We have had two news stories here very recently involving “tasers” and police officers.  Sadly, in both cases the perpetrators ended up dying.  Not from the tasers but from drugs they had taken.  Here’s the link if you are interested in reading it.  http://wcco.com/local/taser.death.minnesota.2.719111.html

While I find it horribly, horribly sad, just what is it that we or police officers are supposed to do?  I am not “lily white” either by any sense of the imagination and have made many blunders in my life but somehow, nobody I have ever known personally, has been tasered or been in any way, a situation like this that it might even be considered.

My brother and I were raised to respect police officers.  My dad was a volunteer fireman and he worked with the police so to us, they weren’t “scary” or the “bad guys.”  I have been in cars with people who just freak out when they see a police car.  Like….why??  Unless you are doing something wrong, why would you care?  I was with my youngest son one night and we were coming home from bowling and he told me I had to drive a few miles over the speed limit or a cop would pull me over because he would wonder why I was driving the speed limit!  HUH???  Why would I care if I got pulled over.  I could care less.  But some people just freak out.

I feel police are there working for “us.”  I don’t feel they are out there picking on people.  It seems to me, and I could be wrong, I have been before but I feel it’s the people who feel “picked on” are usually the people who are breaking the law in one way or the other. 

Both of these taser incidents, they felt it was the only option they had.  That both men were out of control.  One mad punched an officer and they actually thought he was having an epileptic seizure.  They were that out of control.  Then everyone, media etc, think we shouldn’t use tasers or that the “jolt” is to high.  Would they rather the officers use guns?  Also, in both of these incidents, they needed more than one “jolt” (I don’t know what else to call them) and the first few didn’t seem to phase the offender.

I feel the police and firefighters and medics, are there for us and they put their lives on the line every single day so just what then, should they do when someone is so drugged up AND out driving on the same roads as you and I?  Yes, both of these incidents involved getting pulled over so both of these men were out driving in this condition.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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3 Responses to Tasers

  1. SKL says:

    I agree that people who are violent or threatening toward police officers FIRST and are stopped with significant force deserve what they get. And it isn’t up to the police to make adjustments for the fact that they might have illegal drugs in their systems. You make a choice to do drugs, you make a choice to strike or threaten a cop, and you deal with the results. It’s nobody else’s fault.

    Cops get killed in the line of duty too often. They can’t let their guard down if they want to stay alive. If someone has to die as a result of criminal violence, it seems to me it ought to be the criminal, but I suppose that’s not politically correct in some circles?

    Sometimes a cop is bad and that needs to be dealt with. Particularly in a big city, the job of cop is not very desireable so some of the force will be less-than-shining examples. Some years ago in my city a pretty large number of cops were busted for being involved in the drug deals they were supposed to be preventing. And of course you have those rare but horrible examples of a gang of cops brutalizing a guy far beyond the force necessary to subdue him. But when it comes to normally non-deadly force that turns deadly due to something specific to the criminal (drugs, heart problem, whatever), the presumption should be that the cop is not culpable for the death if he reasonably felt threatened.

    Bottom line, people need to be taught that respecting the cops will keep them alive longer, whether they are guilty or not. I manage to do it even when I’m innocent and very ticked off over being stopped. I really don’t care much for criminals’ rights. They must first respect the rights of law-abiding citizens before they can expect any sympathy from me.

  2. jderickson says:

    police are no different then any other occupation. there’s the good, bad and the ugly. I have always felt picked on by police for the looks of my cars. I have haven’t had a speeding ticket in years but I’ve had four window tint tickets in the last couple of years, same cop twice. Seriously!! out of dozens and dozens of policemen I”ve driven by, three decided to take time to pull me over for that. I understand it”s the law but come on, do we need such petty laws in a society when there are so many other things we could spend our time and money on.

  3. Jane says:

    It’s funny how people are about cops. The ones who’ve been in trouble seem to be more paraniod. I’ve never been in trouble and only been pulled over once so I don’t react much other than take my foot off the gas. Isn’t that something we all do?

    Inner city police must have it hard. I also know as SKL and Jason pointed out, there are some bad apples in every bunch. The man in this story must have just been so drugged up that he was out of reality. It is a shame and I can see poeople would blame the polince. We heard this story way up here too on the news and when it first happened I remember the ruckus about “police brutality.” Now the whole story has changed. While I do believe in some cases, the police are to rough, this was just a “pull over” on the freeway and this man was determaned to get back on the road. They had to stop him. Funny how the brutality is the thing that sticks in peoples minds.

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