Small town gossip!!

Why is it that when you live in a small town, EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, thinks they know your business?  You know it usually gets started over something so small and explodes into something huge.  I don’t understand why or how these things get started.  The main thing you hear about is a neighbor is now sleeping with the other neighbor and they are both married or someone is pregnant and not with their husbands baby.

It drives me nuts!!  I will bump into people at the store or on the street and we stop and have a light conversation and carry on our way.  Well, don’t go back to town for the next couple of days because who knows what people will be saying about you.

An example-I went out for supper and a couple of drinks with a girlfriend and not my husband.  Well, we happened to go out to a social the next weekend and people were saying that we were on the rocks because I had gone out without him the weekend before!!

I just don’t understand.  Is it something that everyone does?  Do we all talk about people, and as time and the story gets told, it changes and changes???

This is the one thing I must say I HATE this about living in a small town.  Everyone thinks they know your business!!!  Does this kind of thing happen to anyone else???

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10 Responses to Small town gossip!!

  1. Amber says:

    Let me just tell you…. you are not alone. When my husband and I moved to the village where we lived in England, we were moving in and had most of the house professionally painted on the inside before moving in. The one exception was my husband’s tiny office which we thought we’d do ourselves.

    Well, we went into the village shop to get something to drink and to our shock we were greeted by name, and told that the paint looks great inside our house, and that if we need help finishing just to let them know!

    We went back to the house, to be greeted again by name by our new next door neighbor…. who had “heard” all about us. Everyone in the village knew our names and who we were. It was really really really unsettling!!!!

  2. Tosha says:

    I think its everywhere.. Small towns are almost all the same only the name changes.. It’s like that here too and alot of it starts from my MIL I think she knows everyone and everyone’s business..

  3. Joy says:

    I know where Lisa lives and know what she’s talking about. It is really bad there. I think some people just make things up to see what will happen and in some instances, it’s really harmful. For me now, it doesn’t happen. Maybe it does but I don’t go anywhere to hear it. We don’t hang anywhere in particular so if someone is talking about me, I don’t know it. I really feel it’s who (you hang with) and where you hang out. If you hang in bars, it will happen. It’s just what people who drink do, they talk about who’s not there. The only thing we do is bowl so if those people talk about each other or me, I really don’t hear it.

  4. Sue says:

    It happens where I live, but more so in your group of friends. Somebody heard something so they tell everyone else before they tell you and by then it’s too late to put a stop to them. If I hear something that I think sounds like crap I straight out ask the person what’s up b/c then even if everyone else wants to believe xyz I know what’s fact and what’s not.

  5. nikki says:

    I hate gossip, I hate gossip, I hate gossip!!!! Not just gossip but people take one fact and by the time it gets to the 3rd or 4th person it is so far from the fact it’s ridiculous! It’s drama and I can’t stand it and it’s not just for the girls anymore. I’ve found that guys do it also. They’ll tell a story and you’re like, that’s not how it happened and they say ” oh pretty much” that’s how it all starts. We try to rid those people from our life because it’s just plain stupid!!! I don’t have or want to have the time for that crap.

  6. SKL says:

    We moved to a small town when my oldest bro was 16. Over the years my siblings have married folks from in and around the small town. In-laws are the worst. I can’t even publish some of the things I’ve heard said about my own flesh and blood by their in-laws. Why? Why would you want people to think your son was marrying a . . . well, you know. Especially when it isn’t even true. It is hard when you know everyone in town has heard something so hurtful about you, and there’s really no way to do damage control, so you just hope everyone knows the in-law is just crazy or mean. I guess it has to be true love if you marry in spite of all that.

    As for me, I suppose people say things about my unusual living situation or the fact that I’m an “old maid” or whatever. I don’t care, because I don’t live there anymore and I have bigger things to think about.

  7. Jane says:

    I feel it’s “who” and “where” you hang out. We don’t even have a bar in our town but I find with other towns that have bars, gossip is the best form of entertainment and what I can live without. We have a very tight circle of friends and I’m like Sue, I’ll just ask whoever, what I heard and will hear the truth from the horses mouth. I don’t have time for this kind of stuff.

  8. shane says:

    Man I’m glad I don’t live in a Hick town. LOL

  9. Lily says:

    Boy oh Boy, or shall I say Woman to woman, because you know it’s mostly the ladies starting this stuff. I lived and was bread in good ol’ NY close to the city and now I live in the scarey land of Stretford (not sure if the spelling-please don’t pass it around) Wives Central.

    We moved to this clicky, masked town five years ago and I still am not used to it. I was shocked when I experienced my first “town gossip,” but honestly they act like grown teen agers, whispering when you say something. I know its to empower their own false confidence, and try to make me feel less than, hmm however, there transparent, disposition is obvious to me and anyone who has any sense. Of course it bothered me, it bothered me because at first, I felt like an outcast, I was lonely here and I missed my friends from home. I never had such a hard time making friends in my life, I am sorry, but I will never CONFORM. I like myself just the way I am, open, loving and a lot of fun! So, I have less friends, but now I have learned that when I get a look, or a whisper, it becomes about them, not me.

  10. Frank Daniel says:

    With small towns comes small minds. They are the same everywhere; the common denominator is ignorance. These people haven’t been exposed to the same educational, cultural or social issues that many urbanites have. People who live in the city and call it home are usually more refined, polished, educated, socially rounded than small town people ever will be. If you really want to see something humorous, watch a small town hick’s attitude toward “city folks” and vice versa. Small town people usually feel very inferior to anyone who presents a threat to them and anything that reveals their inadequacies, which is usually found in the city folks. Small town people will almost always sabotage newcomers if they feel threatened or worried that someone else is going to rob them of their own “big fish in a small sea” status. And it never happens immediately. In the beginning, small town people will do whatever they can to get close to newcomers, only to get their personal details, and after they learn that the newcomer is not on their same socioeconomical level, the rumors start. Small town people will do whatever it takes to keep each other down; that way, they make sure they don’t feel any more inadequate than they secretly do. That is really what it is about. Small town people LOVE power. That is the real issue.

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