Single murder or double murder??

This is going on again in our local news.  Again!!  There was a woman shot through her front door, she was 8 months pregnant.  They are only looking at charging the guy for a single murder even though the baby didn’t survive.  There was a also a husband and wife murdered in their own home who again, were 6 months pregnant.  They are only going to charge the guy for the husband and the wife.

Both of these women were in their last trimester of pregnancy.  I’m sure they had a nursery set up , names picked out etc.  I can’t believe the courts feel in each case they just murdered the mother and not the child.

Does anyone else feel this way?  I know here the reactions are mixed.  I totally feel these men should be charged for the deaths of the babies as well.

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8 Responses to Single murder or double murder??

  1. sisselkathrine says:

    I agree with you! They kill the baby aswell, and I think its terrible that they dont care bout it just because the babies were still inside the mother..

  2. kweenmama says:

    A husband here murdered his wife and unborn child. He was charged with the murder of both, as he should have been. That life inside the mother is just that, a LIFE.

  3. nikki says:

    I also agree. They took two lives not just one. The opportunity to live a full, happy life was taken away from this child completely. That is very sad. They should be charged for two murders. Can you just imagine what those families are going through. A mother just lost her daughter and grandbaby she’ll never meet!!

  4. SKL says:

    Yes, there is no doubt that that the unborn child is a person, and when someone violently kills that person he should pay. Especially when it’s obvious that the mother is pregnant – one has to know that the result of one’s violent act will severely harm or kill the baby, and that’s just as evil as killing a mother and a child who is already born.

    I have a friend who was in an accident and lost her baby at 8.5 months pregnant. There is no question as to whether this was a lost member of the family. There was a funeral for the baby and she is still remembered just as much as she would be had she died after birth. If this death had been caused by intentional violence, I could not see it as anything other than murder.

    I can’t help wondering why anyone sees a problem with this. It seems to me that a person who would kill a pregnant woman is the lowest of the low. At some point on the scale of evil, I lose all sympathy and really don’t care about humaneness or fairness or legal logic or any of that. A person who murders a pregnant woman is a some distance below that point on the scale, in my opinion. The thought of defending any rights anyone could consider him to have is sad in itself.

  5. Joy says:

    This is just sadder than sad can be. I also feel that they should be tried as double murders. How can they not be? We’ve had several cases like this in the news and they were tried that way. How could anyone be that low as to shoot or hurt in any way, a pregnant woman. Tsk, tsk, tsk…..

  6. jderickson says:

    Silly Canadians. There’s nothing more upsetting to me then serious criminals getting away with murder, no pun intended. You have rapists and murderers doing half the time as not so serious crimes drugs or burglary. Don’t get me wrong a crime is a crime but too many loop holes in the law go in the wrong way of criminal justice. It’s not just canadians I just like the ring of silly canadians. glad I’m not one…am I…mom….

  7. Jane says:

    Double murder. No doubt about it. This kind of thing sickens me.

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