Archie’s opinion

I couldn’t resist this.  Archie’s view on Democrats.  HILARIOUS!! 


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3 Responses to Archie’s opinion

  1. Elena says:

    It’s a timeless show. I love it!

  2. SKL says:

    Just for those outside the US who don’t know much about Archie Bunker – that show was made when Jimmy Carter was president, back in the late 1970’s. So, 30 years ago, we were going through some of the stuff we are seeing today – only then, it was a lot worse. Interesting how things move in cycles. Mainly because people forget what they were supposed to learn from the past.

    I have to admit I was surprised by the reference to secretaries and the word “damn.” I thought the censors were stricter in those days. But you gotta love the show because that’s exactly what people were really saying in their living rooms back then (and still today).

  3. Jane says:

    I still can’t believe what they got away with on that show. He just told it like he saw it and didn’t give a rip what anyone thought. This really made me laugh. It wouldn’t have been the same without Edith either. Her reactions are wonderful.

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