Scrutinized for being Real!!

Have you ever seen the show called Jon And Kate Plus 8?  It’s about a couple who have a set of twins and a set of sextuplets.  Now I’ve been watching this show since it started.  When the sextuplets were newborns.  The mother tries so hard to stay organized and sane but sometimes they lose it.  They argue, they bicker and they don’t always agree on everything.  Which makes the house even more chaotic.

But isn’t that normal?  Eight kids…six of whom are toddlers and going through normal 2 year old stages.  I’ve heard from different people that they argue to much and they don’t get along.  They obviously don’t watch the show regularly or they would see that those two love each other and are doing the best they can in an almost impossible situation.

So when does a reality show really mean REALITY?  They are being their true selves and not sugar coating anything or acting like it’s so easy.  They’ve been at their worst for the whole world to see yet being scrutinized for being what I think is real.

What normal person would be happy to go 24/7 under these circumstances?  I don’t know what they’re going through.  I only have one kid!!  As many kids as they have, they have surprisingly pulled it off at the end of the day.  Their kids are happy and healthy and that’s all that matters. 

I take in a lot of what they show and use it in my own daily life.  They could have said, okay, only show the good, the kids sitting quietly and behaving and only the good stuff but leave out the parts when we’re arguing about what shoes the kids should wear or who takes care of which kids the most.  That’s not “real-ity!!”

So do they deserve to be scrutinized for being real or should they be fake and pretend it’s all blue skies in a house full of chaos?  It’s refreshing to me to see that not every family is “white picket fence” perfect.  If you get a chance to see this show you really should sit and watch it.

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7 Responses to Scrutinized for being Real!!

  1. SKL says:

    I haven’t had a chance to watch this show, but I would love to. I come from a big family, so I know what “real” is – and it ain’t the “Brady Bunch” or “Eight is Enough” (which used to be on TV when we were kids). I am sure each and every person who got a glimpse of our home had some judgment about it, depending on what he saw – we were too messy, too loud, too numerous; my mom swore too much, screamed, and whacked us; my dad didn’t make enough money and got hen-pecked; my mom frequently suggested that my dad should go marry his gun; and I could go on all week. But if results prove anything, things weren’t that bad. So far, none of us has ever flunked in school, wound up in jail, had an unplanned pregnancy, gone on welfare, divorced, abused their children, etc. Each is family-oriented, checks in with Mom & Dad often, votes, pays taxes, and either owns or is in the process of buying a home. But that’s my biased view of things.

    What really opened my eyes about what I once thought of as my “dysfunctional” family was what an old neighbor lady told me. She was 40+ years my senior and lived near us for about 10 years, as our family grew from 3 to 6 kids. She didn’t have any kids of her own, but all the neighborhood kids practically lived at her house. Kids being how they are, she pretty much knew all of our deep dark secrets, but she tolerated us anyway. When I was in law school in the same city, I went to visit her. She commented that of all the families up and down the street, ours was the one that was full of love. She mentioned various other families who had fewer kids, more money, etc., but in her view, lacked the richness of love that she saw in my family. So yeah, my parents didn’t always pick the most PC words and Mrs. Cleaver voice to talk to each other, but the love was always there (and still is).

    Frankly, I think anyone who trashes Jon and Kate is probably jealous, because most of us would fear to take on such a daunting task. I guess it’s like calling a pro football player stupid – like we would have done so much better out there!

  2. Reality shows make me nervous. I don’t have a peeping Tom bone in my body, and though I know the people on the show have given their consent, I still feel like they wouldn’t have if they had known what they were going to look like on the tube.

    I also have issues with the idea of “reality” in a tv show. I see what you are saying about showing a balanced picture, but how “real” is anyone ever when they know they are being watched? Who knows what their life would be like if they weren’t a tv show. (Are any of the kids named Truman?)

  3. Joy says:

    I have never seen this show either. I couldn’t even tell you when it’s on. I’m not that big on shows like this though I have heard some not so nice things about this mother on other blogs. I like Survivor and I like Dancing With The Stars. They are pretty much the only ones I watch. I do watch Big Brother occasionally. There is nothing on TV this summer so it pretty much gives me something to do when Paul golf’s.

  4. nikki says:

    I think you’re right SKL, maybe they are just jealous. I could say some bad things about this mother too but whom am I to judge. Am I perfect? No, I just don’t put it all out there for the world to see. So in the end this is what they sign up for and they have to deal with the good and the bad from people. I just think the people who are saying bad things have probably watched the show once and feel like they need to judge. Maybe they need to take look at their own life. I am a fan of some reality shows, say it’s my age whatever, it keeps me entertained when there’s just nothing else to do that late at night.

  5. Jane says:

    I haven’t seen this show either. We just got our dish a few weeks ago so I’ll try and catch it sometime. Does anyone know when it’s on and on what network?

  6. nikki says:

    Monday nights at 9/8c On TLC. Check it out…

  7. Jane says:

    Thanks Nikki. I’ll try and check it out.

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