Question of the day

If you could eliminate one habit your mate/room-mate has, what would you have them stop doing?

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16 Responses to Question of the day

  1. lwayswright says:

    I think I would wish he would appreciate me…or at least let me know he appreciates me more often. And, maybe say he loves me more often. You can never say those words too much!

  2. TiredMom says:

    just one?????? lol.. it would be leaving out his crap on my counter.. If i had to pick just one.. Its a habbit but its more work for me everytime he leaves his crap on the counter..

  3. Joy says:

    I’m with you Tiredmom, just one!! LOL!! Kidding!! I think it would be when he can’t hear me, I wish he’d put his hand up like a stop sign so I would know he couldn’t and I could talk louder but he’ll watch me talking and when I’m done he’ll say “what did you say” or I didn’t hear you!!!

  4. Tessa says:

    Smoking!! Which I liked about him in the beginning…. LoL and biting his fingers would have to come too!! I realize, he doesn’t give me much to complain about lately..!

  5. SKL says:

    Well, I don’t have a “mate,” but I live with people who have habits. They are little things in the big picture, really. They used to bug me a lot when I was younger, but now it’s just not worth getting upset about.

    But one thing I’d like to see changed is one person’s inability to let things go or to at least put them on the back burner while getting through the daily stuff. Sometimes you can’t solve a problem right away, or change people, so you have to do what you CAN do – keep your life in order, be present for your family and friends, and step back so you can consider your options objectively and maybe come to an acceptable compromise.

  6. kweenmama says:

    Little things don’t bother me too much. The one big thing I wish I could change about my hubby is for him to know how to stand up to his ex and not take her crap.

  7. Sue says:

    I would have him clean up after himself! My husband can be very messy and then he just leaves it! If he makes supper, he uses 10 paper towels but doesn’t through any of them away and then he leaves all the dishes and stuff out! He can’t seem to put his dirty clothes in the hamper EVEN THOUGH he drops them NEXT TO the hamper!!!! It would have been easier to lift the lid! I’d better quit while I’m ahead!!!!

  8. nikki says:

    The only bad habit I’d change is the smoking. Ask me 2 years ago that answer would have been VERY different! He puts ALL of the laundry away, we have a deal I wash and dry he puts it all away. Which is great because that’s the worst part! He rubs my back every night ( and without sex every time too!) Sorry mom. He’s even put rose petals in the bath for me with candles…just because. He’s going to kill me for this, I’ll stop. It took many years to get him like this and wouldn’t change anything!!!(except the smoking of course) 🙂

  9. lwayswright says:

    The whole ex spouse thing is a real drag isn’t it? We both have ex’s and it is terrible having to deal with all the crud that goes along with that. And, his ex likes to try to manipulate his kids which irritates me to death. So, we always look like the bad guys. Very nerve wracking.
    Wow you have a lot of hits..I’m only on my way to 3500 and I think that is great! You’re way ahead of me…good job!

  10. nikki says:

    Hey I thought of one other than the smoking!! We hardly ever have the t.p. on the roll because we go through soooooo much,so Jason takes the toilet paper away from the toilet to blow his nose and leaves it on the counter away from the toilet!! By the time you realize it,it’s too late and I have to yell for Bailey. That is VERY annoying.

  11. nikki says:

    Oh yea and he WILL NOT admit that it’s him doing it!!! I know it is.

  12. candi says:

    Smoking is the one thing i love to have him change, and the fact that he is married to his sports

  13. jderickson says:

    *don’t sweat the petty things, pet the sweaty things
    *The toilet paper is not me
    *and it’s much easier to drop the sit then lift it. come on
    And there is not one thing I would change about my lovely, adorable, Sweet hearted, Big smiling cant wait to get home to.

  14. K. Trainor says:

    He chews tobacco. Yuck-Yuck-Yuck-Yuck-YUCK!

  15. Joy says:

    Jason you are so full of s*** that I can almost smell you way out here!!!!

  16. Jane says:

    Oh my, spitting!!! The constant spitting!

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