Baby Whale, how sad is this??

I have been watching this news story since Tues night and I can’t tell you how bad I feel.  Anyone who knows me knows what a bleeding heart I am for animals. 

I can’t watch any shows of any type that show any kind of cruelty to animals.  I have to walk away or I think of it for days.  As a child, I remember I couldn’t even watch Lassie as she always got herself into sad situations.  Even snakes and mice, things I hate, I still can’t see anything hurting or dying.  Things like this just keep going through my mind over and over.

There are a couple of video’s here.  I never thought anything bad was going to happen to this calf though.  I kept thinking someone, somewhere would be able to save this cute baby.  I guess the mother abandoned it and nobody can feed it and it was in worse shape than anyone could see.  What stuck in my mind this time was that it kept nudging the boats trying to suckle.  How sad is that??

I guess by the time anyone reads this, it will have been euthanized.  I guess in reality, it’s for the best but I was so hoping another whale mother do good-er would step up and adopt this cute thing.  I’m not saying anything else should have been done or should be done.  I’m not that deep off the end.  I do believe some things like this happen for a reason.

Good thing it wasn’t me that lived closer huh guys??  Or we’d have a whale in the family as a pet!!!

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11 Responses to Baby Whale, how sad is this??

  1. SKL says:

    Poor baby! I don’t have sound on my computer, so I couldn’t hear what people said. But that is just too cute and sad. Poor thing looks like he’s wondering why his mom doesn’t care. I know it’s a whale, but still . . . .

  2. thegoddessanna says:

    I too feel bad for the little guy. Maybe his mom died, or maybe she abandoned him because instinctually she knew something was wrong with him (I’m thinking something happened to her).

    Not the best way to start my Friday, thinking about this. We need something happy, stat!

  3. SanityFound says:

    It is very big to suck on your nose like dear Maddie but I could so see you having this beautiful animal for a pet. I would fly over and looks after it with you. I am the same as you, my heart bleeds for animals and it brings me to my knees every time I see one in trouble or pain. So sads

  4. mssc54 says:

    My mother’s parents had a farm. I mean a real farm where they grew everything they ate. So I learned from a young age that even though animals are animals. They don’t deserve to be abused but we humans should do all we can to help them reach their full potential in a humane way.

    My grandfather had huge fig trees mostly for the guines and chickens. He had dairy cows, sheep, ducks and a huge vegetable garden.

    Joy, we have to remember that only in the human race is all life allowed to continue existance. In the animal kingdom only the best genes are able to survive.

    I know it is sad to see a wonderful creature like a whale (especially a “baby”) go through this. But just remember how much more fortunate this little creature’s is to have we human’s involved in it’s demise. If it were the animal kingdom determining it’s existance it would have been very grousome.

  5. This is really sad, I’m with you Joy. Whales are amazing creatures.

  6. nikki says:

    Is the video really sad b/c I’m not sure I want to watch it. I can’t handle stuff like that. I can’t even watch SPCA commercials. I’m too glad humans were there to step in and do it in a humane way:( Still very sad!!

  7. Joy says:

    The video isn’t sad sad but it’s kind of sad!! Big help right??? It’s just sad that nothing could be done to save it and it was sad that “it” was trying to eat “off” the boat.

  8. A broad says:

    This is very sad indeed – I too was following the story but only tried to do so half and half because I get too upset. Besides Lassie as a child, I could not even watch Black Beauty and my worst one ever was ET – not even a real animal but so cute…I was about 11 when I saw it and I cried on and off for five days afterwards…Sometimes putting it “to sleep” is the best way…smiles to you…:-)

  9. Joy says:

    Thanks A broad. I feel your pain. I always felt bad about things like that too. I just can’t get the image out of my head.

  10. Jane says:

    I was following this also Joy and thought it was awfully sad. It most likely got abandoned. Sometimes mothers do this and we an never figure out why. It happens on the farm all the time but we have other mothers to feed it. We call it “fostering.”

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