Walking with Dinosaurs (and Debt)

Has anyone seen the ads for this event in their home town or actually gone to the show?  It’s Walking with Dinosaurs-The Live Experience and it will be in my area starting this Wed. the 11th.  In April, my mother asked us kids (4 of us plus our kids) if we all wanted to go together since all the little ones are into dinosaurs (and my dad really wanted to go!).  We all said sure, so I hopped on the computer to look for tickets.  Yeah, I about fell over when I saw the price!!!!  Tickets range from $27.50 – $72.50 and that does NOT include the convenience charge ($8.15), building fee( $2), and tax(6.5% in MN not counting whatever the particular city charges).  So, when you add all that up the cheap tickets are around $35 per person for the nosebleed seats!  I told my mom that the kids wouldn’t have any fun way up there and I’m not sitting way up there to walk way down the stairs every time someone has to go potty!  She agreed and after more looking for lower level cheaper tickets (which there weren’t any) we looked at each other and said, “Guess not!”.

Does anyone else see a problem with the amount that shows are charging for tickets?  This is a show aimed at children and I can’t afford to bring them!  I did take my kids to Disney on Ice in March and the tickets were half as expensive for the better seats.  Nowadays, who can afford to do these kinds of things?  My kids would have LOVED to see those dinosaurs, but not at $140 for the tickets, gas money to get there, and food at some point during the trip.  I told them we would save that money for our family vacation this summer and do something fun because they were disappointed.  It’s like the big companies are forgetting that it’s the little guy that keeps them in business in the first place!  

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10 Responses to Walking with Dinosaurs (and Debt)

  1. Joy says:

    I find these prices very sad. Only because it’s directed at kids. It’s for them. For some people, this would be their whole paycheck for a week. All of these events seem to me to be getting so out of hand. Sporting events are also almost impossible to go to. Just the food alone at them is ridiculous. Then you add in gas and everything else to make it special and you think about it, it’s as much as a small vacation. I guess if you live closer it’s not as bad but the kids see these commercials and they want to go. Don’t you feel like a chump always having to say “we can’t afford it” to your kids? I just hated saying that.

    It leaves me to wonder, why is “this one” so outrages??

  2. Tosha says:

    There is no way I could afford those prices with all my kids then the gas to get there..

    Its sad that they are charging such a hefty fee now for kids seats!

  3. nikki says:

    I did hear that on the news and like you about fell over!! That’s insane to me. They are making it impossible to do much of anything these days. I know Christopher would have LOVED that and I am very sad for him and your Dad. lol I love your Dad, that’s so funny. I do think they forget who’s keeping them in business or they just don’t care. It will sell out because there are always people willing to pay such an outrageous amount which rise the price even more next time because there are ALWAYS people who will pay that! It’s very sad how that works.

  4. Sue says:

    You’re right Nikki, there is always someone willing (and who can afford) to pay.

  5. Jane says:

    I really wanted to go to this because my son LOVES dino’s. The problem was it wasn’t coming to Winnipeg. I live in MN but a LONG way from the Twin Cities so it would have had to been an overnight trip and add that extra $$$$ to the tickets. The money really isn’t a big problem for us since we are pretty much savers and don’t go out hardly at all where we spend money but it’s the animals we have to have taken care of.

    I have a problem with the “thought” of the money. I feel they are aiming something at a child and then the parents have to pay for it and then have to try and explain “we can’t afford it.” I know a lot of our friends spend money before they even have it, have problems like this but to me, it’s the principle of it. If it’s for children, this shouldn’t be allowed. I know professional athletes get paid high sums of money so I can kind of see where the money goes but for this??? Why the sky high prices? Where does that money go?

  6. nikki says:

    It’s not going to Canada because there still in the stone ages, They still have dinosaurs. I’d better say I’m kidding because people don’t get my odd humor when it’s typed. But I don’t care who ya are that was funny. You can’t go anywhere without taking out a loan. We live 45 miles from the T.C.(twin cities) for you guys north of the border). Sue lives 65. Do the math with gas prices. Don’t forget most people with family’s aren’t sporting the hybrids. You have to leave the minute you get home to beat traffic down there and head straight home when it’s over to get a good nights sleep. So that means dinner on the road. After all those prices you have to pay 150$ just to walk through the door. Then snacks and memorabilia, you have to call mom for money so you can get your kid something he/she will never forget. Look at your local baseball,football,hockey prices and tell me it’s not that expensive.

  7. nikki says:

    Apparently I didn’t log back in…….I do have to admit thats the best I’ve ever looked…………jason

  8. Joy says:

    Jason, you are such a ding-a-ling!!!!

  9. woowooteacup says:

    Welcome to the world of “blockbuster” shows. This has actually become a serious discussion in the museum community. Museums and other venues are bringing in popular, big-time (i.e. “blockbuster”) shows in order to guarantee revenue. It is also cheaper for museums to bring in pre-built exhibits, rather than pay to build them in-house.

    At the museum where I work, we have actively fought to keep our admission free for the same reason many of you have discussed here – it’s too expensive for families to walk through the door if there is any kind of admission fee. The families that can least afford to come to a museum are the very ones that need the opportunity for free cultural activities.

    What’s happened in the museum community, however, is that we are being told to act more like businesses because we’re supposed to get off the public dime (not that all of us have budgets covered by public money). Thus, you see the blockbusters. The King Tut show that was in the U.S. a few years ago was one such example. Some people suggested that going to the Tut exhibit was cheaper than going to Egypt, but, if I remember correctly, I think the cheap tickets for the show were $75. People who can’t afford $75 per ticket haven’t even considered going to Egypt, so I think this argument is senseless.

    My suggestion – and I admit I’m biased – is to support your local museums and attractions and events as much as you can so that they can keep their cover charges low. That’s the only way to combat the blockbuster mentality.

  10. woowooteacup says:

    Oops. A winking smiley showed up in my comment that I didn’t intend. Sorry.

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