12 year old wants her belly button pierced!!

My daughter is turning 12 on May 17.  Guess what she asked me to get her for her birthday???  Mom PLEASE, pleeeeeaaasseee, all I want for my birthday is to get my belly button pierced.  Of course, the mom I am, said NO WAY!!!  When you are 18 and out of the house you can do what you want to your body.

So, needless to say she’s VERY  a bit upset with me.  She comes home the next day and tries to compromise.  Well, there are some girls in my class who have their noses pierced.  How about that mom, can I get my nose pierced???  Again, I say no, you have to wait until your older.  She keeps coming back saying “but mom, everyone is getting it done!!!”

Personally I feel that if this is something she wants to do, she should wait until she’s at least 16 or so.  I think she is still to young to make this kind of decision.

What do you think?  Am I right as the mom?  Or, is she right as the pre-teen?  I just think the nose and belly button are big decisions and she should wait until she’s a little older.

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136 Responses to 12 year old wants her belly button pierced!!

  1. SKL says:

    I would have to say:

    1) No.

    2) “Everyone” is NOT getting it done.

    3) No.

    4) There are dangers involved. You’re not even old enough to be allowed to take aspirin at school without an adult’s permission / supervision; you don’t need an unnecessary hole in your body that can get infected and such.

    5) I regret having my ears pierced at 12; hate to think how I’d feel about my nose having a third hole in it.

    6) I think belly button and nose (and lip and etc.) piercings are ugly. I don’t pay for or sign for permanent ugly things.

    7) If you’re that sure it’s the right thing, it’s worth waiting until you’re 18.

    8) No.

    • Ashley says:

      ummm my name is ashley in a teen and i am 16 and i have two piercings my belly and my tongue. i think that you should let her get it done because if you tell her no then she might start sneaking around doing stuff like getting my belly pierced. it kinda sounds like my mom when she wouldn’t let me get my belly pierced when i was 12 she kept sayin n and one day i snuck out and got it done when i stayed the night at a friends house.my mom found out and she was mad but she was like its her fault she should of let me cuz no matter wat you say she gonna try and get anyways i just got my tongue pierced last friday cuz i will be turning 17 in june but i think if you let her get it pierced she will know i can always come to my mom if i want something.instead of hiding it

    • Aimee says:

      Well, I am 16 and have just had both these percings and I do think you did the right thing.
      I do love my piercings but I am fully aware that in a few years I will get bored and take them out haha.

      I did get my ears pierced again when I was about 13, why dont you suggest that.
      I like it cos you can wear 2 sets of earings!!!
      Or 4 different earings if your me haha.

      So she will sulk about it now, but she will be thankful you said no in a few years.
      This coming from the teen side of the argument.
      much love.

    • Aimee says:

      Thats your personal opinion.
      And they aren’t permanent.

    • Rosie;) says:

      I think that you should say yes.I work at a school and there ARE a lot of kids getting it done.It raises thier confidence,makes them fit in and if your child wants it done that should be reason enough.This attitude will improve the bond between you and your child .I have raised all my 3 kid’s like this and not one of them wanted it done.I think some kid’s just want what they cant’t have.Let them have some freedom or when they turn of age to legally have it done without your permission they will go crazy and possible get lured into the wrong crowd and this could lead to drugs …This raises the question ,would you prefer your child to be a drug addict or have a small piercing?

  2. SKL says:

    That was odd, that smiley face with sunglasses was supposed to be number 8. I learn something new every day.

  3. Joy says:

    Stick to your guns momma. I agree. This kind of piercing is to much for a 12 year old. Jason wanted his ear pierced too when I felt he was to young but luckily for me, his sports teams at the time had a ban on jewelry so I wasn’t the total bad guy but I don’t think I would have let him had it been up to me either.

    May I also note that belly buttons, noses, eyebrows and such, were NOT done back when my boys were growing up.

  4. candi says:

    I would be okay with it.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I was actually going to mention sports but Joy beat me to the punch. If she plays any sort of sport it probably is already banned and if not then she needs to think about how she’d feel about having it ripped out violently during a game. Not pleasant!

    With that said, I went looking online and found this website: http://www.youngwomenshealth.org/body-piercing.html
    It actually looks like a really good resource. It doesn’t discourage piercing, so just a warning to you as a parent in advance, but it discusses advantages, disadvantages and how to decide if a piercing is right for you and how to care for a piercing properly. There may be enough information here though to dissuade her. For example: it mentions all the diseases you can catch from a piercing, it mentions not wearing jeans while your navel piercing heals and then it lists the fact that a navel piercing takes 4 months to a year to heal. It talks about avoiding swimming or hot tubs with a piercing that hasn’t yet healed (with summer approaching she may not want to do that!).

    I also would make her pay for it, if it’s clearly something you don’t agree with. That might deter her a bit.

    I always wanted my navel pierced in high school. My mother flat out said no and refused. I was allowed a single hole in my ear and that’s it. I kept saying I was going to sneak around and do it, but I had to wait until I was old enough which took quite a while. In the meantime my friends were getting pierced and getting infections on a regular basis. I watched them get infections and began to get more and more nervous. Even though I still wanted to get pierced I began to feel less confident about doing so.

    I opted instead to buy a belly chain. I didn’t have to be pierced to wear it. It was just a chain (mine was made out of wooden beads so it wasn’t really like a heavy chain) that went around my tummy and hooked in the front like a necklace. Perhaps you could choose a pretty one of those for your daughter as a compromise….(although I WAS a heck of a lot older than 12 when I wore it…)

    I think in essence it’s a test. She wants to see what you’ll do. 🙂

  6. jderickson says:

    Piercings are in the eye of the beholder. To say your paying for ugliness is a bold statement. Having my lip,nipple pierced I get irritated by people who make dumb statements. I didn’t do it for you or anyone else. I thought in your last comment you said you were going to think of other people before speaking. Yeah there not your thing, I respect that. So aspect that I’m going to get upset about paying for ugliness.

  7. SKL says:

    OK, I should have made it clear it’s ugly to “me.” I hate certain colors, too, and low-neck shirts, and pointy shoes, black lipstick, green hair, and lots of other things. Because I’m my kids’ mother, I get to say no to them if they are ugly to “me.”

    I’m sure each of us has something we don’t find attractive on other people or ourselves or our kids. I’m sure you have said no to one thing or another for your kids because it was not in your taste. That is what I mean about piercings being ugly to “me.”

    I know plenty of folks with piercings and I don’t have a problem with them making that choice for themselves. You would probably hate most of the things I wear too, and I wouldn’t be upset by that. If you said “I hate t-shirts,” I wouldn’t be offended even though I am in a t-shirt 98% of the time. So please don’t take my comment personally.

  8. SKL says:

    jd, I just re-read my last comment and I think it sounds harsh, which wasn’t my intention.

    I should just clarify that my comments in my first post were intended to illustrate what I would probably say to my 12-year-old daughter. In other words, I would impose my tastes on her until she was old enough to make her own intelligent choices and pay for them with her own money. I’m sorry if it came across like I was judging others. You were right to call me on that.

  9. candi says:

    12, 10, 18, gee they are all numbers, yes at 18 you can make your own decisions, but a piecing is really no big deal. I personally think that piercing are very sexy on most people, not ugly.

  10. nikki says:

    I think 12 is too young. I got my belly button pierced at 17. And I showed it off. Cute little belly shirts, but at 12 you shouldn’t be showing that stuff off. The ears are one thing. My son is almost 8 and he just got his ear pierced. But that’s it!! Now his dad on the other hand has them in his ears, in his nipple and his lip. And I love it!! But he’s my husband not my son. I think they can be done tastefully but at a more mature age. I don’t have a daughter but I have a nieces and one who is just as close to me as a daughter would be and I can’t say I’d be very happy if she did that at 12. Maybe 16 or 17.

  11. Joy says:

    This is kind of exciting and scary at the same time. It’s the first “fight” we’ve had on this blog. Exciting because it’s fun to have varying views but scary because I like everyone and don’t want anyone get mad and not come back.

    I feel that this is about a 12 year old. Like Nikki said. 12…Not 31. My first thought was about her “showing it off” which is what most of us do when we get something new. So now we have a 12 year old with practically no shirt on so everyone “can see” her “new thing.” We have all this hullabaloo right now over Miley Cyrus and she was covered in a sheet and she’s going to be 16. People are outraged over that. Where do we draw the line? I feel 12 is to young for this. Not just the piercing but everything else that comes with it.

    Personally, I am not a fan of body piercing. It’s nothing personal to the people who get them it’s just what I feel. I love smooth skin. The feel of running my hands over someone who is “smooth.” I wouldn’t like the feeling of kissing someone with all those “things” on their face. On the body I feel the same way. I love a nice smooth chest. I realize that’s just me.

    As a mother, I took such great pains to keep your body safe and hated when Jason first had stitches when he was 3 and fell against the coffee table. I prayed he wouldn’t have a “scar.” Now he has these things and I love him but not those. The nipples I don’t care about, I don’t see them. The lip, I’m not crazy about it but I’m crazy about him. I find myself staring at people who have them and end up feeling funny talking to them because I don‘t want them to think I‘m staring so I tend not to look at them while I‘m talking. Does that make sense? The tongue also makes me wonder. People who have them do nothing but play with themselves. I just don’t get it. Maybe I’m just old!!

    Can we agree to disagree??

  12. nikki says:

    We should agree to disagree on this one. Great topic though. Discussion breeds knowledge and knowledge is power right?!

  13. Joy says:

    Cheers Nikki 🙂

  14. Jane says:

    I would say NO WAY. I don’t even have to think about this at age 12.

  15. Sue says:

    I would have to say no also. 12 is too young for a belly button ring b/c like Joy said she’s going to want to show it off. When she’s older and still wants one she can pay for it herself. Until then Mom’s the boss and parents do what they think is best for their kids even when their kids don’t agree.

  16. Kelly says:

    YES YES YES, Let her get it done.
    I am a mom, my daughter hated me for three months, THREE MONTHS she didn’t talk to me, everytime i tried to start a conversation she ignored me, I smacked her, and she hated me more.

    I told her she could get it done a few weeks after that, she jumped up screamed and hugged and kissed me and now our relationship is stronger than ever.
    just let her get it done.

  17. Ali says:

    I have a belly piercing and my eye brow though now I’ve let them grow closed. I hate the eyebrow one, no hair grows there now. This is the thing, you can get them when your young and *think* you’ll love them forever and then things change and part of the residue remains.

    I have nothing against piercing of pretty much any kind but I don’t think a child should be capable of making this kind of decision because they think to simplistic. I think it’s okay to get them but feel you should be an adult for the more extreme ones.

  18. jderickson says:

    I think we can all agree to disagree just know I’m right…..ha. I wanted my first tattoo when I was 16. I also know that it is there until I die, so I didn’t jump to any tattoo. I told myself If It’s there forever why rush. four year’s later I got the same tattoo as I wanted before. it means something to me although no one knows this until it actually gets typed and posted but the tattoo reminds me of my mom. 15 years old going to see my dad in Michigan for the first time in my life. The only thing I really had in common with my dad is he had the same Aerosmith cd as my mom, the one I had been listening to for a couple months now, Aerosmith classics. three different lives but all with one thing in common. looking at that Aeroosmith for the month I was there always made me think of mom, smiles, hugs kisses and all. Anyway, Give her a time limit make her read articles. At least let her think about it. Great birthday gift, you’ll both never forget it.

  19. TiredMom says:

    There is no way in hell i’d let my child have their belly button or nose pierced at 12.. 16 we’d talk about it.. I have no problem with piercings at all.. I don’t care if my kids get mad at me.. Wont talk to me or whatever else they want to do to “punish” me.. I’m their parent. Not their best friend. Another thing is that here the school doesnt allow such piercings. If they get wind of it it has to be removed. If they want it that badly.. They can wait a few years..

  20. Lisa says:

    It looks like we are goint to compromise on a second earring hole. That’s as far as I am willing to go. I told her that and to go shopping for her b-day. I explained that I think this is something that she needs to make the decision on when she is older, to come back and talk to me when she is 16. See if she waits till than. Thanks for the comments 🙂

  21. beth says:

    i think that a bellybutton piercing is kind of ugly im 13 i have earlobe piercing and a cartliage but a belly button takes so long to heal and you can get a infection besides it doesnt look the best in the world if i was you and i had a daughter that wanted her belly button pierced i would tell her (absoulety)not
    not sure if (absouletly) spelled right if she likes playing sports it could get ripped out that would be painful

  22. well i am 13 and my dad and mom dont want me to get it done but, when i was younger i wanted it done, and they said when im 13 and now im 13 and they still said no but then they said yes beacause i reminded them of when i was younger and what they said! and then they said yes and now im gonna it done on saturday!

  23. Kim says:

    Tell her to get magnetic ones. Simple.

  24. g3n3v@ says:

    okk,i say if thaa gurl is ready 2 HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF IT let her get it.but,dnt remind her 2 take care of it,let her try to remember.im 10 n myy mom sed ill prolly have 2 wait until im 13.i would most deff. take of it!!!!!!!i think theyre rllyy cool!!!!!let her get it,if she can take care of it.i got myy first hole in myy ear wen i was 6.then wen i turned 9 i got 2nd hole n ive taken care of both em n they are great now!!!myy mom didnt remind me to take care of em AT ALL!!i did it n now i can take em out n everything!!LET HER GET IT IF SHE CAN REMEMBER TO TAKE CARE OF IT.

  25. jess says:

    im 14 & my mums & dad are allowing me to get my belly pierced but at christmas i went to get it done but they said i couldnt becuase i have no lip ? does anyone no what a lip on a belly button is?

  26. Joy says:

    No Jess, I can’t say that I do.

  27. MacKenzie says:

    im 12 and i have my belly button pierced!
    i found this insulting!
    you never gave a good reason why?
    as long as shes not walkin around with belly shirts on all the time, why not?
    do you guys ever listen to your kids and give them a chance?

  28. MacKenzie says:

    a lip is the top part of a belly button, the part they pierce.
    everyone has one, just some are to small.
    but you could still get it done on the bottom.

  29. Joy says:

    I’m sorry your insulted Mackenzie but you must not have read all the comments because we ALL gave reasons WHY. I feel 12 is to young and wearing almost nothing to “show off” a belly button piercing is a NO to me. If your mom let you get one that’s great but my “child” would never have been able to unless they lied and went without me which is against the law in the state I live. If it’s all fine and dandy to get one, why is it against the law?

  30. nikki says:

    Yes I believe my reasons were quite clear. Belly button piercings are done to be cute and sexy. At 12 you should just be cute…not sexy. Gosh if I had “listened” & given my son a “chance” he’d have a Mug Root beer dog for a tattoo!!

  31. destiny says:

    yes i am 13 and im 3 months i will be 14 and my mom said if i did somthing to benifit her then i could get it done and i am in 2 days so i think you should let her

  32. Katlyn says:

    no shes just trying to experiment new things if she doesnt like it then shell take it out.im 12 and i got my nose done 4 my b-day and im bout to get my belly done plus at skool theyll make her put somthin over it

  33. rachel says:

    your in the right here. im 17 and i had the exact same fight when i was 12 and lost. Now i have it done but its better i waited. Not EVERYONE has it done and girls have enough problems with looking older and older guys hitting on them without the help of something thats supposed to be sexy. this is something that could be takin out, true, but it would leave a scar and if it gets infected could be very dangerous. At 12 most arent ready to take on the responsibilties of something as simple as waking up on time or feeding a pet, not to mention cleaning and taking care of a piercing.

  34. angel says:

    okay.. uhmm u should DEFINATLEY let her get it done. I mean at 12 she’s onld enough to make up her own mind and plus if it gets infected or she doesn’t want it she can take it out!!! no big deal! i’m 12 and i have my belly button pierced AND A TATTOO. Thanks God my mom’s cool and not like u. As my mom always said saying no to things makes a child or teen rebelious and they’ll do it anyways. Atleast i feel comfortable that i can talk to my mom about anything. Too bad ur daughter doesn’t feel like that about u. It’s nice tp be able to talk to someone without feeling like u have to talk to a stranger. Thank God my mom supports me and loves me. =)

  35. staphanie says:

    angel is tottally right! i’m 13 and live with my g-ma and she let me get my belly and nose pierced. unforturnately my mom is desceased so i could not ask her i have to go to my g-ma for everything. But she’s even cooler than u r! Be glad ur daughter has u as a mom.. maybe u should try saying yes and being a lil nicer to her.
    Sadly missing my mom-
    AND yes she would have told me yes also if she were alive.

    • Rosy says:

      I’m sorry bout ur mom.I wish that my parents would let me have it done.I don’t feel I can trust them to talk to.I’m 14 and I think its noy fair.As soon as I turn 16(or 18… I dont know witch)I will get it done and move away as far from my mom as possible.

  36. Hunter says:

    from a guy’s point of view… I THINK U R TOO JUDGEMENTAL OVER HOW GUYS LOOK AT GIRLS. not all guys r creeps.. i’m a 15 year old guy who has alot of girls that r friends who have belly piercings, nose, and eye brows. i personally don’t have ne but i think they’re cool. And it’s up to an individual what they want pierced. i think u should let her do it. If not u’ll regret it one day when she does it behind ur back. If i would have wanted one my parents would let me it’s just not what i wanted. even if i were ten they wouldn’t care.

  37. Sue says:

    When all you kids have kids you’ll understand…..

  38. SKL says:

    I find it interesting to read the kids’ perspective. I would still say no, though.

    When I was 12, I thought I was very mature. Indeed, I had been caring for my baby brother and sister for years and had been a latchkey kid for years before that; doing most of the housework for a family of 8; performing years ahead of my peers at school, with no assistance or reminders from my parents; reading grown-up books and magazines; earning money through babysitting jobs; and generally staying out of trouble. But when I look back on the things I “wanted for myself” at that age, I am so glad I couldn’t have them due to the limits set by my parents and others.

    Kids, 12 is just 2/3 of the age of majority. Compare where you are now to where you were at age 6. Big difference, right? That’s the difference between 12 and 18. Check back when you are 18 and let us know if you feel you’ve grown much.

  39. Joy says:

    I can’t take anyone seriously who can’t even string a sentence together using proper English and whole words. When you can, I might.

  40. SanityFound says:

    Ah when I was 12 I wanted to be a Rock star, then I wanted to be a teacher, then I wanted to be an artist. I changed it so many times that I lost track in the end I became someone I had no idea I would become when I was 12.

    Funny thing is, it is soooo cool that she got the tattoo… but getting that tattoo removed because her tastes have changed or because the once fairy now looks like a giant baboon due to the fact that she has grown up tall…well… have you seen those scars?

    *shivers* rather you than me kid

  41. stephanie says:

    ha. to all the old, grumpy people who responded back to me and some other teens.. did you forget you were once a teen too? I’m sure u did some stupid thigs u regret doing when u were young to… but hun the only thing is… if we regret it.. SO BE IT! And newsflash hunn.. nobody, but God And Jesus are perfect so you shouldn’t preach to others, because God will decide on that. He loves every one for who they are..

  42. rebecca. says:

    okay i’m a teen too. && i have no tattoos or body piercings because i prefer not to. but to judge those teens who do isn’t very nice. As the bible says judge not others; or you shall be judged. you have to except a person for whats inside not out. by the way my age is 16. i have brothers and sisters who do have tattoos and body piercings; some younger some older.. so it’s whatever a person chooses; i could have gotten some but i chose not to. it just pisses me off when people do judge my brothers and sisters for what they do. because it’s their body NOT YOURS. && my parents always say don’t judge a book by it’s cover read the pages first.

  43. joanne says:

    I too am a mom. Age 45, I have 10 tattoos and my ears are pierced. If I were small and tiny I would love to pierce my belly button. I find it very cute. I got all my tattoos between the ages of 14-20 and never regretted any of them. People may look at me strange, but frankly I don’t give a **** and i do have 4 children and all are under 18 and my 14 year old has a belly and nose piercing and i signed for her to do it
    my 16 year old has 2 tattoos. I thgink they need to live and learn….and in this day and time drugs and drinking are more of a concern to me than a tattoo or piercing…not being rude or mean but….leave tha judging to God above
    he is who we all answer to in tha end.

  44. Joy says:

    To those above who think I’m judging, I’m not. The post, which was published May 13, asked would we let our 12 year old daughter pierce her belly button to which most of us said “no.” I personally don’t care for any type of body piercings. I don’t care if people get them, I just personally don’t care for them. Ears are one thing, body and face, another, but I don’t judge who gets them.

    Some 12 year olds may be old enough but some aren’t. In some states you can’t even leave a 12 year old home alone and I feel this kind of thing needs thought put into it. If you have a child who’s into sports, they won’t be allowed as they get older. That tissue once broken, never really heals up. Tattoo’s also, I have two but I got them when I was an ADULT and I do think they are neat but at 12, things change to much. One day they want one thing, the next day they want something else. Minds keep changing in young people.

    I also have a problem with the language of you “young people” who have commented recently. You don’t even know how to talk in “adult” language without misspelling and using “text” talk and you think you are old enough and mature enough for a decision like this???

    Also Joanne, living and learning is fine for things that aren’t permanent during adolescence. These are kids who may not even have their period yet and you want to let them mark up their body’s with things that will be there forever. I’m sorry and your right to your opinion but I strongly disagree AT THIS AGE. Not forever, just right now.

    Also, this post is very old and I’m sorry but we have kind of forgotten about it and have all already given our thoughts on the subject and not ONE OF US have judged anyone so for you to say we have, have not read all the comments. 12 years old is a child who should still be getting tucked into bed at night and nowhere near tattoo’s and body piercings. Way to go Lisa for not letting her get it and sticking to your guns. Different strokes for different folks.

    • Rosy says:

      But YOU don’t know how to use teen talk.Did you notice I just used adult talk witch proves teens can use aldult talk.FULL STOP!

      • Joy says:

        What I did notice was all the IP address’s were the same Rosy or Mollie or whatever you want to call yourself so I knew you were the same person.

  45. Carly Fence says:

    Just let her do it. I got my belly button pierced right at 18 and the only regret i have is not getting it done earlier. If she is responsible enough to clean it everyday, she should be able to do it.

    The nose piercing is a no because you can outwardly see it and if she choses to be in a professional field when she grows older she can’t hide that, but a belly button ring lives under her shirt. And well, if she’s in a profession that requires her shirt off…the ring would probably be appropriate anyway haha

    If she does end up regretting it, it’s a good life lesson. My sister got her belly button pierced at 23 and her body rejected it because she didn’t care for it, but then she got her tounge pierced and knew what she was getting into. It’ll help her decsion making either way.

  46. Kim says:

    I realize this is an old blog and it is now September, but I read all the comments and I have to say something because my 12 yr old daughter has asked to get her nose pierced. I told her absolutely not because she is too young. I do not have a problem with body piercing either, or tatoos as I have one and am getting another one soon. I am 42 and did not get mine until I was 22. I believe that 12 is not old enough to make any major decisions, and to those who disagree, then a 12 yr old should have to hold down a job also.

  47. lucy x says:

    i think you should let her its her mind! i got my belly done after cumin back from spain because all my frineds i made all had it done but it took a lot of convensin my mom too let me! i got when i waz 12 it dident hurt. i had my lobes done at 5 i wanted it! and my cartelge done at 11 and it hurt a bit soo just let her !!!!!!


  48. Jessie says:

    my opinion is..
    if you dont let her do it she might from my exsperiance just do it herself which is very dnagerous. her friends may have it vause the paernts but some may have if cause the parents said no so hey went to there friends and had them do it therselves.

  49. SKL says:

    My opinion is that kids are not spending enough time learning how to read and write these days, if the above posts are any indication.

  50. Joy says:

    Oh my god SKL, your reading my mind!! How can anyone who can’t write a sentence think they are old enough to do something permanent to their bodies???

  51. nikki says:

    Are you kidding me?? This post is still getting comments?? You’re right SKL if these kids put as much attention into this subject as they did in their academics their writing might be a little better…just a hunch.

  52. Geo says:

    I am 12 and my mate has just had hers done. Everyone thinks it looks really cool and she is a lot happier because everyone wants to be her. I would let my child (if I had one) have it done but don’t just soften. You do have to show her who is booss!

    Just to say as well I want a lip piersing but my mom says no! I have also told my mates that i might so they are well impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. natasha :) says:

    well i got my belly done today 😀 & im 12 & its fine =p .

  54. Celeste Ruther says:

    I just recently had my navel pierced, I am 18 years old, and like you my mom told me no, I had to wait untill i was 18, and I’m glad I took her advice.
    First off, most teenager, and especially preteens that are NOT ready to take care of a piercing, piercing require steady scheduled care, weither it is applying a sea salt solution, or rotating the new piercing.
    Lets face it a 12 year old is not going to want, or understand the consept of the healing process required of a piercing.
    I’m in college now, and most girls are getting their navels pierced, and guess what………over 75 percent of them already have infections, because of careless actions.
    Not taking proper care of your piercing can cause serious problems, infection and scar it, a 12 year old is not ready for the responsibility to take care of a new piercing that requires over a YEAR of care, and a big thing, you have to leave it alone, no otuching, no poking, no changing your jewlery.

    Your making a good choice, make her wait untill she’s 18, I’m glad I did.

  55. Elizabeth says:

    I think shes right as a preteen, no efence. Im 12 to, and i really want my nose pierced!

  56. MacKenzie says:

    I am 12 and i have my belly button pierced and 4 earings on each ear. As long as she takes care of it and doesnt get it infected, I really dont see why not.
    A lot of parents just dont understand, they say “No because I said so.” and that is wrong. You cant give a good reason why not. Except, “Your too young.” But children are much more mature these days and it should be up to them what they do with their bodies.

  57. Jessie says:

    my name is jessie and i am 12 years old.
    i also wanted my belly button peirced.
    my mother and father are devorsed my mother agress and my dad dosnt. my father has nevr approved of the things my mother has let me do. My mom in the begining said sure you can get it. but then my father convinced my mom to not let me get it. my being the dumb little teenager i went off and did it mysef. me and my mom where sitting there and i made her promise that if i told her something shge wouldnt get mad.
    i pulled up my shirt and she looked very dissapointed. she surprising let me keep it in.
    but my hole point in the story is if you dont let her get it there is always a chance she will go behind your back and you will have to find out she has an infected navel peircing the hard way.

  58. Kelly says:

    I am turning 17 in two months, and hopefully will be getting my belly button pierced on my b-day. I have showed my mom that I am very responsible, but it still has taken a couple of weeks to convince her. She made me ask my three older brothers who are ages 22,24,26. They all said that it would be o.k. but they weren’t thrilled that their little sis was growing up. Even if my mom said no I would not throw a fit and “hate her” I respect her decisions. I have a 12 year old sister and I would never agree with her getting her belly pierced. I think parents should make the decision based on their family, parenting style, and child. They should stand there ground, don’t say no at first then say yes, just because you think they will not love you, and dont say yes first and then later say no. I think the best answer would be to say, I will think about it and from there on look at some research. (For example my mom had me write an essay on pros and cons of navel piercings.) Whatever the parents decision is the child should respect it and the parent should not feel quilty for staying no. 🙂

  59. jessica says:

    well i am 12 and i dont think that it is that serious.i have been persuading my mum for about 6 months now to get my tongue peirced but it is just not happening!if your mum doesnt want you to get it done . there is no point in arguing with her cos she is gonna win unless she is just too soft to say no……well in scotland you can be any age to get your tongue and belly button peirrced as long as you have your parent with you..good luck in getting your mum to say yes!lolxxx

  60. Erin says:

    I also have to agree with twelve being young.
    Im only seventeen years old and I have two nose piercings.
    My parents made me wait until i was fifteen to get just one and though I was upset at the time [ I was 13 when I first asked] Im glad they made me wait. Though piercings are beautiful and a good way to express yourself and who you are, it is not appropiate for a twelve year who doesnt even know who she is yet or who she wants to be. I know that piercings fit into the lifestyle and career Im going into now which is why Im comfortable with them but at the 13 I just had no idea.

  61. Michel says:

    I’m 12 going on 13 next month and I want to get my belly button peirced for a long time. My mom doesn’t know if i should. She keeps on telling me wait till next month. She is allowing my 13 almost 14 year old sister get her nose peirced, but she isn’t sure if I should get it peirced. By the way my mom has 3 almost 4 tattoos on her and she has 2 piercings and she used to have her tounge peirced. I think you should allow your daughter to get her bellie button pierced. Just be glad that she is asking you fo your permission, unless you don’t mind her getting it without your permission.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Well I think you are right. I think if God wanted us to have these “things” in our bodies, He would have put them there Himself when He created us. A belly button piercing is nothing but disgusting and not to mention dangerous. Same with nose, lip, eyebrow, tongue, genital, nipple, etc. I think the only thing a girl should be able to pierce is her ears, and where they are supposed to be, not the top or anything like that. None of the things that make huge holes in the ears either. Just one or two in each ear. That’s it. anywhere else is not meant to be. It desecrates the body, looks horrible, and is flat out disgusting. Men on the other hand shouldn’t have any piercings whatsoever; but I won’t make a speech about that considering we’re on the topic of little girls desecrating their bodies. Hope this helps.

  63. Melissa says:

    I think that you are right in saying no. I am 19 and can remember asking my mom at 13 to get it done. Since she is trying to compromise and I’m sure you know how important it is to fit in at an age like that maybe give a little too, like if when you’re 14 and still want it done ok, or offer instead maybe getting a cartilege piercing since there are fewer side effects associated with it. Either way I think she just feels pressure from the other girls and as a mother I feel that you are definatly doing right in sticking with your guns.

  64. Elly says:

    Hi Joy, I have read most of these comments. Some of you have said yes and some of you have said no. Well i have been wanting to get my belly button pierced as well, and i am 13. So as a teen, i will just let you know what goes on in most of our minds (even pre teens) If we cant get something done that we really want, we will go behind our parents back, and do it, regardless what they told us. So don’t hold her back. I know I’m only 13 but i know what I’m talking about. I think you should have a talk with her, tell her what could happen if she gets it done. What the risks are, and the advantages. Let her decide. And if you are still a little nervous about the whole thing, maybe tell her to wait till the next birthday or Christmas or whatever is the next thing. That won’t please her but it is a compromise. And also, i don’t know if its how i read some comments, but they sound like some of you are jealous. Quote: “no way! i didn’t get mine done till i was 18”. Who cares if you were 18 when you got yours done, don’t ruin her chance of getting hers done at 12. That is so selfish. Anyway this is not about you jealous people. Give Your Daughter a chance Joy, I’m sure she’s a smart, beautiful girl that knows what she wants. One more thing, a belly button piercing is a way of expressing yourself, your style, your flavor. Its like when you look really nice, your confidence is high you feel good about yourself, if its a belly button piercing your daughter needs to have confidence, have fun and be happy then why not. And I know she doesn’t need one to be happy or have fun. But it would help. I have plenty more to argue, but i think i made my point (:

  65. Elly says:

    By the way its december, have you let her get it done since may ?

  66. Joy says:

    Hi Elly, I appreciate your opinion as I do everyone else’s. I didn’t write this post, Lisa did but if I had a daughter, I’d still say no until she’s much older than 12. She has still not had it done and I don’t think Lisa will change her mind until Ashley is old enough to handle it. It was a passing fancy just like all of us thought it would be. She hasn’t mentioned it since her birthday in May.

  67. Elly says:

    Ok, No worries. If ashley is happy then thats all that matters.

  68. kellie-jayne says:

    I’m guna write this from a kids perspective yeah
    i’m 13 years old right, i have my lip pierced twice, my nose pierced, my ear rim pierced and my ear lobes stretched with a 10mm gauge. i had all these things pierced when i was only 12 years old, my parents didnt want me getting them done but at the end of the day they couldnt stop me from doing it.
    Would you rather have your kid go behind your back and get pierced? like I did.
    Or would you rather give them permission, go with them to be pierced, give them support about it because it’s their own personal choice, it’s their face, their appearance, even though they’re you’re kid they still need a little bit of independence, piercings arent even permanent anyway, when i first had my nose pierced i took it out, it closed up with no scar whatsoever and a few months ago i re-pierced it myself.
    Ever since i’ve been piercing myself behind my parents back, my mum has no gave me permission to go get my bridge pierced, (the fleshy bit between your eyes and above your nose) Now my mum has given me permission and trusted me with this craze, shes earnt alot of my respect and if you let your daughter go ahead and get the piercings she wants and you support her through it you’ll earn her respect aswell, seeing them through it is better than her rebelling against you isnt it?

  69. Rachel says:

    I got my belly button pierced right before my 15th birthday. I think that at the age of 14 you should start to talk about it and have it done around the age of 15. If not, and she really want’s it that bad she might consider doing it herself. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want that because of the harmful things that can happen. But I definitely think you should consider it, just not now.

  70. Amy says:

    as a 16 year old myself i do remember wanting to have my belly done because all of my friends were having it done and when we say ‘everyone’ we probably mean about 4-5 of our close friends.I waited until i was 16 because my mum told me i couldn’t have it done until then.Now i’ve had it done i’m glad i waited however it did get infected and i only had myself to blame. i dont regret having it done though it looks nice. so it is always better to wait and it’s nice to actually have id to show you are legal rather than lieing x

  71. Meg says:

    OKAY PEOPLE!!! now im 12 and i asked my mom she said of course no…..so next time i got mad at her (tonight) i went upstairs to my room got ice, safety pin, papper towels, neosporin and a lighter numbed it with ice, sterilized the safety pin w/the lighter and made a navel piercing just like that easy it looks great clean it with TATWAX (we own a tattoo shop) so i cleaned it with TATWAT. and will every day and apply neosporin it looks great and cute so my point is…… if you dont let her get it done by a pro she will take it into her own hands. and ps if she does it wrong it could get infected
    Happy PIERCINGS o and 1 more thing it doesent hurt @aLL!
    ❤ for u moms ❤ mean a heart sideways PEACE OUT ;D

  72. MCL says:

    Okay… I know.. that Im only 14.. But I want my beey button peirced for like 2 years noww… my mom keeps going on and offf bout it.. witch is cool.. I guess.. But for everyonee… I understand why moms are soo conserned… I looks osme things up on it… and ya theres a big risk of infecstion… and all that… so I really think.. (not that i think youll take advice form me) But I think you should both sit down at the computer and look up diffrent things bout it..a nd maybe comprimize

  73. Joy says:

    MCL, I will take anyones opinion and look at it. I really appreciate your input. Thanks a lot for stopping by and I’m glad you have such a good mother that will sit down with you like this and talk it over.

  74. julie says:

    my 12 year old daughter has her nose pierced ( i took her and payed for this) and im taking her to get her belly button peirced on her 13th birthday in april (09)

    my thinking is, if the girl wants it done bad enough, id rather take her somewhere i know is clean, properly trained and able to do it without problems, than her playing “rebel” with a friend and going to a much less sterile, clean and trained peircer and end up with an infection, disease or badly done piercing.

    At the end of the day you have to listen to your parents, they only have your best interests at heart and remember, childhood doesnt last long so you have the rest of your life to get pierced, tattood and make all sorts decissions.

    have a look at some fake belly button jewelry, maybe you could get some till your parents let you have it pierced at a later date.


    best wishes for the future
    julie ( mom to 3 )

  75. Alyssa says:

    Personally I would say no. I am 13 and will be 14 next month. I do want one but know I can’t get one because my parents would say NO. I live in Ontario, Canada here and the law states that a person the age of 16+ is allowed to get a piercing without a parents consent. So that is what I personally plan on doing, waiting till I’m 16. Even if my parents say no at 16 I would still get it done because I would be legal age. When she’s old enough to get it done without your consent, let her do it and have her pay for it.

  76. destiny says:

    personally, i wouldn’t mind a bit. i’m 38 and i have two girls. one is 13 and the other is 16. they both got their belly button done on the same day woth me there.
    they both understand what i would and wouldn’t let them do and we have a good strong relationship that way.
    if they want to get a piercing done, i will 8 out of 10 times let them do it.
    as long it is reasonably common. like if they asked to get a monroe (right under your bottom lip in the middle) then i would tell them to wait a while.
    but something like a navel or nose piercing i wouldn’t mind.

    teens, (especially girls) grow to be quite rebellious if they don’t have an understanding from parents. it takes a little give and take from both.
    and also, if you put it in your perspective as you would when YOU were a teen, you would understand that if your parents told you no to something that you really wanted, you would do it anyway.

    so personally i think it’s better to say yes that way you’ll be there when it’s done, and you won’t have to worry about health risks of them doing it themselves and it getting infected.

  77. misssss. says:

    i think that she should wait until at least sixteen. im 15 and i really wanted my belly pierced ever since 7th grade. it never happened. my mom stuck to her “no”. you should let your daughter wait longer because then she’ll have time to think about whether she really wants it or whether its just a phase in which she wants to fit in.

    make her wait.

  78. Kara says:

    I was in your daughter’s shoes when I was 12, just like you, my mom and dad told me no when I asked if I could get my belly button pierced. I’m 20 now, going on 21, and I waited until I was 18 to get my belly button pierced. My parents thought it was just a phase and I’d grow out of the idea and told me that it might not even be popular to get done when I’d be 18 and should just wait until I can pay for it and sign the forms myself to get it done.

    To be honest, I’m glad I waited. At the age of 12 I didn’t have the maturity level to handle a body piercing, I barely could keep my ear lobe piercings from getting infected. 6 years may seem like eternity for your daughter, but it flies by. When I was her age only 2 girls in my classes had their belly buttons pierced, and theirs got infected all the time – mostly due to lack of care.

    A body piercing isn’t something you get done and once the hype is over it’s just put away and forgotten about. The care for a body piercing isn’t hard, but it has to be continuous for a long time, belly buttons take 6-12 months to heal. My 3 belly button piercings all took 6-8 months to heal, thankfully they never got infected, but I kept up with the cleaning. I think when I was 12 I wouldn’t have kept up with the cleaning routine, and that cleaning is key to keeping infection away. I was one of the lucky ones and didn’t get infected or bruised, I made sure of it. Through out high school I did my research on body piercings, the aftercare, and the piercing process.

    I owe my parents a big thank you for making me wait it out until I was old enough to sign for myself and pay for the piercing, the wait was worth it. If your daughter really wants this done, she should be willing to wait. Who knows, maybe she will grow out of the idea as she gets older. Plus keep in mind, she’s probably not done growing yet, there’s a chance that if she gets it done now, when she starts growing more, those holes are going to stretch and that piercing won’t be so attractive anymore. There’s a reason they make people wait until they are 18, not only for maturity, but the body is pretty much done making any huge growth spurts so the piercing will look the way it should for a very long time.

    Stick to your decision, don’t let her get it done now. If she still really wants it when she’s old enough to sign for herself, she’ll get it done. Chances are 98% of the other girls at school are NOT getting body piercings, the most they’ll be lucky to get is a second set of ear piercings, that was the big thing when I was in junior high. If anything, if she doesn’t have a second set on her ears, you could always offer that idea, she might take another set on her ears than no piercing at all.

  79. Lyndsey says:

    ok seriously. think about. im 15. yea maybe it is cool to be able to talk to your mom about anything. But Letting your 12 year old get a bellybutton ring is ridiculous. You know what that says to me, “Hello Spoiled Brat”. Its not just your age that should help parents with that desicion, it should be the maturity level. And besides you should tell her if she still wants it when shes 14 then sure let her get it. I asked to get my industrial done when i was 13 my parents did that and when i finally got it done i was more determined to keep it clean. 🙂

  80. kate says:

    ok anyway im 12 too and i have 8 ear piercings it kinda sucks playing sports when you have 2 take them out all the TIME but i luv them!! but i CAN’T believe all her friends have them or wut ev….never get ur belly pirced @ early age cuz them r like o look at my belly and yea nose piercing at 12 ummm idk more like 16-17 im like the only 1 in the 6th grade w\ more then 4 piercings but it’s not that bad getting ur nose pierced i gusse but if she wants it let her get it just rember its her body and its her choice kinda but she will most likely regret it?????????????

  81. jessica says:

    I am 12 aswell and I think you should let her get it done because You are right!Not EVERYONE has it done.Sit her down and have a talk and ask her why she wants it done.if she says because evryone else has it ,dont let her get it done.if she says because i think its cool.let her!Its just self expression!

    my mum and i have a huge argument all the time when i nag her about what i want done.i want my tongue peirced and she says not untill i am 16…..it suck ass……i would get my belly button done b/c she says yes but i want my tongue done sooo bad.so i decided to leave the belly button.
    test her and see if she is mature enough ,like ……tell her you want to see an change in behavour.If she shows she can be mature enough to stop arguing with you she is mature enough to get it done…i know im only 12 but everybody says im very old for my age!lol

  82. :) says:

    Hi. I know this post is old but I just wanted to give my two cents. I remember, around 3rd grade, I saw a Britney Spears video and thought..I WANT TO BE HER. Now these days, I’d be a little worried if someone said that to me, but anyways. I saw her belly button piercing and begged for it. I was 9 at the time. 8 years of begging, and I finally got it at the age of 17. That was about 4 months ago. I absolutely love it but I am glad I waited because it really does take a bit of time everyday to clean it properly. Probably around 45 minutes each day. I have had it repierced 3 times because of medical issues that I’ve needed to take it out, so it can become sort of a hassle. So, if I waited 8 years, so can your daughter. But I think 16 would be an okay age since really, more girls have it than you think. Not every girl has it though, and nobody is going to care if you don’t have one. So I would say have her wait a few years. Bye!

  83. Dani California says:

    Don’t let her- she will regret it when she’s older. She will always be left with a scar even if she takes it out. If she gets it done when she’s 18 then it’s completely up to her and you can’t be blamed. Further, if she still wants it at 18 it shows that she must really want it. I got mine done when I was 15 and I regret it and I’ve only had it pierced for a year and a half. I wish I had listened to my mum’s advice…

  84. jess says:

    i was 14 when i got my nose and belly button and now i’m 15 and i’m perfectly fine. and then i got my cartlidge second hole and tragus. it’s not a big deal you can take them out if you don’t like it or whatever.

  85. anya says:

    well i’ve got my belly button pierced and im 13 and trust me it is worth it and it doesnt hurt its basically like getting your ears pierced but not with a gun. but its up to you if you want to let your daughterget it done.

  86. brendaaa says:

    i think its stupid that parents wont let their kids get simple piercings like this beacuse than when you say wait till youre 18 your kid is going to go nuts about piercings and get anything and everything done. so might as well allow simple piercings now so they dont wait until they are old enough to get anything pierced 🙂

  87. Veronica says:

    ok. im 13 and when i was 12 i begged my mom for a navel piercing. but did she let me pierce it?…no. Y? “because she said so” now i decided that it will look kinda skanky if i get it done now so i’m gonna wait until im 15 to me that is a decent age

  88. Veronica says:

    but…if she sticks to wanting it for a few months-hex i say let tha gurl get it dun! i mean parents neva listen to us kids yea yall r ALOT smarter BUT let us learn from OUR OWN MISTAKES!!!!!!!!! : )

  89. Brittany says:

    I know what its like and you shouldnt crush her dreams.
    I mean if she can handle the responsiblility that comes with it.
    And trust me their is ALOT of things you need to do to care for a newly peirced belly button, and sometims when your still growing and going through puberty the body can regect it and alot of pain is caused by this (that is also most likely to happen if she is only 12), and if you have told her about all of the infections and pain, and she still wants it. Well let her go for it.
    But in the next couple of days, weeks and months if shes complaining and crying because its infected and that it hurts sooo sooo much, well just say.. “I told you that you should have waited until you were older” and tell her that you respected her decision to get it done but that you only care about her health, and that you didnt want to see her in pain like this. But its too late now i mean you posted this on May 13, 2008, so its probably done and dusted.. But if she got it dont
    And if not.. well. Your just being a caring parent 🙂

  90. Cass says:

    I honestly think you are right as the parent to say no, but i think you need to make it clear to your daughter that she should wait until she is atleast 16 and that you are not saying no to be mean. Im 19 and i have 13 piercings and 4 tattoos, most of them i did underage because my parents said no and i hated them for it. piercings and tattoos are a huge part of my life and it has ruined my relationship with my parents. i would hate to see a young girl at 12 hate her mother or not talk to her because of a silly piercing. i think that when she turns 16 and she still wants to get a piercing then let her but i stress the fact of researching the shops in your local area and making sure everything is clean and sterile. If she is going to do it then she should have it done properly. piercings can be dangerous and get infected if you do not take care of them, so if you decide to let her get it done then i also stress that you hound her about cleaning it, a bellybutton piercing isnt very cute when its all infected and such.

    as for the 12 and 13 year olds on here, if you guys are mature enough to make a decision like getting a piercing, then you should be mature enough to understand where these parents are coming from. they truely are just looking out for what is best for you and i know what your thinking, they just want to be mean and its not fair. yeah life isnt fair but defying your parents is not fair to them. i also think not allowing your child to get a piercing or tattoo because you do not like them is quite selfish and it is true that drugs and alcohol and even sex are a bigger issue these days so i think that is something you should be more concerned in.

  91. MissKacey says:

    12-13 is much too young for a piercing of any kind unless it’s ears! Did you know even ears should be pierced with hollow needles and not stud guns? The reason is stud guns use such a force that is tears a hole in the skin, rather than a hollow needle which removes the unwanted skin for the piercing.

    Anyway I think you made the right choice as a Mom. I don’t know ANY 12-13 year olds that have any body mods besides ears. Although I do remember in 6th grade (at 11yrs old) that a few classmates pierced their navels themselves with horrible results. Can you say mega gross infection and skin discoloration that lasted for years?

    When I was 16 I wanted to get my lip pierced, but my Mom said no because I had had braces at age 11 and my teeth were beautifully straight. Why would I want to ruin it with a lip piercing? We compromised and even though I thought it was over-rated and not very cool I got my navel pierced at some sketchy shop downtown. It turned out fine, and I ended up loving it. I always kept it to myself (being a very modest person) so one might wonder why I did it? Who knows! I was 16!

    Now I am 23, and although I don’t have any kids I look forward to hopefully having them in the future. I will also not let my son or daughter get pierced before 16! It’s just inappropriate.

    Now as a 23 year old adult I have three face piercings (eyebrow, side labret, and nose) and all of which are very small, even my Mom enjoys them! Could I have taken care of a face piercing at 13 (or any piercing for that matter)? No way! It would have been infected for sure! Also I think that the legal age for getting a tattoo in most states is 18 for a reason. Would I have been able to take care of a tattoo back then either? NO! Ink injected into your skin via needle, then a week later your scabbed skin peels off like a weird peel off mask, gross!

    I also have 5 tattoos now too. 4 of which are in places that can easily be seen unless I’m wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt. I think I would have regretted getting the tattoo I wanted at 16 (A kitty cat that was purple with hot blue wings! WHAT? Crazy).

    There are reasons there are state laws about the age of piercings and tattoos. It takes maturity to take care of both, and to decide on both, and to take the pain of getting both.

    Don’t let other people bully you into what is good for you child. I think reguardless of my navel piercings at 16 I was bound for the tattoo pierced life anyway. My Mom loves and respects me no matter what, and that’s all I care about. I’m glad she let me express myself in other ways as a teen (letting me paint my room crazy colors, dying my hair hot pink, taking me to my fave band concerts). There are lots of other ways for a kid to express themselves until they get old enough for piercings and tattoos!

    You’re a good Mom! And just because you don’t let your daughter get holes in her body right now doesn’t mean she can’t when she’s older. Just please tell her about my crazy classmates and how dangerous it is to pierce yourself and not tell anyone when it seriously gets infected later on. Like I said, one girl has skin discoloration around her navel, and it’s dark brown and gross. She’s had it for over 10 years now without sides of fading and I think it will be there forever. She regrets it very much!

  92. keri says:

    I am 17 and in my opinion 12 is to young..I had just turned 15 and wanted mine done and my parents had told me Ihad to wait till my 16th birthday and I could get it..Well a few months later I was askin again and my mom started to just look information up and she finally agreed to let me get it done at 15. The only thing was they made me promise i wouldnt get any of the big dangly rings or any of those real sexy show off ones lol..they made me stick with just the cute colored ones that have the balls on both ends and then they let me get a UF one and a small dangley one with a softball…. I am very glad she let me get mine done. I love it..So if I was you I,dependeing on how strict you are, I would make her wait till she was 13 or 14..thats how old I would make my child wait if I had one..
    Hope I helped 🙂

  93. Hannah says:

    I think you should (have) let her get it done . It’s her body, she should be able to d o as she pleases with it.

  94. Kianna says:

    I am 12 and i am getting mine done soon, i think that if she is responsible and will clean and take care of it then she should be allowed to, if not then she shouldn’t be allowed to because it can cause serious problems if she doesn’t care for it properly.

  95. teen says:

    i wanted to say that i was just 12 when i got my nose done and i love it . I am now 18 years old and have a lot more but my mom did make me pay for every single one i got. if daughter just wants it just to fit in i think she should think about it a little more and if u do let her do some back ground cheacks on the place you want to take her

  96. Bridge Theresa says:

    NO WAY

  97. Lisa says:

    Well, personally, I would let her. When I was 12 I really wanted to get it done, so I asked my mom and she said no. Then I said that I would do more chores around the house and stuff so then she let me. I love it! I was really responsible and I cleaned it every day. So I say that you should let her! You can always take it out

  98. Nellyyyy says:

    I think you should let her get it done… im 12 and i want to get my bellybutton pierced for my birthday! my mom isnt sure about it yett, but at the beginning of the year she said that it was okay and that she wanted to get it done with me too! now she isnt so sure… so im doing some research on it so that i know what im getting in to if anything goes wrong 😛 you should make her do the same and make her pay for at least half of the piercing, or more

    • Clair says:

      Hi I’m 12 and my mom has her belly tounge nose and nipples pierced for my birthday she let me get my belly nose and tounge pierced why don’t you it’s realy cool and all the boys love them.

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  100. Clair says:

    my daughters 11 and asked me if she could have her belly pierced because I’ve got mine done and she realy likes it I said no then she came back later and asked for her tounge pierced instead I also said no. The next day my son(18) took her too London and had her belly, tounge and nose pierced I was furious my son is well known for that kind of stuf at the age of 4 I got his ears both pierced at 13 be came home with his eyebrow pierced and tounge when he was 16 we both went to london and had our nipples pierced and I had a tatoo on my bum the next day I went back and secretly got my tounge and 3 piercings on my hood(genitals). Now I’ve seen my daughters nose stud I’ve had mine done too. And yesterday my son had his penis pierced 2 times it looked awful I made him take them out but he refused because his girlfriend loves them (she’s got her belly three times her tounge twice her nipples her genitals four times and her bum.) should I go and get my daughters genitals pierced or should I pierce them my self as she is too younge?

  101. jodiee says:

    i had my belly button pierced when i was 12 and i have had no problems !! 🙂

  102. Kenny says:

    just let her get it atleast its not a tattoo ther expensive and cant take them out if its a piercing u can take it out simple as that it will heal and your done piercing are not permanent tattoos are let her get it it wont kill hr.

  103. elizaa says:

    ok im 12 and i badly wanted my nose done(i mean badly).
    i was even gonna let my friend do it. my mum said yes(seeing its my body) and my dad said he would get back to me and look up information. 2 days later he told me why he didn’t what me to get it done because your body grows and it srichs and looks really ugly(not cause and cause you cant).
    he gave me a year to get it done when i was 15 and my body stop growing. so he said inside of that he would compromise for my belly. tell her she can get it done it lives under your shirt not on your face. your lucky she came to you first and your lucky she not asking for her face. personally if i had kids(if) i would let them get done its their body. to me it wasn’t meant to be sexy or whatever it was just who i am and my personalty.more of an experiment and some people i know from other schools
    how got it done are way more conformable with how they are.so let her do it she will probably go behind your back and do it any way like i was going to do or my friend actually did(she wanted it done that bad).
    and any way it heals over it not a big deal.
    i got it done today and im so happy = ]
    and for all them teen that say they glad that wanted till your older don’t wreck her chance. think about how much you what it back them…..
    any way i know this is an old post and probably already all made your decision but all the mums and stuff that are scared about they child getting it done…………just let them do it.

  104. Vicky. says:

    Ahaha, this is so old?. Youu already said no right?. I don’t see why such young children are still fighting youu to let her get it done. Who cares if she’s the ‘bad guy’ or whatever, it was her decision in the end. Personally I would have said no too. Twelve is just a ridiculous age to even consider to ask your parent to get it done. A navel piercing is suppose to be tasteful, how is it going to be tasteful on a little girl?.

  105. LeAh says:

    Omg I’m 17 and i got mine done when i was 12.
    its fine!!! its just a piercing.its not gonna kill her.
    you can take it out and its not a tattoo.
    i mean if she wants it bad she will do it herself.
    some of you mums think its bad to get your ears pierced.
    i mean came on most girls have it done and at very young ages.im so glad im not your kids. At least i could go to my mum and say anything.

  106. stacy says:

    wow joy your a real downer aren’t you =P
    i swear your kids aren’t gonna like you when they older
    they can’t even get they ears pierced without a whole scene…..

    • Joy says:

      I’ll tell you something Stacy, my boys are 31 and 29 and they both like me fine. I could also really care less if they liked me when they were young or not. It was my job to raise them to be decent human beings and not give in to every little fad that came along. Ear piercing is very different from other body piercing and I might feel differently about some of you writing in if you could string a decent sentence together and explain or tell us why or why not you think this is okay. If you don’t even know how to talk, you sure aren’t ready to take care of something like this.

      Also, I didn’t write this post. Lisa did and her daughter still doesn’t have one and won’t have one until she’s much older so NO, she won’t go get one anyway because a good mother would find out and you know what else, her daughter respects what she says. For those of you who say she’ll go behind her back, you’re wrong about that because it would be removed and she loves her mother. It’s called RESPECT and many of you obviously don’t have that for your parents.

      • SKL says:

        Joy your a downer! LOL!

        I just can’t get over how long this discussion is staying alive. This might be a world record. Why, this blog post could be the one that makes you famous!!

  107. lily says:

    hah go STACY

  108. SAMMYYYYYYY!!!! says:

    ok as kids can wrry about are own mistakes…yea
    if something goes wrong its her fault
    and im sick of all the adults that are like you guys shouldn’t get done because your cant spelt right
    look i spelt worry wrong oo that means i shouldn’t get my belly pierced or i shouldn’t have my belly pierced.
    oooo that’s so immature adults(not all adults) and know we can say you guys cant get it done cause you guys are so immature………………

  109. kirsty says:

    i am 12 years old and my friend just got hers done but i think you are doing the write thing because my friend does not clean hers out and it might get infected why dont you get her a fake belly wring thats what i do and it looks real but its just a thought. and not every one is getting there bellys pirced or noses she will just say that so you can let her

  110. Rosie;) says:

    Just let her do it.Times have changed since I was at school and i have moved with those times.12 year olds are more grown up compaired to when we were at school and people like Mollie prove this because she already has a job.She must be mature!LET HER DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

  111. LiLo says:

    okay my friends mums got it done when she was 12, even her siser has got it done when she was 12 and her gramare got it done when she was 12 and she getting it done and im 12 and i have it done. i clean it every day and love it so much!!!=]
    it fine its not even a big deal

    • Joy says:

      For anyone reading this or for anyone who cares, most of these “kid’s” comments are from the same IP address.

      LiLo, avril and layl, sammyyyy, lily, stacy and leAh are the same person as were Rosie and Mollie from the other day. Don’t people know when they leave comments that the IP address’s are here?? If this doesn’t stop, I will close this from any more comments. If you want to make comments, go ahead but don’t make up names and email address’s. That’s being a chicken.

  112. avril says:

    i really don’t like joy

    if you like read the comments she like responses to like everyone

    i swear she has nothing better to do

    hah the only one she didn’t really answer was SAMMY

    and Sammy’s right!!

    i hate how joy goes you should do it or you shouldn’t have it cause you can’t spelt something
    the stupidest reason ever!!

  113. layla says:

    shit this blog is like May 13 2008 till- April 26 2009

  114. layla says:

    im 18 and just wish i got it sooner….
    neally all my friends got it at like 12, 13 and 14.
    its fine……………………….not a big deal=]

    =P that’s funny you a real downer joy

  115. Rhiannon says:

    i Think Tbh Parents Theese Days are Not Listening to There Kids For God sake its not a Fag or A Bottle of Vodka its a Dam Pierceingg !
    Whats The Harm You Can TAKE IT OUT when ur done
    im 12 and Im getting it Done Tomorow
    and my Mums soo Supportive The Problem is With Older Parents they Always say No to everything
    and they dont let us Live a Little my Mums a Young Mum
    well 32 Lol
    and i wouldent Change her for the worldd the Reason why
    Kids 2day are soo out of Hand is Because of there Parents
    always saying no to everything so they do it Behinde there Mums and Dads Backs enyways dont get me rong i dont smoke or drink cause i know Right from rong but little Support for the kids comon Parents Like

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