Question of the day

Would you go sky-diving?

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16 Responses to Question of the day

  1. SKL says:

    I would if I were younger. Not sure now. Everything hurts so much just from standing or walking or sitting too long or even sleeping with my head to one side or the other. I do love rock climbing and such, but the older I get, the more I’m mindful of what would happen if I fell. Especially now that I have kids. Good thing I went to Macchupicchu last summer – I wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun if I actually had to worry what would happen if I fell off the mountain.

    Then again, old President Bush did it when he was like twice my age, so what is my real excuse? Hell, maybe when my kids are older we’ll all do it together.

  2. SanityFound says:

    Ooooo yers yers! It is something I have always wanted to do but doubt I will ever. I really enjoyed hang gliding in Brazil, jumping off a cliff, gorgeous hunk next to me, flying through the air soaring like an eagle… ah the freedom! Maybe back then I just had a death wish? I love flying, anything to do with that is up my ally lol

  3. Joy says:

    Not in a million years. It would be pretty hard to jump out of a plane if I won’t get in one!!

  4. Tessa & Eric says:

    Yes!! We have both talked about doing it! I’m like, I’ll see after we get there, and Eric is all for it in a heartbeat! Eric says,” LOL” to Joy’s comment. So true Joy! Eric has a 10 HOUR flight ahead of him Thursday!

    Jumping out of a plane would sure be a great adrenaline rush! I like to watch others first!

  5. Joy says:

    We miss you guys on here. Let us know when you get there Eric so we know your safe.

  6. Just a Mom says:

    The only way I would go sky diving is if the plane was going down!

  7. Joy says:

    LOL Just a mom!!!

  8. Amber says:

    Im sorry Im gonna be unpopular I think. But… I think if you have small children who you are responsible for, you have no business doing things that will endanger your health… like skydiving, or hanggliding.

    Personally… Yucky.. no thanks anyway.

  9. SanityFound says:

    Come on guys its more dangerous to drive a car or drink Stroh Rum!

  10. Joy says:

    I’m afraid to fly ISF. I did it when I was younger but I’m not sure there is any reason that could make me do it now.

  11. SanityFound says:

    Oks it makes sense, getting on a plane is bad enough never mind jumping out of one… A reason? Visit Afreaka dahlink, my home is your home!

  12. Mary says:

    Not on your life. Not on my life. My dad told me a story about how he was planning to sky-dive and the day he went to the field, someone dropped out of the plane and didn’t deploy his chute. He hit the ground and bounced. Obviously, he didn’t make it. No sir, no how. Sky-diving is not for me. (My dad didn’t go after seeing that.)

    My husband, on the other hand, would love to go, but I made a deal with him. I told him he could have a motorcycle if he promised not to ever go sky-diving. He took me up on it and he’s very much enjoying that motorcycle. (So am I!)

  13. paul says:

    NO WAY I don’t even like to climb a latter.

  14. Sue says:

    Um, I would like to to say I have, but I probably never will!!! I’ve seen 2 different videos of friends who have gone and it looks amazing! Something about jumping out of a plane doesn’t seem right though!

  15. nikki says:

    I get a panic attack just thinking about it!!! There’s no way in hell you’d get me to do that!!

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