Question of the day

What’s your comfort food?

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20 Responses to Question of the day

  1. lwayswright says:

    My comfort food is number one chocolate. And, I love a steak dinner. Actually all food is a comfort food. MMMMM.

  2. SKL says:

    Mac & Cheese!

  3. Erin says:

    Homemade Mac & Cheese. mmmm….

  4. SanityFound says:


    What a beautiful photo!!!

  5. nikki says:

    CARBS!!!! Pasta, potatoes, bread…and…laffy taffy!!

  6. Tosha says:

    I dont have a comfort food..

  7. thegoddessanna says:

    I have a comfort drink – hot tea. Hot noodle soup is good too. Okay, anything that is hot (takes time to eat) is a good comfort food. Nothing sweet, though.

  8. kwoneshe2 says:

    Pizza. I know, I’m weird…..but I’m on medications for it!

  9. Joy says:

    Sanity, I picked that pic just for you!!

  10. SanityFound says:

    Awwwws you really did make my day!

  11. Just a Mom says:

    Lasagna just like Garfield!

  12. Sue says:

    I’m with Nikki, carbs! If I’m craving something that’s usually what it is!

  13. Joy says:

    Lipton chicken noodle soup. How I love that when I need comfort. A hot bowl of soup. I also love to take a chicken thigh (cooked already) and cut it up and put it in Ramón noodles. M-M-M…I think I just made myself hungry!!!

  14. Just a Mom says:

    OK Joy this is what I had for lunch yesterday… Ramon noodles with diced up left-over chicken breast and a can of mushrooms! How scary is that?

  15. Joy says:

    I never thought of mushrooms. That sounds awesome!!! I’m starving now!!!

  16. K. Trainor says:

    ‘Nilla ice cream. I love it, but sadly, it does not love me.

  17. SanityFound says:

    WAIT …. Lipton make soup as well? Dang this third world living I need to make tracks asap!

  18. thegoddessanna says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who adds things to ramen! Also, love the lipton soup.

  19. DM says:

    chocolate milk, coffee, peanunt M and M’s…followed by food in general. I’m a compulsive eater, fortunately my job allows me to eat just about as much of anything I want and not put on weight (w/in reason)

  20. pammy says:

    My comfort food is a big bowl of popcorn,curled on the couch.

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