Does anyone buy CD’s anymore?

Do you buy CD’s anymore?  I really want to say “albums” but I know they are long gone so CD’s will have to do.  The reason I ask this is I’ve been guilty lately of just buying a song.  If I’m not familiar with an artist, I’ll just go to and buy the song I like.  If it’s a musician that I like, I buy the CD and would never buy just one song, but someone I don’t know well, I will just buy that song.

I recently bought two CD’s and liked other songs more than the song I bought it for.  It’s so sad to me that anyone would miss hearing those songs if they’d only bought the song they originally liked.

I can remember when I was a kid and I’d get my allowance and I’d run to Woolworth’s to buy my latest “favorite” 45, which for those of you who don’t know what they are, were small records with one song on each side.  Sometimes the flip side to the record, I liked more than the one I bought it for. 

I feel sad for today’s musicians as well younger people who don’t listen to anything but what they hear on the radio and skip fast forward to only that one song.  I could name many instances where I liked songs that were never even on the radio and had I not gotten the “album,” I’d have missed out on some of my favorite songs.  One in particular is Carly Simon’s “No Secrets.”  The Carter Family is one of my all time favorite songs and I’ve never once heard it anywhere but on my stereo.

Does anyone else feel this way or given this any thought?  Does anyone buy whole CD’s anymore??

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10 Responses to Does anyone buy CD’s anymore?

  1. darryl says:

    I haven’t bought a whole CD in years. I buy one song at a time but they have the whole CD in most cases and you can sample songs. Its funny I have about 100 lp’s in my basement that have been there for 20 years and before that they were in my Dads basement I just cant throw them away even though I have nothing to play them on.

  2. nikki says:

    We probably have about 500 CD’s. Most Jason had before I came along. We rarely buy them now. I bought Jason one for Christmas and he doesn’t listen to it anymore. But if we ever want to hear a song or if one of our friends is looking for a certain song or CD we probably have it.

  3. j$ says:

    bailey goes through them now more then I do. And he has excellent taste……………..

  4. Amber says:

    No, I haven’t bought a CD in about 4 years or so…….

    I d/l music. Interesting how this process has evolved.

  5. Sue says:

    I bought a CD for my mother for Mother’s Day, but that was the first one in a year I think. The artists I really like I will buy their CD, but otherwise it’s one song here and there.

  6. spillay says:

    I hardly even listen to music anymore. Sad isn’t it! The only time I have music on is when I am in the car driving my kids from here to there. Even when I am at home alone I cannot have music in the background,… it almost interferes with my thinking (which is opposite to when I was a teenager,… I couldn’t think unless I had music in the background!!!)

  7. Jane says:

    Yes, I do buy CD’s. I remember playing those little 45’s of my mom’s on this little tiny record player. It was so fun. I haven’t used my computer for downloading songs yet. I listen to music while I do my chores and CD’s are easy. Call me a dinosaur but I don’t have an iPod yet. I’m afraid if I had one of those I wouldn’t hear anything else.

    Darryl, my mom had a bunch of albums too and can’t seem to get rid of them either. LOL!! She never plays them either.

  8. Tosha says:

    I havent bought a cd in years. I do download the songs i want off the net

  9. Ali says:

    I think I’m like you. If I know and like an artist, I’ll buy the CD without even hearing it but if I just like a song and it’s someone new, I’ll just buy the song.

  10. Tim says:

    I used to work in the music press and had millions of albums, 12-inch singles, 7-inch singles (every colour of the rainbow), tapes… Moving house, changing life, these went to the yard sale in the sky – along with most of the CDs. It was a wonderful release! Now, I have hundreds of favourite tracks on iTunes and my eldest son, has more than 4,000 – music from everywhere. Feels like freedom to me! We buy albums online, single tracks – whatever’s best. Thanks for the post.

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