Is it time for me to move on over??

Okay all of you women out there, and the men. I value your opinion too!! I’m 28, fairly close to 30. I’m actually coming to terms with this. I know, I never thought I would be okay with it but really, what else can I do but embrace it?! I need some girl advice…about clothes that is.

I love clothes, cute, hip clothes, but am I too old for the junior department??? Seriously, yea I still shop in the junior department. My favorite store is Maurice’s, where I feel very comfortable shopping because there is NO junior department. Only casual and formal. I’m safe there. Same goes for my 2nd favorite store, Tommy Hilfiger. When I go into a store like Kohl’s or Penny’s or even Target, I go straight to the junior department. The clothes are just cuter and fit me better, I’m slim and kinda tall. At what age do you wander over into the misses department???

When Bailey had open house last year, I wore a pair of cotton capri’s, a tank top and a matching zip up hoodie. Granted his teacher was pretty old but she looked at me and said this, “Oh I thought we had a teenager in here.” I thought to myself, OMG, should I take that as a compliment or not?

I don’t wear Carebear shirts, although I had a pink Elmo shirt that I recently gave to my 2 year old niece for a night shirt. I don’t show my midriff or let anything hang out…too much. I dress tastefully but I do generally wear what I see teenagers wear. Am I okay or should I start moving on over to the Misses department??

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12 Responses to Is it time for me to move on over??

  1. rhosie says:

    nice post…i love shopping too specially clothes and shoes stuff…my advice whatever style will look good to wear it so long your comfortable enough…i think it is plus factor how you carry yourself its not the cloths will carry you but its how you handle yourself…if you feel good about it then i think it follows…whether your style is trendy or not believe me its ATTITUDE matter…Godbless

  2. SKL says:

    I’ve never shopped in the junior dept, because when I was a teen, I wasn’t that slim. As far as style, it’s hard to say what will look right on someone else. Something can look perfect on one person and ridiculous on someone else of the same age. I do think that if you’re slim, you can get away with “younger” clothes longer. Then again, if you want to look like your son’s mother, you don’t want to be dressing like Miley Cyrus.

    When I am at the department store and look at the junior section, I cringe, because I feel the clothes there are way too risque for young teens. I never asked myself whether they would be appropriate for young adults. I guess I’d rather see them on a twenty-something than a 12-year-old.

  3. thegoddessanna says:

    The only time I was ever able to fit in clothes from the junior department was when I was very thin right out of boot camp – and then none of the clothes really appealled to me. Personally, I’d say that once a woman was out of her teens, it’s time to move on to the misses side of the store… but if it’s the only place you can find clothes that fit, well, what can you do? I had a friend once that could fit in children’s sizes, as a fully-grown adult, and no one would know unless she said something (that’s really telling about how adult children’s clothing is, isn’t it?)

    If you do shop at Kohl’s, have you tried Vera Wang’s collection? It’s very stylish, and runs small (her’s is the only collection that I can’t fit a top it in in that section). I guess if you can get away with it, and you’re comfortable with it, than it’s fine… but honestly, there’s nothing wrong with the styles of the misses department. And be forever greatful that you don’t have to traipse the aisles of the woman’s section – I’d rather not look like a giant flower or 70 years old, thankyouverymuch!

  4. slightlyignorant says:

    I think that at 28 you have every right to still be dressing young and hip. I actually believe women of every age should be allowed to do so without being looked at weirdly, but the sad truth of it is, some women tend to go from the “hip” to the “distasteful” as they search in vain for clothes that make them look “younger”.
    I say, keep dressing however you want as long as you know you still look good dressed like that! And bless you for still buying in the teenage-department. I love when women who aren’t teenagers look totally hot and young at heart, wearing comfy jeans and tanks and not turning into prigs with constant office-wear :P.

  5. Elena says:

    The only time women look completely stupid in “younger” clothes, in my opinion, is when the clothes make them look like a whore. And of course, they make the “younger” women look stupid as well, but for some reason those trampy clothes are infinitely more ridiculous on “older” women.

    But you know what, I don’t think almost 30 is “older,” anyway!

    It sounds like you are very sensible in your choices, so I think you should trust your taste and just get whatever inspires you. I think the “teenager” comment was a total compliment and you should definitely file it away in the “I’m awesome” column! 🙂

  6. Just a Mom says:

    I think as long as you feel comfortable in juniors and can still wear it well then go for it!
    I was just thinking about this subject the other day in the store. I am 37 making the long climb up to the over the hill gang. I was wondering when I stopped shopping in the junior section. I think it was when I put on all my weight and then I went straight to the women’s section. I totally skipped the misses. I was not at all comfortable wearing clothes from the women’s section. Now that I have lost some of the weight I am shopping in the misses and I feel better about myself.

  7. nikki says:

    Oh gosh ladies I feel so much better. Elena, you rock!! Thank you and that comment will for sure go into the “I’m awesome” column!!! I don’t look like Miley Cyrus, lol, I hope not. I often ask my niece if I can borrow her clothes (she’s 8) kidding of course!!! I love everyones comments, thank you!!! I hope I can make more than 2 comments today, my computer keeps freezing, I know not good.

  8. nikki says:

    That was supposed to say I’M kidding of course.

  9. Joy says:

    I feel if you like something and it fits you and you like the way you feel and the way you look, what does it matter what “section” you got it in? I mean really?? I’ve gotten things in all sorts of different departments. If something catches my eye and it feels good and looks okay, It’s mine.

    You always look very nice and cute Nikki and always appropriate.

  10. candi says:

    Girl I am 31 and I still shop in this department, and I will continue to shop there. I love there clothes and it makes me feel younger and look younger. Lets go shopping.

  11. Sue says:

    I still go to the juniors dept first when I shop. I can’t fit into the jeans there, but I like the tops. The misses dept is boring to me, but then I see some things the teens are wearing and thank God I don’t go that far! It’s all about what you feel comfortable in and feel good in. If that means something from the juniors dept then go for it!

  12. Jane says:

    I shop in so many different departments that it’s not even funny. I say buy what you want and what you feel comfortable in. I have very small feet and buy my shoes lots of times in the girls dept. They are so much cuter than the ladies.

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