Do you leave notes??

notesI have a very startling confession to make. I’m a note leaver.  I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true.  I think I got it from my dad because he used to do this too.  I can remember when we’d take turns packing each others lunches, he’d make my sandwich and leave the wrapper on the cheese and put a note in the sandwich telling me not to forget to take the wrapper off.  Those are nice memories for me to have.

I did the same thing with my boys.  I would leave notes on the bathroom mirror or put notes in their lunches.  I would even cut the tiny strip off the top of a post it note and would put notes on their lunch money if they bought their lunch.  I’ve made Trinity a couple of lunches and have done it with her too.  

I used to write notes on special days wishing one of them well if there was a test or sport try out or to even say I’m thinking of you or I love you.  I did this all the time.  It probably seemed normal to my boys.  I remember once I had a job interview and Jason had put so many post it notes of encouragement in my car that I had a hard time getting in and had to take some of them down or I wouldn’t have been able to see to drive.  It was one of the sweetest things ever.

So I guess it should come as  no surprise that my grandchildren are now doing it.  This is the kind of thing Trinity leaves me.

008This is under the hutch on my desk.  She leaves me these kinds of things all the time and I usually leave them there until they fall down.  Here’s another one she left on the shelf of my desk.  

010She also leaves me notes that she tapes all up and tells me “to read in private” and it’s so cute.  She always asks me if I can come to have lunch with her at school.  The whole “read in private” thing is what’s so cute.  She tapes them up so tight I need to use my really sharp scissors so I don’t rip the note.

I have a few coloring book pages that Bailey and Trinity “hung” on my wall when they were about 4 and they are still there.  I didn’t have the heart to take them down but they are behind my china closet so I couldn’t get a picture of them.

Which leads me to why I wrote this post today.  On Sunday, Toby came over with Christopher to watch the football game and he wanted to “write me notes.”  So I gave him a note pad and he “hung” all these notes under our dart board in the living room.

002I thought this was very cute but didn’t really think much of it at the time.  He was very proud and when I asked him what they said he said “they are just notes grandma.” OKAY….So Toby and Christopher went home after the game and later on I went in Paul’s room to look for something and I saw this under his bedroom window.  

004I guess he didn’t want to leave grandpa out of the excitement.  I called Paul in to take a look and we had a good laugh.  Later on when Paul went in to bed I heard him call me and thought “what the heck?”  He wanted me to take a look at his bedpost and nightstand.  Here’s what was there.

003There were also notes on my door to the upstairs and under the window in the kitchen. I tell ya, it’s to cute for words.  I think it would be safe to say I’ve either created monsters of they are just a chip off the old block.  

What about you?  Was/is there a special way of letting your loved ones know your thinking of them and that yes, you love them and encourage them on?

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17 Responses to Do you leave notes??

  1. SanityFound says:

    This is absolutely adorable, when I am around people I love then yeah I am known to put notes just to remind them that they are amazing/special/incredible the list is long.

    Hugs to you this is beautiful

  2. SKL says:

    I’m not big on notes for grown-ups, and my kids are too little for them. But when I was a “big sister,” we did the note thing. My little sister was a little precocious so she and I were writing notes back and forth from the time she was three. When I went away to grad school, I’d write letters, but the best notes were the ones where I photocopied a page from a kids’ book that said exactly what I would have said, only in a much cuter way. My kid brother and sister really loved that. Besides writing me letters, they would keep me updated by sending me copies of school papers they were proud of. And my sister would decorate each envelope with sweet words, stickers, etc.

    I’m not very sentimental, but it’s funny what I’ll do for kids.

  3. Aw, your grandkids are ADORABLE, Joy!!! My mom is a note leaver as well, and I’ve gotten the bug from her just the same. We leave notes when we’re out, to let each other know where we are or just to say good morning, and whenever we fly abroad, we always hide notes in the food bags to be found on the plane.
    Notes are fun ^_^.

  4. Elena says:

    Your home is literally covered with love!

    I love leaving and getting notes. It’s one of the ways I teach my kids to write when they are at that age, giving each other goofy notes. “Olivia is a goofball.” She writes back “Mama is a goofball.” etc. We have a few laughs and they get to practice their letters and their spelling.

  5. Sue says:

    I never got notes unless it was to remind me of something and even then we just had a notebook on the kitchen table that everyone could see. My kids do love to write and leave notes for people and I guess it’s a good thing. Christopher’s pretend writing is really cute and then when you ask him what it says he’ll say “Just read it!” and you can make up whatever you want and he’ll say “yup, that’s what it says!”

  6. Just a Mom says:

    I put notes in my girls lunches all the time. The 16 year old claims she hates it but she always smiles when she says it.

  7. nikki says:

    That’s cute. We (Jason, Bailey and I) have always left notes for each other. The mirror is a great place to leave love notes. When Bailey does take his lunch I always put a little note in it. You must have passed that down Joy. I love it and so does Bailey, just the other night he asked me as he was getting into bed, “Mom, can you and Dad leave me note for tomorrow?” At first I was like, what?? But then he said “just telling me you love me, like usual.” Jason leaves me messages all the time on the mirror, some have to be erased before Bailey sees them. 😉

  8. kweenmama says:

    I occasionally leave notes for my husband on our bathroom mirror and he always responds by leaving me a note in its place. My kids and I have gravitated from leaving paper notes for each other to sending texts. I guess texting is the “note thing” for the new generation.

  9. kwoneshe2 says:

    Those are great! And too cute about the grandkid. 🙂

  10. Joy says:

    Thanks everyone. I just thought this was really cute and wanted to share it. That’s so cute about Bailey asking you to leave a note Nikki. About the notes Jason leaves you…lalalalalalala!!!!!!!!

    Yes Elena, my house is covered in love and those notes will stay there until they fall down. It was funny last night, it’s been so cold here that most of the cats are inside now pretty much full time and Toto, the queen mother cat was pawing at them and it was pretty funny. When she’d paw at one, some of the other ones moved and then she’d go after that one!!! Maybe you had to be there!!

  11. nikki says:

    Oh yea I forgot, we only did that ONE time and got Bailey. It never happened again…I swear!! 😉

  12. Paul says:

    The note thing is great I even use it for myself though.I tend to foreget things other wise.Just ask Joy.

  13. Amber says:

    I like writing notes and sending special funny and thoughtful cards. I also like sharing music..

  14. Sue says:

    I tried leaving notes for Toby on the mirror in lipstick, but I got sick of being the one to clean it off!!!

  15. bojinx says:

    I’m so leaving notes for my kids one day… when I have one or two… 😉

  16. joanharvest says:

    I have notes everywhere. I put sticky notes on my shirt sometimes. Last Christmas my daughter got me this whole system of notebooks and calendar books and list books. That actually helped a lot because I use all three. But somehow I still manage to forget stuff.

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