Dying your hair!!!

Have you ever been so excited to get a new hair color, only to have it not turn out like the box?  I do this every time.  I feel like I need a change so I go out and buy a box or two of hair dye.  I think I’m being realistic in how it will turn out being that it’s coming out of a box for under $9.99.  I know it won’t be like at the salon, but still, I buy my box on Monday night-get home, do my regular things, put the kids to bed…and slap on the dye.

Well, it says to keep it in for 10 minutes.  The color is mocha/sable—–7 minutes have passed and my oldest walks upstairs, looks at me in horror and says “MOM go wash your hair NOW, I don’t think it’s right.”  I look in the mirror and have the same horror as her, OH MY GOD, it’s BLACK!!!”

I rinsed for about an hour with no change in the color.  I tried everything to get it to lighten up aside from buying another box to dye it again!

So, oh well, I will live with it till I get the urge again and buy another box and go through the same thing again.  I think I’ve been doing this for 15 years now.  I even had it turn a shade of green once.  Oh well, my kids get a laugh I guess.

So my question to you is have you ever dyed your hair only to have it not turn out anywhere near what the box said?  Am I just being unrealistic?  I just can’t justify spending all that at a salon.  $75-$100!!  What about you???

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15 Responses to Dying your hair!!!

  1. mylucidkarma says:

    My Mom was Kermit once. She colored and then shampooed with Herbal Essence, I was about 4 and I’ll never forget it. When Dad came home it was even better. Fun day, that’s for sure.

    Mine smoked once. Had well water and a girlfriend wanted to highlight for me instead of me paying the salon. Cap and brain picker… got through the agony of her pulling the hair through and about 5 minutes after the chemical was on we saw smoke. Thought all my hair was breaking off and I would be Telly Savalas but it was the iron in my well water reacting with the chemical… I did walk away from the whole incident with hair. My God did we laugh when we saw smoke signals.

    I took the leap Friday for a Salon coloring. Foils actually. She asked what colors I wanted and I told her to have at. She did a great job, I still went to work in my ponytail this morning… and the salon can’t even compare to a hair coloring session with a friend. But the gal from the salon was great and picked colors I never would have, but will definitely have again. And no I can’t justify the expense, but it had been I’ll bet ya 1o years since I colored so I looked the other way as I slid the card 🙂

  2. SKL says:

    I don’t color my hair. Hopefully I’ll be like my mom and still have mostly dark hair in my “golden” years. Or I will have a cool silver stripe to scare people with. I am pretty scared of coloring my hair – the idea that nobody will recognize me because they’ve never seen anything but dishwater blond on my head.

  3. shane says:

    I don’t want to admit this but I will. I dyed my hair once, tried to look like slim shady LOL. And my hair is so dark that in order to get it blonde I had to leave the crap in for 3 times as long as it said on the box. Burned my scalp, dried out my hair and looked orange not blonde. “all the guys at work gave me crap and I’ll probably never do it again”

  4. SKL says:

    Heh heh, I had an ex-boss who colored his hair for a job interview. (Just to look younger, as he was becoming salt-and-pepper.) He told me in an intimidating way that I had better never tell anyone. So who all wants his name??

    He did get the job, by the way.

  5. Sue says:

    I’ve only done a dye job from a box once! I was in college and my roommate did it. Thankfully, it turned out. I’ve had my hair highlighted b/4 and every time I do it I wonder why I did it b/c I hate having to keep up with it!

  6. K. Trainor says:

    Giiiiirl have I got a story for YOU! The day before standing up in my sister’s wedding, I used BROWN hair dye and accidentally dyed it jet black. Impossible in nature black. Morticia Addams black. It was awful.

    So I went to the store and bought a color remover. Silly me, I thought it would remove the color and leave me with my natural salt and pepper brown.

    Not so much.

    It turned me CALICO. I had big splotches of jet black, natural brown, blonde and Lindsay Lohan red. I looked like a stray cat bawling its eyes out.

    Called a real hairdresser and sobbed on the phone. “I’m standing up in a wedding TOMORROW. Please help me!” She did, bless her heart, using several shades of dye and staying way after the shop closed. It looked awesome for the wedding!

    Within days it began breaking off in gobs. (Which was my own fault, and certainly nothing she could control.) I cut it all off and waited for that mess to grow out again.

    So you see…an ‘off’ color might just be worth keeping awhile. lol!

  7. Smilf says:

    HA! Thankfully I have never had to color my hair yet. My mom had to start dying when she was pretty young though for grays so I’m sure that will happen to me too. I can tell you though that I will suck it up and pay for the salon when I do because I have horrible luck with stuff. I’m sure I would turn out looking like a complete freak if I tried to do it myself. : )

  8. Tosha says:

    I’ve had my hair many many many different colors.. black is hell to get rid of once you dye it that color.. rarely does it turn out like the box.. but yet i keep dying it

  9. Joy says:

    Lisa, did you write this for me?? You bad girl!! She knows me and my hair to well!! I have had the “have another wine cooler and keep adding sun in” days. I’ve tried “frosting” my own hair and having gray hair in my 20’s!!! I will NEVER, EVER, do it myself. My hair means to much to me and I have done the whole box route. They don’t work and if you have any kind of bad luck, it will show up in this way!! It will turn your “crowning glory” into an ugly mess.

    I highlight my hair to hide the gray. I really don’t have that much but if I go without, it really shows. I tried that this past winter and so every 3 months I get my hair foiled at a salon. That’s it. I love my hairdresser and she’s quick and we shoot the breeze while she does it.

    To me, it’s worth the money because I’m not the type to walk around with hair that I hate. I wouldn’t go anywhere. Yes, it’s $100 bucks. We spend that on a dinner out so why is it unreasonable to spend money on your hair if it makes you feel better but you’d spend that kind of money on a dinner that’s over in an hour or so?? I don’t get it. I have my hair every day.

  10. nikki says:

    Oh yes Lisa I’ve had my hair turn black once ( supposed to be dark brown) not cool. I looked like one of those gothic chicks!! Horrible!!! I have a issue with my hair right now, stay tuned for my next post!!!!!

  11. SanityFound says:

    Joy… you gray? *shocked* I am to but don’t go telling anyone. Americans seem to pay a fortune, it’s a mere $15 here and that is with fancy squiggles and stuff (its Africa)

  12. Jennifer says:

    Pre-kids I used to all the time. Post kids I do it about once a year and I actually splurge because why not when it’s once a year?

    My husband got pretty good and coloring my hair with the home kits. He’d done it so many times.

    The best was when I was hanging out with a boyfriend’s sister, she was dying her dark hair red and had some color left over so I figured I’d put it on, why not. Except, I’m blond, so I ended up with extreme red hair. Soooo…what’s a girl to do but make it look like I did it on purpose…I went to the salon and had them cut it super short and spiky and in the end it looked fantastic! I had so many compliments, and so many men hit on me for my ‘mistake.’

    I could never duplicate it again though, even in trying….just a fluke…

    I did discover in high school though that Kool-aid (cherry-unsweetened or else you have a REAL mess) will turn my hair a beautiful strawberry blond. I put it in for Halloween wanting scary blood red hair and ended up with a beautiful color, almost the color of my daughter’s hair now. I had lots of compliments on that one too…I wish it lasted more than a day!

  13. Amber says:

    One of the best things to do is break down go get your hair done “fixed” to the right color professionally then ask them the products they use on their hair. Do not use the boxes from the grocery store. They ruin your hair. Go to the beauty supply instead and get color there. Its cheaper, the color looks more natural and its better for your hair. You’ll also be able to match what the hairdresser does. 🙂 Thats what I do.

  14. Candi says:

    Never Died It, too much money, in the shop. Anyone know how to do highlights, love to change it soon!!!!!!!

  15. joanharvest says:

    When I was younger I used to dye my hair blond. My natural color is brown. I was dating my husband to be and I was going to his Uncle’s house for the family Thanksgiving. The night before I dyed my hair and it turned green, a sickly grayish green. Someone went to the store for me and I dyed it again. It was better but I still had some greenish highlights when I went to dinner. I was mortified.

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