Fire Bugs-5 & 7 years old!!!!

Yesterday in our local news, guess what the headline was??  Over $100.000 in fire damages!!  They caught the fire bugs and brace yourselves, they were 2 young boys, 5 & 7 years old.  This fire was started to a new house being built late at night.

So this brings me to the question, where were the parents?  Who lets 2 young boys that age run around Winnipeg that late at night?  I have 4 girls aged 3-17 and I keep tabs on all of them.  All the time!  There is no way I would even let my 17 year old be running around that late at night.

I’m not sure if I’m just to strict or if things are changing and parents are more free with allowing their children to gallivant like that????  If my kids go to a friends house or shopping with a friend or even with a family member, I have to know where they are going and what time they will be home.

Does anyone else find this unbelievable??  Come on, 5 & 7??  This is happening more and more.  Never mind the auto theft the other night with a 10 year old girl who was caught who had 4 passengers in the car with her ranging in age from 2-9.

I still feel that it’s our responsibility to raise our kids and when they are 18 or on their own then they can make their own decisions.  Maybe I’m just “old school.”

I just don’t understand what this world is coming to.  Is it the parents, society or what???

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9 Responses to Fire Bugs-5 & 7 years old!!!!

  1. nikki says:

    I can’t believe that!! Wow, I have a 7 year old and would not dream of letting him run the streets let alone at night! He doesn’t leave our yard and I still check on him quite often. That is insane to me. I hope the parents are being held responsible. Whats wrong with people these days. I see kids as young as 5 out on their bikes by them selfs. I don’t get it. Lisa, I don’t think you’re too strict I think your being a good parent! These children are the future and by not instilling good values in them I ‘m left to wonder exactly what kind of future they will all have.

  2. spillay says:

    Makes me wonder sometimes…….

    BTW,..Happy Mother’s Day!!! I wish you a lovely day with your family!!!

  3. Joy says:

    Another one here on the side of “I don’t get this!” I was pretty bad. I kept very close tabs on the two of mine. Sometimes I was even known to just go spy on them to see what they were doing.

    Do you often wonder if some of these kids who are left on their own more, somehow just know they have to survive somehow. There are “those” kids in every neighborhood that somehow, are everywhere alone. Nobody seems to give a rip about them and they seem to manage. You know, they go to school in the same clothes and sometimes don’t have a lunch. Nobody is watching them at any of their activities. I’ve often wondered how they turned out.

  4. Joy says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you as well Spillay….

  5. Jennifer says:

    Well I guess the first question I need the answer to is whether it was a purposeful act or accidental. I can see a 5 & 7 year old accidentally setting a fire if they’re given that much free reign to roam the city. However if they are actual arsonists then I feel much differently about the whole situation.

    Joy, I too wonder about those kids that are left on their own. As a teacher I would see so many kids that I knew were on their own, even though we couldn’t really prove it. In some ways I think to myself that they almost have an advantage over a lot of kids in some ways. They’ll be more independent and self sufficient than most of their peers. However the key is to keep themselves out of trouble in the meantime….

    I hope these two little ones in this article merely were ignorant enough to cause an accident and not the alternative…

    Pssst! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!!

  6. sengdroma says:

    Wow I am in complete shock. Where were the parents??? You are not strict but spot on. There is no way I would let my kids roam around at any time of the day at that age on their own, let alone at night.

    I hate labelling people but right now certain labels are wizzing around my head …..

  7. Jane says:

    Boy, this is so sad in so many ways. If they are left to wander about alone, late at night, that’s sad. I too have known kids like this who had nobody it seemed. I think until the first night after my wedding I had to let my parents know where I was going and when I’d be home. I think it was done out of respect for them.

    I’m sure hoping like Jennifer pointed out that this was just an accident. Is there a way they can find that out? It seems like they can find out all kinds of stuff these days. Either way, this is sad for these kids. What a cloud to have to grow up under.

  8. TiredMom says:

    I know where my children are at at all times. I dont trust many people with them as my SIL lost my oldest in walmart when she was 3 years old. I don’t understand how kids can run wild. Every thursday I take my husband to cash his check and we have to cross through this one part of town and every week there is this same group of kids hanging out at an old abandoned building riding skate boards and bikes and they are all over the busy road.. These kids are my kids ages.. Where the hell are their parents? If something happened to one of these kids the parents wouldnt even know where to start looking!

  9. SKL says:

    OK, I have to weigh in on the other side of this. I remember when I was a young kid and:

    – My siblings and I would climb out the windows in the middle of the night to run the streets;

    – My brother had some older friends who taught him how to make small bombs and we set some off in abandoned buildings and old trees (no major damage, but certainly mischief);

    – My parents didn’t have a clue, as they slept in the attic (family of 8 in a 2-br house) and we were smart enough to be quiet about these things. And besides, we were good kids based on all the usual signs – respectful, responsible, good students, etc. – when we were around adults.

    In our case, the problem was not that we were bad kids or had bad parents. It was that older kids were encouraging things that younger kids were not smart enough to (a) think of / pull off on their own or (b) understand in terms of how dangerous they could be and how much they could cost / inconvenience the people left to deal with the results.

    I think most of the time, the older kids who got these bad ideas and enticed the younger kids had family problems. Basically, their parents were not good examples – they themselves broke rules, came home at all hours, and lacked responsibility. So their kids didn’t feel that sense of responsibility to watch out for younger kids. I remember when I was 7 and my 5-year-old sister was hell-bent on getting on a bus to go to a neighboring city miles away, with no idea how to get back. I knew it was wrong, and I knew I’d get punished, but I followed her only to protect her, knowing she would be defenseless if she were lost and alone. I think I learned that protectiveness from watching my parents.

    I guess in this case, in addition to checking out the kids’ own home life, I’d seriously look into the possibility that some older kids were involved at some level.

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