The dreaded Mother In Law

Okay, so everything I’ve ever said about Jason being nice and sweet, just go ahead and throw that right out the window. He is just a big meanie!!

So last night we were out at the parents house and I was sitting in the living room and Joy called me into the kitchen. I get in there and Jason says to Joy, “you tell her” and Joy says, “no you tell her”. At this point I was just like, SOMEONE please tell me. Jason says to me, ” my Mom is moving to Canada.” My heart sunk! I think I was in a state of shock. I turned to her and asked, ” you are?” as my eyes welled up with tears. She said, “NO! I didn’t know he was going to say that!” At that point the tears finally poured out.  I don’t know if it was out of relief or anger for Jason being so cruel. Ya, he got few good smacks for that!!

The more I thought about it the more I realized how much we needed her in our lives. I do consider her my Mom. Don’t get me wrong I do love MY Mom, she’s my Mom but we’ve never had that mother-daughter close bond. Actually since she’s moved back to California we’ve gotten a little closer. She’s not here to nag me all the time, which I know a lot of mothers do. But Joy’s different. She doesn’t judge me, she doesn’t nag me about something not being in it’s proper place, she doesn’t tell me I have big thighs and she doesn’t mother my son. She grandmothers him and very well might I add. She’s not an overbearing mother.

I feel sorry for those people that have the “mother in law from hell”. I wish more people were lucky like me. Are you? I hope so! Oh I almost forgot, she was only going to tell me that they were buying us a grill for our birthday!!! I’m excited and thankful for that, but damn it, just thinking about what Jason did makes me want to go smack him again! Oh I’ll get him back!!!!


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22 Responses to The dreaded Mother In Law

  1. Amber says:

    I too have a wonderful mother in law. She never gives an opinion unless asked, she never judges, and she never ever butts her nose into anything.

    On top of that, I really enjoy her company and cherish the woman that she is. She is kind, and always generous with her things and her efforts. She is definitely someone to respect and admire. What else could a person ask for?

  2. SKL says:

    Well, I don’t have a mother-in-law, but I loved your post so much I just had to say so. Now, who picked out the photo – Nikki or Joy?

  3. Smilf says:

    You are very lucky to have this relationship with your mother in law! I am somewhere in between – I love my mother in law, but I don’t necessarily want to be around her for long periods of time. Fortunately my own mother is one of my best friends. : )

  4. j$ says:

    it’s a photo of grandma in a good mood

  5. Sue says:

    When Joy told me what Jason did, I thought it was the meanest thing! How could he even remotely think that was funny! My mouth is still hanging open when I think about it!

  6. Joy says:

    I picked the photo SKL.

  7. j$ says:

    I don’t care who ya are it was funny. Both of them got to see the honest reaction to “what if”

  8. Joy says:

    Jason, I didn’t see the humor in this that you apparently did. When I saw Nikki cry, it made me cry!!

    Anyway, I feel I had the best Mother in law. She never told me what to do unless I asked. She welcomed me with open arms into the family which was/is a pretty gregarious bunch. She taught me so many things that I needed to know in order to be a better wife and mother. She taught me to cook. She knew how to get every stain known to man, out. I felt “Mothering” wise, she taught me things that my own mother was to busy to teach me. My mom was always in such a hurry that trying to teach me anything, she’d end up throwing her hands in the air saying “I’ll do it myself.” Kate was so patient. AND, she laughed “with me” at the mistakes I made in the beginning.

    There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t still miss her and wish she were here to see the little ones.

  9. Tosha says:

    My husbands Mom died from cancer when Taylor was a year old. It was hard. She was a good MIL.. Dh’s step mom on the other hand is still around. She is.. Well she is.. Okay she isnt a BAD Mil.. She isnt an Evil MIL from hell.. She just doesnt think she is my MIL.. When introduced to people she knows.. She introduces me as her husband’s son’s wife. She also does not call my kids her grand kids. She says they are her husbands grand kids. She is a very giving person but she is also really strange. She is still stuck in the days where women waited on men hand and foot and didnt have a voice or opinion. I on the other hand am VERY different from that and we clash because of it. We talk on the phone alot and we go places together sometimes but she isnt anything like a MIL. I wouldn’t even consider her a real friend. I do consider her my kids grandmother even if she doesnt. Because I know one thing for sure. SHe loves my kids. I know she does. I can tell. Now my FIL on the other hand.. He hates me for everything i’m worth and the feeling is mutual..

  10. nikki says:

    You sound just like Kate, Joy. Oh I’ve made my share of “was I even thinking” mistakes and you laugh, you don’t get mad. I think the biggest thing you’ve taught me is to love unconditionally. I think Bailey will thank you someday when he’s older when he realizes that I could have been a VERY different kind of mother. Because of you I’m affectionate and I’m here and that’s the most important thing…I’m here for him always no matter what! And yes Sue he is so mean. Can you even believe that someone would even think of saying something so cruel???!!! Yea I guess he made our real feelings come out, but I think we both know how we feel about each other right Joy? We didn’t need him to do that!!

  11. Tosha says:

    OH yeah.. my MIL really is strange.. I forgot to add she goes through our trash! How messed up is that?

  12. kweenmama says:

    I think this is a wonderful tribute to Joy! Just from what I read on this blog I can tell she would be a great mother in law, mother, grandmother, friend, daughter, sister,–shall I continue?

    It says alot about you, Joy, to have your daughter in law write such a post!

  13. Joy says:

    Thanks Kween. Both of my daughter in laws are great. I’ve known them both so long and they are a part of me.

  14. nikki says:

    Thanks Joy I’m crying again:(

  15. j$ says:

    hey your sons found them……..

  16. darryl says:

    I dont have a mother in law so I will blow some more sunshine Joys way. Joy is a great sister we are almost like best friends we get along great and we can talk about anything. There was a time for many years we didnt even talk when she decided to move out of the country but things are great now. 🙂

  17. Sue says:

    Technically, I found Toby b/c if I’d a waited for him to ask me to a party it would NEVER have happened! I love Joy very much and she does so many things for us and I truly appreciate all of them. I get along with my mother, but I can tell Joy anything.

  18. BOTB says:

    I’m jealous! I have the MIL from hell and I wish she was like yours. Things are better between us than they used to be, but … ya she stills sucks

  19. Jason says:

    technically how long did toby watch you at the bus stop. I remember eric and I bringing you xmas cookies just so I could see the hot girl from the bus stop. technically speaking!!!!

  20. Sue says:

    Toby may have watched me at the bus stop, but I was the one who invited him to the party! I was the one who spoke first! You may have brought me cookies, but Toby was no where to be found, was he?? I’m surprised he didn’t drag you along to the party for being as scared as he was! And if we want to get really technical, I guess we better give credit to my grandpa b/c he’s the one that met all of you first and told me about the “neighbor boy” and to George because he told you about the “girls down the road” and always gave Toby crap. At least that’s what your mom says!!! And who could tell I was a hot girl (did everyone see that Jason called me hot??) when they’re driving by at 55mph during winter in MN?? Oh wait, I did go running an awful lot…..I ran 4 miles one day just so I could keep going by their house!!!!

  21. Jason says:

    Once again we’ll have to agree to disagree. just know I’m right

  22. Sue says:

    Had I not invited him to the party, there would have been no “finding” of anyone. I agree to disagree b/c I’m right:)

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