Question of the Day

Do you have satellite, cable, or nothing at all for your TV?

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21 Responses to Question of the Day

  1. SKL says:

    We have cable, but I don’t watch it. I would be fine with no TV – as long as I have the Internet!

  2. Amber says:

    Oh we have satellite. We are having HBO added in September for True Blood to start YAY!!!!

  3. shane says:

    We have a dish and I couldn’t live without it. How else would I watch the Wild or the Twins. Basic tv only shows 1 game a week!

  4. Tosha says:

    we have cable.. i dont’ watch it.. I hate the tv!

  5. darryl says:

    What on earth is this guy talking about?

  6. nikki says:

    I was wondering the same thing Darryl! LOL. We have satellite, best feature DVR!!! So many good shows and movies we’d miss b/c we’re never home in the evenings. I’m making this weekend a movie weekend!!! It’s going to be 90′ and it’s the first weekend we have NOTHING to do. Looking forward to some R&R!!!

  7. Satellite. DVR rocks. Best invention since penicillin.

  8. SanityFound says:

    What is TV? Satellite??? *gobsmacked at these strange words*

    One day when I am big I will have one me thinks, till then no.

  9. Joy says:

    Darryl and Nikki, that guy comes in and leave those dumb messages every day. I don’t know how to set it so he can’t. It looks to me like I can’t just block one person so I’ve just been deleting them when I get up. I’ll check more into it today. The only other thing I could do is moderate “all” comments and I hate to do that so I’ve just been deleting him everyday. Sanity may know. I’ll ask her today.

  10. SanityFound says:

    Joy in comments section click unapprove or click through into the edit section of the comment then once there unapprove and mark him as spam – I have had to do this to

  11. Just a Mom says:

    We have Satellite but I don’t know why really. The kids watch the disney channel and other than sports that is all we use it for. If we ever need to cut something out of the budget the satellite will be the first to go!

  12. Joy says:

    That’s what I have been doing but I was hoping I could have all his comments go there. No way to do that is there??

  13. We have cable only; we have been on kind of a television diet recently; haven’t turned it on much in weeks. We have been reading and talking instead…… the lost art form that it is……. seriously, though, I do enjoy Mad Men on AMC, and that premiers again for the new season this SUnday night, so I might at least be turning it on then….

    For me, a tv diet is a BIG deal, because I have watched a lot of tv in the past. I just don’t feel much interested anymore…

    Not that that’s a BAD thing…..

  14. Joy says:

    We have a satellite dish because we live in the middle of nowhere with no cable available. Or I’d just have that. If we didn’t have the dish, we’d only maybe be able to get two channels clear. It drove us nuts when we first moved here. The main reason we got the dish was because there was a Vikings/Packers game on and we weren’t going to be able to see it and HERE, that’s a HUGE deal!!

    I don’t like TV per say but I like “shows.” For example, if nothing is on that I want to watch, the TV is off. Right now I have no TV or radio on. I do enjoy the silence. I won’t flip around to “find” something. If there’s nothing on that I watch, off the TV goes. My husband has to have it on so it’s on all night long and all weekend long so I enjoy it off during the day except for a few shows I watch.

  15. SanityFound says:

    so even though he is spam he keeps on coming back? then would report him to wordpress team – let me know and will get the deets for you no sweat!

  16. Jane says:

    We also don’t get reception and got a dish a few weeks ago. I’m not a huge fan of TV but we had to give in. There’s just not enough to do all winter long in northern MN. I also have my computer and phone strung up to it though I don’t know any of the specifics. Someoe else did it for us. I love being able to be online as much as I want to.

  17. SKL says:

    We used to have a dish (actually it is still on our garage roof), to get a few foreign-language channels. But we hardly ever used it, so it ended up being a huge waste of money.

  18. Jennifer says:

    We have no cable, no satellite. 🙂 I feel like a weirdo. We did have cable, but about a year ago when trimming the budget we cut it out. We also realized that most often the tv was tuned into Noggin for the kids and rarely to anything for us. We still have our tv, it’s also about 15 years old. We subscribe to Netflix and watch DVDs instead. We also watch episodes of our favorite shows, like Lost, the next day online for FREE…so I’m not sure I could ever go back to paying for tv again.

  19. Sue says:

    We have the dish, but it’s ancient and we really need an upgrade. Don’t want to pay for it though!!!

  20. Heather C. says:

    Just a couple of TV’s and a DVD player. No dish or cable. The kids were watching far too much crap and I couldn’t deal with the invasion of the Disney Channel.

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