be pleased to discover whatever their God-given talents are. If they make money at it, great. If not, there is plenty of opportunity to succeed at what the rest of us do.

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