Word from Tosha

joy.I’m on from my phone. we have no power. my house has a tree in it. I don’t know where we go from here. ill keep u updated when I can. I can’t post this on my blog for some reason. the outlook isn’t good.

Let’s all keep Tosha and her family in our prayers.  They were hit by Ike.  I haven’t heard from Just A Mom either and she’s down there too.

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10 Responses to Word from Tosha

  1. SanityFound says:

    Thoughts, prayers and everything else I have to give to Tosha and the others. Saw it on the news this morning and I felt ice in my veins, if there is anything I can do – know I am stuck out here but if there is anything just shout.

    Mwah and HUGE hugs!!!

  2. mssc54 says:


    I’ve worked in the restoration industry for about twenty-five years.

    During Hurricane Hugo our $91k home received $67k worth of damage to the structure. Essentually all of the contents were a loss. We had to move out of our home for a little over four months while it was being rebuilt.

    I know the emotional ans phsical strain you are and will be under for a while.

    Keep receipts for everything. EVERYTHING!

    You are entitled to be “made whole” (to be put back into a “preloss” condition.”

    Get a pad of paper and write down ALL THE QUESTIONS you have for your insurance adjuster when you think of them. If you don’t as soon as you hang up the phone you will remember something you meant to ask.

    Make a written list of everything you can think of that was damaged (even down to the roll of toilet paper that was ruined in the bathroom). All of the damaged items will to towards helping satisfy you deductable.

    Try to only use contractors that you or someone you know knows.

    Go over your Scope of Loss with your adjuster.

    Remember the adjusters that work for the isurance companies are called “Captured Adjusters.” Their job is to save their company money while making you feel like you are their best friend and that they are doing you a favor that they normally do for any one else.

    Hire a Public Adjuster! A Public Adjuster is an adjuster who will look out for you and make your insurance company pay what they are supposed to pay. The down side to using a Public Adjuster is that it will (in all liklihood) take longer to satisfy and close your claim.


    Oh! That pad of paper you are writing all of your questions down on… start a “Call Log” of everything that is said and who said it. Include the date, time, person’s name and the content of the conversation. It is very, very important to document all of your conversations.

    Your adjuster will try to throw a check at you and make you feel like it’s too much. It won’t be. Don’t be in a rush.

    If you have to move out you are entitled to be in a house of equal to the one you had to move out of. If you have to let them put you up in a hotel try to go to an extended stay place that has a kitchen and seperate bedrooms.


  3. joanharvest says:

    I don’t know Tosha but I am praying for her and lighting candles for her and all those other poor people who were hit so hard by Ike. I will be glad to hear from Just A Mom.

  4. kwoneshe2 says:

    Prayers and good thoughts headed your way! And a hug!

  5. Sue says:

    Oh, Tosha! We’re all thinking of you and your family. Take care as best you can and know we’re all praying for you and everyone else down there.

  6. darryl says:

    My thoughts are with you Tosha hope all works out for you and family.

  7. nikki says:

    Tosha, our thoughts and prayers are with you and you family. We all pray nothings else happens to you. Keep your babies close and keep in touch. God bless!

  8. Just a Mom says:

    My family was blessed and we only have minor damages. Just 10 miles down the road it is devastating! Galveston is just 26 miles away from me. We were just down there 2 weeks ago hanging out. It is unbelieveable! My heart goes out to everyone hit by this storm.

  9. Joy says:

    Thank God your okay Just A Mom. I’ve been worried sick about you.

  10. Just a Mom says:

    When we say “Don’t Mess With Texas!” we mean it!
    I will keep Tosha in my prayers.

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