Deer hunting is here

no-huntingWe live on a farm and hunting season has come.  I have 6 horses along with other animals.  Last night at 5 PM I heard 14 gunshots in 20 minutes coming from our back property. The worst thing was I couldn’t see my horses.  So I ran outside to call them and they all came running.

What does my husband do??  Jumps in the car to go see who was hunting and shooting on private property clearly posted, NO HUNTING!!! Well of course no one is there by the time he gets there.

Not only am I pissed about the safety of my horses but what about my kids?  They go four wheeling all the time.  We cut our wood and ride our horses and are outdoors a lot of the time.  We also breed Mastiffs so they are wandering around too.

Is it because it’s the 20th century and nobody respects other peoples things…property etc.  I feel that whoever it was didn’t give a rats behind who’s land it was or what was in the fence.  They saw a deer and just shot their guns with no regard for anything else.

So now because of this, we have to keep our horses, dog and kids basically locked up in our immediate yard or house because of these morons that don’t respect our rights. I tell you, they better hope that I don’t learn to use a gun because they will get a big surprise if I see them.  They will have fun walking away as I shoot out their tires and call the police.  I’ve had enough already.

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13 Responses to Deer hunting is here

  1. SKL says:

    It’s always the law-abiding people who get screwed.

    Could you post a few signs suggesting you have a dog bigger than your horse that only eats hunters? Grrr! Or at least post signs saying you have kids and domestic animals roaming around and that’s why you don’t want hunters? I know people can be jerks, but surely they would think twice before knowingly endangering kids or horses. Another thought – say on your sign that you have cameras at various points of entry. Or maybe write a column for your local newspaper about something that a hunter did that made you fear for your kids’ safety, and how sad it is that people don’t have the courtesy to ask before they enter your property. Or send a letter to the local gun club or whatever – it’s probably full of older people who would sympathize with you and tell the young ‘uns off. Or maybe try all of the above.

    Well anyway, good luck. It sucks to be restricted on your own land.

  2. kwoneshe2 says:

    Have you also tried purple spray paint about 3 ft up on trees or fence posts every so many yards? That is another “sign” for no hunting. Another option, get signs that say, “hunting with permission only”. Yes, they make them. That encourages hunters to come ask, and then you can turn them down – say you have a group of 14 yr olds hunting on your property for the first time! LOL

    I used to deer hunt, but never went onto someone’s property without their permission. And we have had hunters come onto ours without permission! That made me mad, because myself, or my ex, or the boys could be out there in the woods at any time, not knowing there were others wandering around too.

  3. Laura (LS) says:

    My first thought was (aside from slapping these idiots upside the heads) to “dress” your horses in blaze-orange blankets or sheets. Or maybe that “Sexy Skin” stuff (there are some fun ones here: … LOVE the Santa one. Just don’t get the Camo, that would kinda defeat the purpose.)

    We have a bit of the same problem around here, in the “wilds” of Iowa. We lost one of our ponies earlier this fall, because we have people that drive by, guns in their vehicles, and say, “Hey, Leon! Betcha I can hit that horse!” BLAM!! And down he goes, and away they drive.

    I’m all for hunting, when it’s done right. But i”m the first person on the phone when I see someone messing with the rules – shooting from a moving vehicle, for example (I’m on a first-name basis with our Game Warden out here).

    And, just to be on the safe side, when I go out walking, I wear a blaze orange vest over my coat. Hot Rod wears one when he’s out playing, and Cruise even has a little Blaze Orange blanket that he wears when he’s not in our yard.

  4. Elena says:

    I’m so sorry. This must be a nightmare. I hope you can figure out how to keep these awful people away.

  5. nikki says:

    OH I’d be peeved to!!! I can see you shooting their tires out too!!!! They do not know who they’re messing with!! Good luck Lisa!!

  6. Sue says:

    Seriously, how dumb are people??????

  7. God, that’s horrible… Forget the fact that I hate the whole idea hunting for sport anyway, but hunting on private property?! When they don’t know who or what could be around?! I mean, what’s their PROBLEM?! Seriously, those idiots are scary because they just don’t care who they’re going to hit…

  8. Jennifer says:

    I unfortunately understand too well what you mean….I grew up in an area where during hunting season we couldn’t be in the woods at all, and if we had to be outside we had to wear bright red. My father diligently posted his property but people are stupid.

    Then I read this article today and realized just how stupid people are…

  9. Laura (LS) says:

    You could station yourself and a bunch of friends up in trees, and lie in wait with paintball guns…..

    Aim for the tender parts. And wear Kevlar.

  10. Lisa says:

    So last night Mike actually caught 2 of these idiots on our land. After he finsihed freaking out on them, they basically looked and him and said they would be back this weekend because hunting is only done on saturday. Mike said well that I will warn you my wife will probably be out here to and if she see’s you you better run like hell because she won’t confront you she’ll shoot and ask questions later. The gall they just don’t care where they shoot or who’s land it is!!!

  11. nikki says:

    Wow, and Mike is right, you won’t be so nice!!! You seem so sweet but we all know you’ve got in you for sure!! Good luck this weekend!!

  12. Jane says:

    You know what we ended up doing? After posting and watching our land and losing two cattle two years ago, we posted warnings that they were on film and hung fake camera’s up. We haven’t had any problems here since then. We got tired of it and some people just shoot without really paying attention. Our animals are our living.

  13. mssc54 says:

    This is nothing to fool around with! You should notify your Department of Fish and Game.

    Document, document, document: time, date, number of shots, etc. When you call someone make sure they know you are documenting your phone call. Get their name, date and time of the call and what was said. As a matter of fact write it down when you are talking to them and “just to make sure I understand you correctly, let me read this back to you.” They will know you are serious and will feel a higher degree of accountability.

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