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giftsDid you ever peak at your Christmas presents when you were a child, and do you still???

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12 Responses to Question of the Day

  1. SKL says:

    I don’t think I ever dared to peek. No doubt my dad told us all kinds of superstitions to keep us from trying it. Basically it would be like Cinderella staying at the ball one second past midnight. No more presents, poof! And Santa might hold it against me for years to come. Never mind my complete failure of logic in believing Santa might have been stashing my presents in my own basement.

    Once I knew there was no Santa, I still didn’t want to peek. I really liked the surprise of it all. We were not well-off, so usually the anticipation was the biggest value in the gift. Why ruin it? I still feel the same way.

    My older brother did peek once. He was the one always breaking the rules. There was a party at our school and the parents were asked to bring one wrapped gift for Santa to give to each child. My brother nosed around and got a glimpse of a Scooby Doo game. My parents found out and gave him a pretty good guilt trip. They said the Scooby Doo game was supposed to be for him, but now he wasn’t getting it. He felt pretty bad. I’m pretty sure none of us ever peeked again.

  2. darryl says:

    My sister Joy was the worst ever, She would find any way possible to get something open and then reseal it. She made me look at things more than once that I didn’t want to.

  3. Sue says:

    Christmas no, but I did on my birthday once. I was 7 and my presents were in the laundry room (which was also our bathroom) and I couldn’t wait for everyone to get there. I pulled at one of the corners of a present and of course it ripped! I was so scared I would get into trouble I put a towel over the presents and locked the door to the bathroom! Needless to say, I got caught!

  4. Laura (LS) says:

    The first time I snooped was also the last.

    I was home alone, and decided to test my spying skills. I found a pile of wrapped presents, and there was one labeled with my name on it. It was pretty hefty, and the exact size for the chaps that I had been begging for (I showed horses when I was a kid), and I was all smug for the week leading up to Christmas because I was SO SURE that’s what was in that box. I even told my friends that I was getting chaps for Christmas.

    The Big Morning came, and I dove into the presents, zeroing in on that box. Ripped it open, and…..

    A Webster’s Dictionary!!!


    I never snooped again.

    (a couple months later, I had saved up enough money to buy the chaps myself. I still wonder, to this day, if my mom found out and replaced the chaps with the dictionary and returned the chaps, just to teach me a lesson)

  5. SanityFound says:

    Deny deny deny ooo it rattles!

  6. nikki says:

    I’m a snooper!!! My mom hid our gifts in her closet (1st mistake) I clearly remember very carefully pulling the tape up, taking a peak to see what it was, then very carefully resealing it. I DO NOT like surprises, well let me clarify that, if it is a complete surprise and I know nothing about anything, I’m okay with it. But if I anticipate ANYTHING it is not good. Jason haunts me with it. If he knows, for example what Mom & Dad are getting me for Christmas, he’ll torture me!!!! If he has something that he needs to keep hidden he has to take it to work with him or keep it at someone else’s house. I will look if given the chance! Bailey on the other hand will get mad at the thought of you spoiling a surprise for him. That’s one great thing about him, among many, he loves a good surprise!!!

  7. Joy says:

    DARRYL!!!! Where’s your loyalty to your sister??? I made you look!! WHATEVER!!!!!

    I did. I was just terrible. I would slice the tape open at the seam with a razor blade and just put new tape over it. My mom didn’t wrap fancy so there were no ribbons or anything that I had to worry about. I just HAD to know. It did take all the fun out of it but I couldn’t stop myself. I would never do it now. Paul could leave something out and I wouldn’t look. I guess it took me a long time to realize that if you knew what you were getting the fun was gone. BTW, I wrapped my kids stuff with so many ribbons and bows that there would be no way they could open them without me knowing.

  8. Joy says:

    That’s funny Laura. I’ll bet your mom did know you peeked. A dictionary????? Only Mary Ingalls wanted one of those!! LOL!!!

  9. thegoddessanna says:

    I would peek, but my mom took to wrapping things in plain boxes after a while. I didn’t peek at all of them, though… just the unusual-looking ones.

  10. Just a Mom says:

    My brother taught me how to unwrap and rewrap the presents. We did this every year. I think we told my mom when we were in our 20’s and she couldn’t believe that we did it!
    I think my oldest daughter looks if it is unwrapped. I now wrap everything as soon as I get home if possible!

  11. Tessa says:

    Darryl, that is funny!!
    No- I never peak!! I LOVE surprises! I love Christmas and the whole deal. I love surprising people and seeing the reactions. My brother was a professional at peaking. He always knows what he is getting to this day. And my mom would even hide his presents at someone ELSE’s house!

    Eric grew up knowing what he’s gonna get many times, and he ALWAYS wants to know in advance and wants me to know what I’m getting. He can be horrible, horrible at present surprises! But he is getting better! LOL

  12. Tessa says:

    Joy, yea, I did peak a little like that before when I was a kid. My brother probably got the idea like you!

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