Banning smoking in vehicles when children?!?!?!?!

This has been in our news again and I wanted to know what others think.  They want to ban smoking in vehicles that have children in them.  It has happened in a few other provinces and now they are trying to legalize it in our province of Manitoba.  If you are caught you will face a fine. 

I’m having very mixed feelings over this.  On one hand, I agree because what can a child do to tell the person that the smoke is bothering them?  On the other hand how much stuff does the government think they can control?  Will the next thing be to say no smoking in our home if you have children?

I’m not a smoker so I can’t imagine how smokers feel.

What do you think?  Does anyone else have mixed feelings??  I can see banning smoking in public places where it can be controlled by the government, but a car???  I don’t know, I have very mixed feelings.

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47 Responses to Banning smoking in vehicles when children?!?!?!?!

  1. TiredMom says:

    I’m no longer a smoker. I quit about 3 years ago.. That said I never smoked in my vehicle with my kids or in my home. EVER. That said.. I understand the government wants to protect the kids.. But.. how much power are we willing to hand the government over our personal lives? Thats just my top thought.. Whats next? Whats next wont be no smoking in your home.. Its going to be no smoking period because it causes cancer. People wont be free to make their own choices over their own lives.. The only thing that stops it now is that $$ tobacco brings in.

  2. Joe Camel says:

    Lowering a car window an inch creates a vacuum that sucks all the smoke outside and everybody knows it. This planned tyranny is a precursor to an attempt to ban it in private homes in gross violation of the Fourth Amendment. Let’s see how much freedom the rabble is willing to give up.

  3. Eric says:

    I think banning smoking in cars is ridiculous because, like TiredMom said, how much power are we gonna give the government? I am a smoker, trying to quit, but if I don’t I will not smoke in the car with my kids. But, it should be a personal choice-there is no proof that second hand smoke is bad. It is just media propoganda! Try to find studies that find second hand smoke is bad. None!

    On top of it, I think the govenment trys to protect kids way too much. What are we gonna do eventually, bubble wrap our kids? The more we protect our kids, the more vulnerable and naive we make them!

    I think we need to stop protecting them so much, and educate them more, so later in life when they are approached w/situations they are prepared to handle them, instead of being scared and panicky about it.

    Stop letting the gov. tell us what we need to do with our children. Educate them yourselves, you decide what’s bad or good for them-that is the responsibility of parents!!

  4. Tessa says:

    Eric got heated about this, and got me going now! We both feel very passionate about topics like this. In my opinion, the govenment needs to stop putting millions of dollars into preventing children from the real world-from things parents need to teach their children, and START

  5. Tessa says:

    putting millions of dollars into EDUCATION!! It angers me that not enough money is being put into schools, teachers, and educating parents! Our government is always focusing on trivial things-yes important-but there are too many areas being ignored in the US: jobs, US hunger, US poverty & economy crisis’ like jobs being given to other countries…

    It sickens me that the government still doesn’t realize that war, imprisonment of things like drugs, and slapping fines and tickets for things like seatbelts and smoking only addresses the Your not fixing anything this way!! They’re not addressing the root of the problem, they are only antagonizing and finding ways to make money.

    Basically, if the government wanted to make a real difference, if our government really wanted change, they would EDUCATE-put money into classrooms and human services, instead of slapping the hand and saying “bad” long after the damage is done.

  6. tessa & Eric says:

    One last thing! The media and government in our country campaigns fear! -Installs fear to sell what they want to sell. It works for them, they are making the dough. You guys got to watch SICKO- it will open your eyes to the corrupt health system in our country, and how much other countries seem to care a little more about real issues. Give it a chance and watch it!

  7. pam says:

    I dont like the way our government tries to control things.But I do smoke,I have never smoked in a car with a nonsmoker or child.As a child myself,my dad would smoke in the car,window rolled down,and I hated the smell that would come in the kids all covered our mouth and nose till our dad finished his smoke.Today out of courtesy,I will not smoke in a vehichle,unless I am alone.Also I only began to smoke when I was 25,thats23 years ago.When I was a nonsmoker,the smell really bothered me.I wish I never started,to fit in.Its very addictive and not a nice smell.

  8. Joy says:

    I will comment more later but guys, I can’t stand Michael Moore and wouldn’t pay him to pick up my trash so I won’t pay to watch one of his movies.

  9. Eric & tessa says:

    I don’t really like him either joy but the movie has some good points. Tessa said she would pay for it. lol!!!!!

  10. SKL says:

    One look at Michael Moore should tell anyone that he has no business talking about “Sicko.” Furthermore, he personally makes the most of his exclusive access to health care – even though is personal habits are obviously too much for any health care intervention. He is just a mean and dishonest person and his own admissions prove this.

    So, on to the topic at hand. Many smokers say they don’t support a ban but they themselves would never force their kids to breathe their smoke. Well, it that were the standard for all smokers, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Far too many smokers do force their kids to breathe their smoke. Many times I’ve seen people blow cigarette smoke directly into the face of a baby or young child, without even realizing it.

    I do believe that second hand smoke is dangerous. Even if there were no studies, it’s logical. I feel it’s a shame so many parents will knowingly expose their kids to this danger, because kids have no choice but to breathe it in. I don’t understand the above comment about education – it’s not the kids’ fault they are being subjected to second-hand smoke, so how is educating them going to help them now? Maybe it will help their kids some day, but I don’t think that’s the immediate issue. A similar argument about bubble wrapping our kids – I don’t believe in overprotecting them from their OWN mistakes, but this is not even their own mistake, so how is it building character to let them bear the consequences? If my kid falls off her bike and skins her knee, that’s a learning experience, but if I go push her bike down while she’s riding it, that’s just going to make her distrust me and others, which is not what I’m trying to teach her.

    I hate government regulation but I feel smokers should be pressuring each other not to smoke in their cars or their homes or to blow smoke at their kids’ faces. It is so sad that we even have to have this discussion.

    Rights must always be accompanied by responsibilities. Please don’t feed liberals’ beliefs that the government needs to control our lives.

    As a final comment, so many people argue that parents should have no right to withhold medical interventions based on their personal beliefs (e.g., religious beliefs against medicine or blood transfusions). The argument is that the child should not be subject to those unpopular beliefs until he is old enough to make the decision for himself. Yet how many of these folks feel it is OK to subject the child to a known toxin when he is too young to have any say or to understand whether it’s good or bad?

  11. Eric & tessa says:

    I agree, SKL, that it is wrong for those parents to be exposing their child to smoke right in their faces. What I meant about education on this topic, is that the parents need to be better educated. If they don’t think second hand smoke is bad, despite the law, they will still smoke in the car or in their homes next to their kids. I am upset, because parents and kids need more education period-not just on smoking.

    Anyways, I grew up in a house where smoking was allowed in the house and in the car, and at families houses. The majority of my family members still have lived a long, healthy life. Second hand smoke isn’t nearly as bad as the media and government project.

    I’d say pollution and toxins in our water and in our food are what we need to be worried about.

  12. tessa says:

    SKL-on the bubble wrap comment- I think it is more important to protect your kids from things like greasy hormone filled fast food than it is from smoke which has no proof of long term damage.

    I agree a ban wouldn’t be a bad thing, but our point is that the government needs to spend less time on punishments and more time on solutions to bigger problems.

  13. Eric says:

    SKL show me a study that shows second hand smoke is bad for people because in fact ten minutes after being exposed they say your lungs are free and clear of toxins. If a parent is blowing smoke directly in their kids face somebody should slap them with your an idiot shovel.

    What does Michael Moore’s appearance have to do with his credentials and proof against our health care system and evident first hand proof of great health care systems in other countries?

    There’s always going to be parents making big mistakes and putting their children in harms way, and we cannot go around putting bans on every little thing because a minority of parents are stupid.

  14. Eric says:

    If michael Moore was so mean and dishonest, he would not have made a film trying to get universal health care in the United States and showing American’s another option to paying ridiculous rates and dealing with frustrating insurance and not being able to get treatment if you are poor.

  15. TiredMom says:

    I have to agree with Eric’s first comment..(not that the rest are bad) I agree with education! And that the government needs to be looking at the bigger picture and that they are trying to “over protect” the children.. Many times with many other situations as well they are over protecting the ones that don’t need it and ignoring the ones that do!
    I have very strong opinions when it comes to the government and handing them control over my life and the way I raise my kids.. If my kids are not being abused back up and back off!

  16. Joy says:

    Sorry I couldn’t get into the action until now. We’ve had one storm after another all afternoon so my computer has been off. I want to say first off, I can’t stand Michael Moore. I think he’s a pompous ass and if he doesn’t like America, he can leave. I won’t give him any more time on my blog.

    The question at hand. Have I smoked with my children in my car? I smoked in the hospital room when they were born. Can you believe you used to be able to smoke AT THE DOCTORS OFFICE? Yep, you could. We all smoked around our kids, we didn’t know any better. It’s just the way things were. My grandchildren. When they were babies I didn’t smoke when they were here or in the car. Now that they are older, I have on occasion had a cigarette when they have been here. More often than not I stand under the hood of the stove or I do go outside. In the car, it depends on where I’m sitting and how long we’re in the car. The window is wide open and I usually end up feeling guilty so I only have a few puffs. Normally, no I don’t. But I have. I also believe plenty other things are bad for them and smoking gets top billing.

    The point is if smoking is so awful, why don’t we quit making them? I for one wouldn’t smoke then. Why are smokers punished for everything? If it’s MY car why should anyone tell me what I can or can’t do in it that’s NOT against the law? I’m not shooting up heroin, smoking crack or robbing banks. I’m having a cigarette and doing something this isn’t illegal. I’m also getting sick of being told what I can and can’t do. I don’t think smoking around anyone is good, not just kids. I know it’s not good for me but I can’t see myself quitting because I really enjoy smoking. If I quit smoking will I live forever?

    The issue is way deeper than smoking. It’s my right to do in my car or my home, something that isn’t against the law.

  17. Jane says:

    I’m in a bit of agreement with a little bit of what everyone has to say on this. I don’t smoke and I never have but a lot of my family members do and while I don’t particularly like the smell of it, it doesn’t bother me all that much. I would rather smell smoke than have to sit and smell someone who just took a bath in perfume.

    I would not want the government telling me that I couldn’t do something in my car that wasn’t against the law. I just have a problem with that on principal because it’s taking a right away from me. If I were breaking the law I feel it would be different. I feel it would be a situation of “what will they tell me to do next?” A lot of people choke on nuts, should we ban that too while driving? Why is it just smoking that seems to get the brunt of all things evil? Stop making them then.

    I have seen little small town bars and gathering places close down with the ban of smoking in public places. We’ve lost two establishments that we used to go to because of this. I don’t know why they couldn’t leave the choice to the owners of the establishment instead of a blanket law. All these mom and pop places have closed down because nobody goes out anymore because most small town people that I know smoke. If you want a no smoking bar, fine open one but if you want to smoke, that should be a right to me. I’m not sure what it’s like in big cities abut it’s really hurt a lot of people we personally know.

  18. Ali says:

    This infuriates me. I live in CA and they passed this ban on us last Oct. They can’t pull you over “just” for that though. Isn’t that convenient?? I don’t smoke but both my parents do and you know what? They aren’t criminals. They are two good people who’s only “fault” is they smoke. They won’t go out to dinner with me anymore. They won’t go anywhere now. Isn’t that sad that my son won’t know what it’s like to do “normal” things with their grandparents because of this? If they take my son to the park, they get dirty looks if they light up. It embarrasses them so they just stay home. They are in their late 40’s and have both always smoked and they don’t want to quit. Little by little people we are losing our rights and it’s not fair in my opinion because it’s not something they shouldn’t be doing. It’s one thing to not allow it in public places but this is just getting to be ridiculous. What’s next? Will we all have little camera’s in our homes? I agree with Jane, don’t make them then or make them illegal. I’m sick of people looking at smokers like they are second class citizens. My parents didn’t know how bad it was when they started and now they are addicted and in their small world, they aren’t hurting anyone but I worry because they never go out anymore. I feel sad that this has come to this.

  19. Eric says:

    Joy, I disagree with our government and health care system just as Moore does, but picking up and isn’t an answer unfortunately.

  20. Eric says:

    I meant moving out of the country isn’t an answer! I still love this country and the people.

  21. SKL says:

    It’s hard to know where to draw the line. Like I said, I hate government intrusion. In today’s world, they can tell me I can’t pack peanut butter in my kid’s lunch if someone ELSE’s kid in another grade at school has a peanut allergy. That just makes me want to scream. But because nobody sees my kids’ peanut butter diet as some kind of fundamental right, I am told I’m a fanatic and I need to get with the program and think of others for a change. I am not sure why, at the same time, people consider smoking in the presence of children to be a fundamental right.

    I agree that there’s lots of stuff that isn’t so good for kids. Tobacco is one of the few that is illegal for them to have before the age of 18. Agree or disagree, it’s in its own class. I tend to believe the volumes of information that say it’s one of the worst things you can do for your health, and your kids’ too. Kids I know who are raised breathing cigarrette smoke have asthma when their relatives whose parents keep them away from smoke do not. One of my best friends (a smoker) died of lung cancer around age 50. Obviously these are just two out of many examples. They have been calling cigarrettes “coffin nails” and “cancer sticks” for like a hundred years. I just don’t understand why people are so adamant about exposing their kids to them early and often.

    As far as bars, I would say there are two sides to it. Some of us can’t stand to be in places where people are smoking indoors. At least if you’re a smoker, you can go have fun and step outside to smoke. We just have to stay home when the gang is going to a bar. I’ve missed family gatherings and hearing my brother’s band play, among other things. Some family members who were quitting smoking also had to completely drop out of their social life because it was too hard to avoid the urge in a bar full of smoke. A smoking ban would be literally a breath of fresh air for me and lots of others. But bar owners won’t do it on their own because when people smoke, they drink more, cha-ching.

    That still doesn’t mean I agree with the laws regarding smoking, but I do disagree that smokers are always suffering discrimination.

  22. Joy says:

    Eric, the thing is this isn’t about Moore. I disagree with everything he says and stands for. I really hope your not saying you want the same health care that Canada has. If so, call all your relatives north of the border and ask them how they like their “free” health care because you will get an ear full. I am a republican and do NOT agree with Moore.

    Your getting sidetracked. This is about smoking in a car with a child.

  23. Joy says:

    SKL, I do agree with you and know that smoking is bad for me and it’s bad for anyone to breath my smoke. I KNOW that but I’m an adict with no desire to quit. I’ve been smoking since I was 14 years old. I’m addicted to cigarettes. I try not to smoke when the little ones are here but I also belive that a lot of things they breath outside on high pollution days are just as bad for them but they still go out and about. It seems like people pick on smoking and ignore all the air pollution. It can be both. When my kids were young, it wasn’t like this. It wasn’t as known. I feel the world is changing and it’s a big combination of things. Nothing is the way it used to be. It wasn’t as known. I was raised in a house of smokers and so were my parents. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying that’s the way it was.

    I also don’t feel it shouldn’t be my choice in my car. What will be next? I do believe if it’s as bad as “they” say, why are they making them and making us pay all these taxes? They would lose to much money if they quit making cigarettes but yet it’s us that have to pay all these prices. I don’t mind when eating out, I don’t smoke when I go out to dinner anyway but why can’t I have a cigarette when I’m in a bar bowling? There are no kids there. I think it’s gotten to out of hand. Maybe I’m wishing they would quit making them so then I’d have to quit.

  24. SKL says:

    Just to be clear, I have nothing against smokers. Most of my family and many of my dear friends are smokers. Imagine how I feel when my friend tells me about her husband’s scary lung problems, but fiercely defends their decision to smoke because they like it. Or when my kid sister, then a smoker, was diagnosed with cancer at age 27. Shoot, my good friend died of lung cancer ON MY BIRTHDAY, and when I’d visited her a few weeks earlier, she was surviving on IV fluid and wearing child-sized pajamas because she was skin and bones. I don’t hold these folks in disdain, and I know the nicotene addiction is extremely hard to break.

    But, I still feel that it is considerate to not smoke around non-smokers. In the old days, smoking indoors was so prevalent that everyone was pretty used to it. My granny used to smoke and I liked the smell of her house. People smoked in offices, and even, like you said, hospitals. But nowadays, many folks are not often exposed to smoke and are uncomfortable around it. I am not trying to be disrespectful, but I honestly don’t understand why anyone would smoke knowing even one person in the vicinity might be inconvenienced by it. There are so many other things we don’t do in public for the same reason, so when it comes to smoking, why does a different rule apply? Is it really that hard to cop a smoke outdoors? I doubt it, because the people around me manage to do it. It’s sort of the new way, and unlike many other societal changes in recent decades, I feel this is a positive one.

    Now, just so you know, I have spoken out against cigarette taxes where the revenue goes to benefit anyone other than smokers. I feel they are regressive taxes and, yes, discriminatory. I also feel people have a “right” to damage their health in whatever way(s) they choose, as long as it doesn’t endanger anyone else. They also have a moral responsibility to make sure nobody else has to deal with the fallout, in my opinion.

  25. Joy says:

    What can I say SKL, I agree with you. I can’t argue with anything you just said. I smoke when I want to in my own home unless the little ones are here and then I go to another room or even outside or my cigarette is right under the fan that is going directly outside. I don’t mind going outside but after all, this is my home and I do live here. I don’t sit right next to them and smoke. But if adults are here, I do smoke. I don’t do that in their homes. The only one who has ever complained is my mom but she complains about everything. But I did quit bowling partly because of this law. It’s just impossible to go outside and smoke (especially in the winter) and try to bowl at the same time and there aren’t kids there. That’s my beef with that. I’m out to enjoy myself and part of that is having a smoke.

  26. Sue says:

    I do not think the government should be able to tell you what you can and cannont do in your home or car. Public places are different because they are PUBLIC. Anyone of any age could be there at any time and since little ones cannot express how they feel all the time it’s our job as adults to provide healthy spaces for them in PUBLIC. Your home and car should be your’s to make the judgement.

    I greatly appreciate that my mother in-law tries not to smoke when my children are there. I understand that it is her home and she can do what she wants and I can choose not to go, but then who looses out? The kids. I agree with SKL that people can do whatever they want to their OWN bodies as long as it doesn’t endanger someone else. As an adult I can make the decision to go places where smoke is present, but that is my choice.

    As far as there being no studies to back up that second hand smoke is harmful, you must be kidding!!!!!!!!!!! How do you think we know what we know about smoking and it’s affects???? Not because some monkey told us!!!!! Because people did RESEARCH and studied it. I will bite my tongue now regarding this.

  27. Joe Camel says:

    Wanna talk about research? The definitive research on smoke was done way back in the fifties when scientists tried to cause diseases in lab animals with prolonged doses of tobacco smoke. All such experiments failed to cause any disease, proving absolutely that tobacco smoke is harmless.

    All “studies” done since are phony, like William Reilley’s !992 EPA study that was declared fraudulent by a federal judge.
    The tobacco war is financed by the obscene wealth of Big Pharma who wants to outlaw tobacco and replace it with a daily handful of prescription drugs. It’s been declared by some
    the Fraud of the Century.

    If you want to smoke in a car, you don’t roll your window all the way down. That blows the smoke into the back seat. If you crack the window an inch, the smoke is sucked outside like magic.

  28. Tessa says:

    Thanks Joe Camel! I think the media really places fear in people and people have a tendency to believe everything media tells them for fact. People do not question the media or health care “facts” enough. People do not question doctors enough either. The drug administration and pharmacuetical company have such a massive control over everything, and are tied in with the tobacco industry.

  29. SKL says:

    I know tobacco has taken lives of my loved ones and pretty much everyone I know would say the same. Also, everyone I know who stopped smoking has said it made them feel so much healthier and younger. As for the studies, I feel you are getting the wool pulled over your eyes big time, but that is your business.

    I do not want to be mean, but I feel angry when I see comments like those of Joe Camel and Tessa saying it’s a lie that cigarettes are bad for health. It’s things like that that help encourage young people to start, get addicted, and end up sick or dead. Thank you for that!

    By the way, I think there should be a separate health insurance policy for non-smokers. I believe I would save a lot of money due to a choice that I make. You are free to make your own choices; I just wish the results didn’t overflow into my lap.

  30. Joy says:

    Cigarettes also killed both of my mother’s parents and my grandmother was only 53 and I never knew her. It wasn’t the media that made my grandfather get caner of the larynx, it was cigarettes. Now I smoke but I also know that they cause cancer just like I know the sun causes skin cancer. It’s the sun, ask my husband who has been dealing with skin cancer ALL WINTER. Sorry but I do NOT feel it’s the media in any way.

  31. Joy says:

    I forgot to add that smoking also killed my uncle, my godfather who I really loved. What causes emphysema?

    Emphysema is a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) involving damage to the air sacs (alveoli) in the lungs. As a result, your body does not get the oxygen it needs. Emphysema makes it hard to catch your breath. You may also have a chronic cough and have trouble breathing during exercise.
    The most common cause is cigarette smoking. If you smoke, quitting can help prevent you from getting the disease. If you already have emphysema, not smoking might keep it from getting worse. Treatment is based on whether your symptoms are mild, moderate or severe. Treatments include inhalers, oxygen, medications and sometimes surgery to relieve symptoms and prevent complications.

    I would also like to add that both my brother and I smoke, your dad Eric, ask him how he wakes up in the morning and if he coughs his head off to the point of almost puking. Ask him if he can hear his chest wheeze when he breaths? Ask your Mom Tessa. If she’s honest, she’ll be like the rest of us. Are these things just a coincidence that “only smokers“ have??

    I hate this arguing, because it’s not discussing anymore, you are just arguing and if you really think smoking doesn’t cause any health problems then I feel sorry for you because the MEDIA does not cause cancer.

    God, I almost feel like quitting. How can I be so dumb when my mother’s whole family has died from smoking related causes!!!

  32. Joe camel says:

    SKL, Joy:
    I referred you to animal studies that prove smoke is harmless.
    If you think you can give an animal any disease with smoke, go ahead. You’ll be a billionaire.

    There’s a short but scholarly book printed out on the Inernet that explains the fraud of the tobacco war. It’s entitled IN DEFENSE OF SMOKERS. If you can refute anything in it, go ahead. You’ll make another billion.

  33. nikki says:

    I no longer smoke, my husband does and I don’t like it. I hate the smell, but I used to be a smoker so I can’t complain too much. Saying that I also believe that the government is slowly taking over our lives. But to say cigarette smoke is not harmful is absurd. It is proven than smoking when you’re pregnant causes low birth weight,or worse miscarriage, stillbirth, or cot death. It changes your appearance, makes your teeth, hair and nails turn yellow, it gives you wrinkles, reduces your sense of smell, taste. Not to mention the 3 main diseases caused by smoking are; lung disease, cancer and coronary heart disease. If that isn’t harmful I don’t know what is.

  34. SKL says:

    Joe Camel, I think it’s more likely that the tobacco industry has made many billions of dollars off people who will believe anything that rationalizes their behavior.

    You are going with a single study on animals from 50 years ago that was probably funded by the cigarette companies (yeah, they funded most of them in those days, nice guys that they are), versus the numerous, more recent, non-corporate studies involving humans; tons of anecdotal evidence; and simple logic? OK.

    By the way, I am wondering: who do you think has anything to gain by proving smoking to be harmful?? You mention “big pharma,” which gets a substantial percentage of its money from treatments for smoking-related problems (not to mention quit-smoking meds). You think people who don’t smoke are popping pills all day? I know folks who pop happy pills; some are smokers and some are not. But, all the ones I know already had a history of either smoking, significant health problems (including those caused by smoking), or severe mental problems (the kind you used to get electric shock for). It seems to me that “big pharma” stands to make more money the more people smoke. I guess logic can be twisted to each person’s purpose.

  35. Ali says:

    I’m sorry but this has gotten way off topic. While I think my parents should be able to smoke in their own vehicles, they know that smoking is bad for them. Anyone who thinks smoking is okay for them is living in a dreamland.

    If you choose to smoke, it’s up to you and you “might” get cancer and you might not but I could care less if little white mice developed cancer or not from a study from 50 years ago, we know much more now. Cigarettes are also made different now, more powerful and much stronger. What Nikki stated as well, it’s not just cancer we are talking about. Cigarettes do many different things to people other than cause cancer.

    Get a grip! The right to smoke is up to the individual but by no means is it good for you.

  36. Joe camel says:

    I’ve given irrefutable references to the effect that smoking is harmless. The dread afflictions you mention have some other cause. The animal studies are irrefutable no matter how long ago they were done.

    I’ts been said that a quirk of human nature makes low IQ people want to be deceived. Antitobacco operatives know this.

    Who has anything to gain by lying about smoking? The international medical establishment. that’s who. Tobacco is the best antidepressant known to man and therefore the world’s most valuable drug. If Big Health can get it outlawed, the can replace it with a daily handful of prescription drugs at ten prices. The worst part is they have no intention of stopping with smoking. They want a medical dictatorship to force you to live a “healthy” life.

    If you want to dispute this fact, Google GRO HARLEM BRUNDTLAND and read her plans for enslaving the human race.

  37. nikki says:

    And there are many more irrefutable references that say smoking is unhealthy for you. And to say people how want to believe smoking is not good for your health have a low IQ’s is just ignorant.

  38. Joe camel says:

    Tobacco foe John Banzhaf says if you can smell smoke, it’s killing you. FACT: If that were true we’d all be dead, wouldn’t we?
    Tobacco foe James Repace says it takes a wind of 700 mph to ventilate it. FACT: Air cleaners leave indoor air cleaner than out.
    Tobacco foe Michael Bloomberg says a bartender breathes a pack a day. FACT: It’s been measured at one fifth of one cigarette.

    These guys are obvious liars. Some antitobacco operatives are not so brazen. But anybody who says tobacco is unhealthy is
    mangling the truth.

    As I pointed out before, you want to believe it’s deadly and you want to blame the revages of old age on it. And you are the type who likes the ego trip of shoving smokers around.
    It doesn’t matter. Smoking bans are the work of corrupt politicians, not bloggers. Don’t waste your breath.

  39. Joe camel says:

    I should proofread before posting, not after. I meant RAVAGES of old age, not reveges.

  40. jderickson says:

    Joe camel your retarded. I smoke and I know it’s bad. So what! don’t sit there and give me or anyone else your bullshit propaganda about smoke being harmless. how do people die in fires? Think about it since your so up on the “smoke doesn’t kill” Is it more than a cigarette obviously but smoke for fifty years and show me your clean lungs and you’ll be billionaire. So If you want to sit hear and preach the dumbest argument I’ve heard and believe me I’ve heard a lot, go do it somewhere else. The fact I had to sit here and read some of your comments actually made me dumber. So there will be no more response’s from a lot of us in here.

  41. Joe Camel says:

    You’re the perfect example of a low IQ person who WANTS to be deceived. I gave you unimpeachable references supporting my point of view and you ignore them in favor of idiotic insults. I would advise you to take YOUR stupidity somewhere

    And I advise you to quit smoking forthwith.

  42. Joy says:

    Joe Camel,
    This is my blog and jderickson is my son and a writer on this blog and I won’t have people being rude. This discussion is OVER. It’s not about what the subject was about anymore. IF you can’t stick to the subject I call it *game over*. So, since it’s my house and my rules, no more comments like this will be published by anyone.

  43. SKL says:

    Joe, I gotta say I love the way you keep saying “unimpeachable” and “irrefutable” like anyone is listening. This is the first time in my life that I’ve heard anyone refer to a 50-year-old study as proof that more recent studies are wrong.

    Now quit insulting people. Are you a troll or something?

  44. Joe Camel says:

    Your son jderickson can call me a retarded bullshitter and I’m being rude to respond with facts? Odd point of view.
    I’m signing off after this post because it’s obvious you want an antitobacco blog and will not tolerate anything else. What do you think you’re accomplishing?

    I don’t know if anybody agrees with me or not, but if you have the power to zap your dissenters it’s apparent you’ll use it. I don’t expect this post to be published My, my, you Nazis are fanatical. Thank God you don’t have any political power.

    This post won’t see the light of day but I have a question for you. If 50 year old studies are to be attacked because they’re old, why don’t you attack the Law of Gravity? It’s positively ancient!! Now go and listen to yourself talk.

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  47. JavaQueen says:

    In-tah-rest’n! Joe Camel is smoking more than just cigarettes I suspect. Just sayn’.

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