What the……

This is my third year playing softball with same group of guy’s. Awesome guy’s. It’s probably the main reason we’re still in MN, other than family. Anyway, three years of blood, sweat and beers tears. We are a better than average team that usually wins most of the games. Three years and three winning seasons. The only problem is we couldn’t beat a third grade girl scout team when it comes to a tournament.  We’ve  been to two state tournaments, 0-4 and a dozen other small tourney’s where we lose to old guy’s in freakin’ jeans, yes jeans!! Is it over confidence, folding under pressure what is it??????? The only team  that can beat us on our best day is us and it sucks. If we all weren’t good friends there would be a lot more arguments. But that’s ball, you win some and lose some. Even after every horrible loss and getting home at 11:30 at night swearing to never play again, I can’t wait until the next game. So how do we or you overcome pressure? When it’s finally time to put up or shut up I’d rather start to put up. helphelphelp!!!!

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10 Responses to What the……

  1. Ali says:

    It could be a lot of things. Playing in a different place, nerves, over confidence, though that may not be the case if you never win them. In the end it may not matter that much to you since you continue to play. That’s the main thing, don’t give up. As long as you have fun, does it really matter if you lose those?

  2. Joy says:

    Oh Jason, you make me laugh. It’s like your 7 again!! When you played for Foremost, you never won a game. Not the whole year. After every game, you’d say “I hate dad,” “I hate Mr Phole,” “I’m never playing again!” As soon as we got home, without even changing your clothes, you were right there throwing your ball into your pitch-back with Shamus retrieving it for you. You would do that for an hour before bed and would be “up and at em” for the next game.

    I don’t think it really matters if you lose those tournaments, you LOVE to play ball.

  3. Jason says:

    What are you two talking about. Of course it matters if I lose. I’m thirty one not getting any younger. The Twins don’t call anymore, softball is all we have left. I want a state trophy. Will I die unhappy because we didn’t get the trophy? I hope not. But winning is all I care about, having fun comes second. I know that’s what you don’t tell kids but I’m not a kid anymore. Adults play to win, kids play to have fun.

  4. nikki says:

    Well I have a different opinion than most on this one. Theses games mean a lot for most of these guys. When they have a bad game WATCH OUT!! A few a very bad. I rarely miss a game and never miss a tournament. I know how these guys can play and they leave their hearts on those fields. They are so passionate about it, there is one particular guy that I literally pray for him to get a hit because he gets so depressed about it. I cheer for everyone of them and it breaks my heart to see them like that, we’ve all become such good friend (except the recent problems which are over). They play like rock stars during regular game but when it comes to the tournaments they buckle. I think it’s a combination of nerves and they tend to get screwed on times. They’ll play at 8am or 10pm and sometimes both. They’re not on their best game. Don’t get me wrong they have fun. I’ve had some of my best time out there with these guys but it’s different once they step on the field. Hopefully they will have a good season this year. GOOD LUCK MERCHANTS!!!!!!

  5. ERIC says:

    I think discipline is the key to this question and you’ll probably say you are disciplined and I’m sure you are but I mean mentally disciplined. If you tend to focus on we always lose then you will lose. Just stay disciplined in the way you play all year and do there to. Try not to focus on it being a championship and just the game at hand and never underestimate your opponent because then your setting your self up for failure. GOOD LUCK JASON.

  6. Jason says:

    We’re a late starting team. I mean like two out bottom of the ninth ralley’s. It just seams like tournament time we just run out of time early.

  7. Sue says:

    Hmmm, it kind of sounds like you guys just run out of steam. Are the beer tears happening before, during, or after the game? Maybe it’s overconfidence, but I think Eric is right that you need mental discipline. As long as you’re all having fun and win SOME along the way it’s better than not winning any!

  8. amberfireinus says:

    Jason – what a great post!

    Before I used to sing before a crowd “big pressure there” I used to tell myself that this is just a day, and my reward will be in living it.

    Meditation helps. I tend to play alot of music that lifts me before I do something stressful. It puts you in the right frame of mind. Instead of being focused on being nervous, you are focused on the feeling of the music. Maybe you all should have some great anthem “Guy style of course” and everyone sing along before the game. Put things into perspective.

  9. Jane says:

    This sounds like it could have been written by my husband and his hockey team. They can win with their eyes closed UNLESS it’s a tourney. Then they sulk like little boys. It’s good to know we’re not alone in this. It won’t be long until he can’t play anymore as his knee’s and ankles are wearing out. I won’t miss it to be honest. I feel it’s only a game and life will go on but he feels it’s the Stanley Cup or something!!!

  10. Ali says:

    Our beach volleyball team never wins anything. We have fun but it would really be nice to win just once!!! Count yourself lucky that you win at all Jason. Last summer we never won once!!!! We debated doing it again but had a lot of fun so we are. It gets you down though.

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