Can I fool him??

So I have to start this post out by saying this, for as long as I’ve been with Jason (10 years) he has always said he can’t be fooled when it comes to food. He thinks he has the best sense of smell and taste and he can tell when I change something, add something or forget something. He says he knows if he’ll like something just from the smell of it…and he smells everything!! He’s gotten a lot better about not being SO picky, I’ve even gotten him to eat zucchini (Joy can’t even believe that.) So this leads to my story about how I tried to fool him once again.

So I’m getting super ready and I pull out the pasta, the sauce, and all the pots. First of all Jason has to have Ragu traditional spaghetti sauce. I notice I bought him organic!! So I start contemplating on what to do. Do I just make something else? Do I not tell him and go ahead and make it and see if he really can always tell if it’s different? So I though what the heck, I’ll give it a shot. If there’s ever a chance where I might prove Jason wrong…I TAKE IT!!! I hurry up and pour the sauce into the pot and take the label off the jar, rinse the jar and take it out to the recycling can OUTSIDE!! I wasn’t leaving any evidence because with my luck he would see it and my sneaky plan would be ruined. I finish everything up and set the table and all that jazz and call everyone for dinner. I kept a straight face the whole time, which is hard for me! He makes his plate, 2 bites in he says, ” WHAT IS THIS???” Can you believe that?? I thought I’d get him. I say, ” well it’s Ragu, what’s wrong with it?” I kept it up for about thirty seconds but ended up telling him it was organic. Oh and Joy you’ll like this, he says, “I’ve been eating this for 30 years!!” Oh I died laughing!!

So I guess the moral of this story is you can’t bullshit a bullshitter!!

Is anyone else like this? I probably couldn’t tell you the difference in a lot of things. I did not taste a difference in the sauce. Have you ever tried tricking your kids or spouse into maybe eating something different for health reasons or simply by accident like I did?

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12 Responses to Can I fool him??

  1. SKL says:

    I am no cook, but I can taste. I always notice a change in ingredients – even if, for example, the spice is a little on the old side, or someone made a “recommended” substitution. Even if it’s not something I’ve had before, I might say, e.g., “this would taste great with __,” and the reply will be, “yeah, we usually make it with __.”

    My older daughter is like this too (one more way she’s my mirror image). For example, I give the girls mixed veggies, and there is one mixture that includes lima beans and red capsicum. It’s a great-tasting combination and my wee one is happy to eat all the lima beans and red capsicum that the rest of us don’t like. But each time, I will hide one small lima bean and a tiny piece of red capsicum in the elder’s bowl, just to see if she’ll eat them. But always, at some point in the meal, I see a little hand placing something light green on Sister’s plate, and a little piece of red pushed to the side of the bowl. She also separates her food if I mix it up – veggies over here, noodles over there, thank you very much. And corn – if it’s in mixture A, she loves it, but in mixture B, not so much.

  2. holeycheese says:

    I’m hiding a lots of vegetables(that they don’t like) in the food that they don’t know about since I strain it so well that you can’t see what it is. I make most of the food myself.. not buying ready mixes and sauces etc. So they are used to that the taste is every time a bit different. I wouldn’t even call it tricking..

  3. Joy says:

    I’m just glad I don’t have to feed Jason anymore. He’s awful. The thing that used to kill me was like with the Ragu. I would make homemade spaghetti sauce. From scratch mind you and he wouldn’t eat it. He just loved spaghetti. He had to have Plain old Ragu with nothing in it. So when I’d doctor it up, I had to make sure I took his out first. There were a few times I’d have “mushroom, or meat” sauce flavors and I’d strain it for him, he’d still know. Arrggghhhhhhhhhh! Another thing was macaroni and cheese. He loved the stuff in the box by Kraft but if I made it homemade, he wouldn’t touch it.

    I don’t “trick” on purpose though. I never did. I felt if someone didn’t like it, they could open a can of soup. If it was a mistake and I got caught, all I said was I tried.

    The more power to ya Nikki for having to feed him now!!! LMAO!!! This is a great post.

  4. nikki says:

    I just thank God Bailey has MY eating habits. He’ll eat most anything. I don’t have to hide anything in his food. When my mom would make spaghetti it was all served in the same pot, noodles, sauce and meat. Then I meet Jason…noodles separate from sauce and no meat. He’ll eat the occasional meat ball but not too often.

  5. Tosha says:

    Dh always drank whole milk.. I hate whole milk. It took me months to switch him from whole milk to 2%.

  6. Joy says:

    I don’t like whole milk either. It’s to thick!

  7. Jane says:

    I’m pretty lucky. We all pretty much like the same things. Husband will eat pretty much anything and if he doesn’t care for something he’ll eat it anyway and won’t complain. If he did, I’d tell him to make his own and so would have his mom so I think he knows better. I’m not sure I could deal with someone complaining about what I made. Hats off to you Nikki for dealing with it. I know there are plenty of others, I’ve heard the stories but I don’t have that problem. Many others but not this.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Nikki I’ll have to tell my husband that story! He always claims I’m a horribly fussy eater, but he’s obviously never compared me to Jason!

    I grew up not liking spaghetti sauce. I loved the pasta though. My mom always gave me the option of eating it with sauce or plain. I usually opted for plain, but as I became an adult I’ve learned to eat it with sauce based on the number of times I’ve had to in social situations. My mother still will put a bowl of plain noodles in front of me when we come over to visit and I’ll have to get up and add sauce to it. LOL!

    I think my hubby is fussy though….he loves grease and everything has to be meat based. It’s so hard to get him to eat a piece of fish or anything lower in fat or salt.

    I too grew up on whole milk. My Dr recently suggested moving down to skim but I can’t do it. It tastes like water to me. I want my milk to have substance. I have gone down to 2% but that’s as far as I can go.

  9. nikki says:

    Jane~ I BLAME HIS MOM!!!!!! LOL

    Jennifer~ 2% is as low we will go too. I can drink 1% it just taste watered down. Jason has come along way but still has a long way to go.

  10. SKL says:

    Long ago, I swore I’d never quit drinking whole milk. I eventually talked myself into it and gradually switched to skim. I find organic skim milk to be very tasty now, and guilt-free (I drink at least 16oz per day, sometimes much more). I find it hard to drink whole milk now, though I can force myself to if need be.

    Oh, and I should clarify I’m not a “very picky” eater. I just know when something is different or could be better. Doesn’t mean I complain or won’t eat it. Though there are some things I could not force myself to swallow . . . .

    My grad school roommate once hosted a visitor from a traditional foreign country. Since she worked in the mornings, I initially had the job of making sure he had breakfast. Well, normally that would mean “the cereals are in this cupboard and the milk is in the fridge,” but I made the mistake of saying “what would you like for breakfast?” So he said he’d be fine with some eggs and bacon and toast. I’m like, here’s the pan, [blank stare back at me] uh, you want me to cook it? So he’s like, duh – how else am I gonna eat it? OK, so I nicely cook it up the way we used to make it back home, and he bites into the bacon and snorts, “what is this??” I’m like, is there something wrong? “Yeah, it’s too hard!” (Apparently they eat bacon just slightly warmed over there.) At this point, if I wasn’t a shy person, I’d be saying something I’d regret later. Instead, I just said something like, oh well, there’s the pan, if you want to make it the way you like it. Which he didn’t – I mean, excuse me, I’m a MAN – how dare you suggest I touch a pan? It was not a good morning for me. After that, I informed my roommate that she needed to arrange his breakfast before leaving, or he could just starve. Despite having a dad and three brothers, that was my first experience with being treated like a slave in my own home. So yeah, I don’t think I’d put up with complaints about my cooking on an ongoing basis. Comments, questions, fine, but not complaints. Grr.

  11. Joy says:

    Nikki!!! Toby isn’t like this and I did the same thing! He has always been this way. LMAO!!

    2% is as low as I can go also. I love milk but I’m not sure I could ever adjust to whole.

  12. Nikki says:

    I know really he blames you!! He’s gotten better so there is still hope:)

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