Kids Korner

Would you rather see a movie at the theater or at home?

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5 Responses to Kids Korner

  1. Amber says:

    I am lucky to have a home theatre. So Im beginning to like staying home and watching on my own screen rather than hassle going out. Plus dang its expensive these days… I don’t know how young families cope!

  2. Definitely at home cause at least then you can choose who watches with you – the theatre’s here are always filled with people who are allergic to soap and water and prefer their own pungent BO. Sorry for the details, I know its quite bad.

  3. nikki says:

    Bailey says at home because it doesn’t cost anything and he can stop it if he has to go pee.

    I normally like to stay home but there are a few that you just have to see on the mega screen.

  4. Sue says:

    Trinity likes to go to the theater because of the snacks! I like the theater b/c the sound is better, but it’s nice to stay home and sit in my pj’s eating popcorn.

  5. Joy says:

    I hate movie theaters more than I can even get into. I think they are germ ridden places. You don’t know who sat there last or what they did in that seat. Then you smell some stinky perfume that someone thought smelled so good that they added “a bit more!” I always end up behind someone tall or in front of someone who wants to talk the whole way through.

    Give me my pj’s and my own popcorn in my own house any day of the week. The only way I’ll go to a theater is if I can’t wait to see the movie. The last one I saw was the Da Vinci Code.

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