Farve, could it be, can he be ours??

Brett Farve
Brett Farve
Us in Vikingland are on pins and needles today. Some of us would like this rumor to be true while others scoff and say “What, he’s a packer?!” But, who wouldn’t want this man as CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP?? Just who??? I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  We hope and wish and have high hopes every year for the coveted Superbowl only to be let down year after year. So what’s the harm of a little hope??? Stay tuned. The drama with Brett Farve never ends. Let’s hope the drama ends here with him wearing our purple and gold.










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22 Responses to Farve, could it be, can he be ours??

  1. darryl says:

    I think it would awesome

  2. nikki says:

    I love that man!! What else is there to say???

  3. Joy says:

    Me too Nikki. I always have but god forbid I ever said it out loud!!!

  4. SanityFound says:

    Men wearing purple???

  5. Joy says:

    Oh Sanity, you don’t know the half of it!! LOL!! I’ll have to send you a pic of us on game day!!!!

  6. SanityFound says:

    OMG You ALL wear purple??? ooo send I have to see this!
    Ah luckily you are safe for I have chimped you already though I have a new victim rofl

  7. SanityFound says:

    On a serious note is this American Football? Trying to gage by the helmet etc
    If all American Football players are as gorgarse as the one up there then I also want a football top, dang *phew*

  8. Jane says:

    We are probably counting our chickens before they’re hatched but last night we had a Vikings/Farve party. The dish is brand new and what else was on ESPN??? So we toasted “what might be” even though it may be not. It would be so great to have him here. What fun would opening at Lambeau be with that?? My husband can’t think of anything else!! It would be the ultimate revenge.

  9. nikki says:

    The best is when Toby would wear his purple cape and horns…yes this was when he was an adult!! Nothing beats being out at the house with all the family during a Vikings. Hopefully we’ll be able to out there more this year.

  10. SKL says:

    I haven’t had time to keep up with football for a long time.

    But, I just thought I’d mention I’ve been a Browns fan since I was a kid. I used to be crazy about football until some things happened a while back . . . fired our homegrown, MVP quarterback, moved the team to another city, etc . . . and I am still hoping every year that the Browns will have a great season, maybe someday really go all the way. So I can relate to the excitement, hopes, disappointments, and coming back the next year to hope even harder.

    Good luck to all football fans over there!

  11. Joy says:

    I have a photo with Toby in that “horn hat” with cape. Should I put it in here?? LOL!!! I have to ask him first.

  12. Tosha says:

    There is just no telling when it comes to Farve! He is as iffy as the day is long!

  13. Joy says:

    Tosha, how are you weathering the hurricane?? I’m glad to see you, I was worried.

  14. nikki says:

    Oh for sure you should put it in. LOL!!! Nothing beats that!!

  15. shane says:

    He’s one of the best quarterback’s of all time “no doubt” but what would we have to give up to get him and how many miles does he have left. If it got us to the superbowl I probably wouldn’t care. I guess my answer is YES I would like to see Favre in purple!!!!

  16. Tosha says:

    We are being hit by the outer bands of the storm right now.. Its going to hit closer to me than originally thought.. The outer bands woke me up from a dead sleep about 30 minutes ago.. So its “began”.. Its just weathering it out now.. Its going to come on shore as a really strong tropical storm or a cat 1 hurricane between 6-9 am they say..

  17. I hope your dearest wishes are fulfilled!

    That said, I am a bit tired of the whole superstar athlete prima donna drama… “Okay everyone… start crying, I’m going to retire!” Several months later… “Wait, did I say that out loud?”

    Does one’s word mean nothing anymore? :/

  18. Just a Mom says:

    I like Farve but I think he needs to stay retired. So in that case I hope you guys get him! Your’s truly wearing silver & blue 🙂

  19. Jane says:

    Oh sad for us, it looks now like chances are slim to none he’ll come here. Drats!!

  20. nikki says:

    I know can you believe that!! I saw that at like 5:30 this morning as Jason was driving out of the driveway. I’m sure he’s heard by now though. I can’t picture him in a Jets uniform…weird!

  21. Tosha says:

    Me either!!!

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