The Loss of an Old Friend

I had the privilege of meeting Cody the summer I turned 16. We both moved to Montana that summer from California so right away we clicked. I’ll never forget his curly out of control dark hair and his contagious smile. Always the life of the party, never really letting too much ever bother him. He started dating my friend Dawn and that made us all even closer. We had a small but very close knit group of friends. My whole sophomore class consisted of maybe 30 people. Very different and strange to Cody and I coming from 300 to each class. We had many great times I will never forget and I have thought about him often.

We lost touch after I left and I would hear through mutual friends how he was doing. He was in Iraq fighting for a few years and then he moved to Las Vegas, got married and started his life. Last week a friend from our circle of friends emailed me saying Cody had died. I was shocked and saddened by this news. He died in a motorcycle accident August 16th. I would like to take this time to honor a great old friend and have moment of silence for him and his family. I would like to also like to take the time to honor him as a soldier who fought for our country. Thank you Cody, you will forever be in my heart. Take time to hug the people you love and tell them as much as possible how much they mean to you…you never know what tomorrow will bring. RIP~Cody

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13 Responses to The Loss of an Old Friend

  1. SKL says:

    It is difficult to keep a connection with even the best of old friends, yet so worth it. It’s nice that Cody still has an important place in your heart. Perhaps he feels that without you telling him.

    I just made a call last week to an ex with whom I’d lost touch for some years. Yeah, there was some bad stuff, but that was water under the bridge. The fact is he was and still is an important person in my life. We re-connected right away and it felt great. It’s not romantic and neither of us would want it to be, but that’s such a small part of what a deep relationship is about.

    On the other hand, I’ve lost some friends the way you did. It tends to happen as we get older, and we find out in odd ways some time after the fact. Hopefully they knew from our past behavior that they were special to us, even if we didn’t communicate in words.

  2. Smilf says:

    Aw, I am so sorry to hear this Nikki! No matter how old we get I don’t think we are ever prepared to lose friends. Even when I’m 80 I don’t want to lose friends you know? At least you have the good times to remember. That will help you get through it when you are sad. HUGS!

  3. Sue says:

    Sorry to hear about Cody. It’s nice to know though that your friends let you know what happened instead of no one bothering to tell you. Take care:)

  4. Joy says:

    Geesh Nikki, I’m sorry too. Now selling the motorcycle makes sense.

  5. thegoddessanna says:


  6. nikki says:

    Right Joy, I think it got to him. Granted Cody was always a dare devil…that didn’t change with age. He was not just riding his bike but he was goofing off, racing it:( We already have offers in for trade on his bike!! YAY! We will all feel better.

  7. Just a Mom says:

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

  8. SanityFound says:

    *hugs* is all I can say, I know and understand the shock of losing a friend, you are blessed that he touched you so… more *hugs*

  9. Sue says:

    WHOA!!!! Jason is giving up his motorcycle??? What are you trading it for? I never thought I’d see the day!

  10. nikki says:

    We’ve had 2 offers so far Sue. One for a really nice extended Chevy 1500 and a 99 Suburban. He knows he’s gonna get hurt and I think the novelty wore off…thank God!!

  11. Joy says:

    Sanity, can I borrow your *pom poms* to do the *happy dance* Yea, yea sis boom ba!!!

  12. Sue says:

    Nikki, I’m very happy for you! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, too! I still never thought I’d see the day….Maybe this means there’s hope for Toby to get over his obsession too!

  13. mssc54 says:

    Joy, what a good friend you are to tell us about your friend, Cody.

    How ironic is it that he can survive a war where thousands of soldiers have been killed only to come home and be killed in a motorcycle accident.

    I used to ride years ago. After the “last straw” I hung up my helmet and solt it. It doesn’t matter how careful the motorcyclist is those four wheeled vehicles surrounded by cold steel will always have the advantage.

    How terribly sad for his family and friends.

    Mourn with those who mourn. 😦

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