Sunday’s chuckle

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9 Responses to Sunday’s chuckle

  1. SanityFound says:

    This now sounds like your cat…

  2. Nikki says:

    LOL SF!! This one is really cute.

  3. Joy says:

    Actually this sounds just like something Toby would have said. Jason was to neat and orderly. Maddie picks up all her own toys while wearing her evening gown!!! LMAO!!

  4. SanityFound says:

    her evening gown and YOUR pink fluffy slippers… while eating MY cookies that you baked for me hmph

  5. SKL says:

    I used to tell my kid brother to clean his room, and every single time (I mean EVERY time) he would put the hangers in the toybox. Mind you, the clothes wardrobe was DIRECTLY next to the toybox. Time after time I told him to hang the hangers in the wardrobe, but it made no difference. So time after time here’s big sis digging hangers out of the toybox for no good reason. This leads up to one of his favorite stories to tell, over 25 years later.

    He recalls that one summer morning I told him to clean his room before leaving the house, and “if I find any hangers in the toybox, I’m gonna beat your butt.” (That’s what we call spanking in Ohioland, folks, it’s not child abuse.) So a while later he comes and says his room is clean. “Are there any hangers in the toybox?” “No-o-o.” “There had better not be, because you know, if there are, I’m gonna beat your butt.” [Sis goes to inspect.] “What is that – ? Is that a hanger?? You PUT THE HANGERS IN THE TOYBOX, YOU LITTLE MONSTER!” By now he’s halfway down the street, running. Sis runs after him. Boy runs in the neighbor’s garden, stomping all the plants, because Sis won’t chase him there. Finally Sis goes home in a huff. Boy slinks in after dinner, smells pizza, asks Dad for some. Sis says, “Dad, don’t give him any pizza. He disobeyed me, left without permission, ran in the neighbors’ garden, and never came home until now.” Dad: “You can’t just run off like that and not listen to your sister. You don’t get any pizza.” Boy: “Waaaaaah! Waaaaah!” (Really big tears, all fake – OK, maybe not fake, but too bad.) This is the story he tells when describing how horrible his childhood was. How he was threatened with bodily harm, chased out of the house, and starved all because he had a few hangers in his toybox.

    Truth is, the boy is lucky to be alive, many times over, knows it, and is proud of it.

    This is why I always wanted girls . . . .

  6. Sue says:

    Christopher will come out of his room when he’s suppose to be picking up and say “look what I found!” How do you not giggle inside at that?

  7. Joy says:

    Christopher is a chip off the old block. Hope it won’t be like that in school! Toby used to go clean his room and I’d go up an hour later and he’d have made some huge Lego town, complete with a heli-pad and all this stuff…..I had a hard time getting mad too.

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  9. Jane says:

    Boy, does this ever sound familiar!

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