Us Vikings Fans

I have gotten permission to show these so here they are.  Here’s Paul, Trinity and Toby leaving for a game one Sunday.  YES, they do leave home like this.

Here is what I look out to see most Sunday mornings.

Here’s Bailey

And Jason

And Nikki


Sue, Christopher, Trinity and Toby

Grandma and Christopher his first day home from hospital

And I had to add this final one of Christopher.  Could he be practising to take over daddy’s horns?? 

We love our team.  It’s okay if you laugh.  We laugh too.   We have lots of traditions and superstitions but I’ll save all that for later in the year.

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23 Responses to Us Vikings Fans

  1. SanityFound says:

    WOW OMG those horns are too much that is just brilliant… a purple cape? That is just excellent, I love that the whole family is so into these vikings even though it gets everyone in shiny purple!

    This is just brilliant thanks guys for sharing it is so nice to “meet” everyone! Does one say “Goooo vikings”???

  2. shane says:

    GOOOOOOO VIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PURPLE PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. darryl says:

    I like football but not like these guys.

  4. Just a Mom says:

    I love the pictures! We have a split loyalty in my house, my husband and the oldest daughter are Giant fans and my daughter and myself are Cowboy fans. We are also big baseball fans here as well!

  5. Joy says:

    Notice above, I’m the only one without a Vikings jersey?? The last time I had one was Randy Moss. Then I didn’t know who’s to get so I just didn’t get one. I have now, ready and waiting, Jared Allen.

    @Darryl, you just as nuts as we are. Who are you kidding?? Maybe not nuts about the Vikings but nuts just the same!!

    @Just A Mom, if we didn’t like the Vikings, we’d have to keep it to ourselves. I did love John Elway and Jim Kelly but since we didn’t play the Bronco’s or the Bills much, my family “let” me love them.

  6. nikki says:

    COWBOYS!!?? Get outta here!! J/K You think we’re nuts, a friend of ours doesn’t eat CHEESE on sundays!!!! How’s that for loyalty!! We for sure all bleed purple and gold!! GOOOOO VIKING!!!! Opps I guess I bleed pink now huh??!! Go Peterson!!!

  7. nikki says:

    We too are HUGE baseball fans in this house. We try not to miss a game. I like to look at Justin Morneau:) Go Twins!!!!

  8. Smilf says:

    These pictures are fantastic! LOL We get all done up for games as well, so don’t worry.

  9. Tosha says:

    Those are great pictures! Thanks for sharing.. I’m not big on football anymore.. I grew up being a big time cowboys fan but then Jimmy Johnson left the team and I havent been a fan of football since.. My house is all about boxing..

  10. kweenmama says:

    My ex-husband was a huge Vikings fan. Soooo, me–not so much. 😉 I grew up in a family of Cowboys fans.

  11. Joy says:

    How did we end up with all these Cowboy fans???

  12. Sue says:

    Let me just point out that most of the pictures are old!!!!! Jason, Nikki, and Bailey are all recent, but the others are a couple of years old! AND, I don’t have a jersey either, but it’s b/c I’m not allowed to have one!!!!! Every time I got one, the player either got injured, quit, or was traded so Toby decided I could no longer wear a jersey! I now have 4 jersey’s in my closet that are not current. Can’t throw them out though. I will have to look around for more recent pic’s…

  13. nikki says:

    Packers…love to hate. Cowboys…just hate! That’s what Jason would say if he were AWAKE!!! This is my life lately…Jason, work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep! I’m starting to not like this new job of his:( I’m sitting here watching him sleep & wondering why there are so many Cowboy fans in this world?? Like I have any room to talk my 2nd favorite team are the Raiders. Opps did I say that out loud?? I may be tossed out of the family now. Jason knows but I think he’s to embarrassed to let anyone know his wife is a Raiders fan. Come on I’m from California, it was either the Raiders or the 49er’s in my family and the 49er’s suck,lets be serious!

  14. Tosha says:

    Lets clarify!! EX Cowboy fan!!!!!!!

  15. Jane says:

    These are great pics Joy. Thanks a bunch for sharing them. We pretty much do stuff like too but I have to hand it to Toby, that cape beats all! Oh, and those horns are wonderful. LOL!!! You guys look like you have so much fun. Both my little ones had that infant hat too!! Oh, I’m sitting here laughing. I’m going to leave this page up so my husband and Dylan can see it. Thank you.

    Jason, who is 17? I can’t think of a 17 player.

    PS…Joy and Sue, want to see some of you in Vikings purple!! Nikki, you pass since that pink one is just beyond words!! CUTE!!!


  16. Amber says:

    You guys look amazing. What happy family photos. 🙂

  17. nikki says:

    Jason is #17!! It’s on his jersey, his shoes and his cleats!! Spoiled brat!! J/K We just have a great mom!! Yea the pink jersey came form her and Paul too!!! I was so damn excited when I opened that on Christmas…best present hands down!! It also came with cute lounge pants that are pink with white polka dots!!

  18. SanityFound says:

    Can someone please tell me if we managed to get that spy out on the golf course to take photos???

  19. joanharvest says:

    Somehow I missed this post. I love the photos. I love the horns. We are Patriots and Red Sox fans being from Massachusetts and all. My family is always decked out in a hoodie , hat, t-shirt or some kind of sports clothing. My daughter and the wasband are also Nascar fans. My wasband sells sports memorabilia for a living so sports is huge in our family. The wasband himself held the mile record in running when he was in college in the 70’s. He ran marathons too. Unfortunately I never got the sports bug and still can’t figure out how football works. Though I do understand Baseball more or less.

    I love the last photo especially.

  20. Joy says:

    San, I didn’t golf. I only take pics and drive the cart like a crazy fool!!

    Joan, I love Tom Brady but don’t tell anyone!!

  21. SanityFound says:

    *does pom pom dance* what a relief!

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