Recipe from Goddess Anna

Tel Aviv Salad (not pictured)

Serves 4, prep/cook time 25 min.

1 cup diced red Israeli tomatoes (any smallish tomato will work)

1 cup diced cucumbers

1/2 cup chopped flat parsley

2 cups cooked cous cous

1/2 cup lemon and herb dressing (lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, basil, parsley, salt and pepper-if you want to make your own).

Chop and dice ingredients as required.  Cook cous cous as directed and strain. Combine all ingredients and toss with dressing.  Chill before serving.


Greek Shepard’s Salad (pictured)

3 cups diced tomatoes

1/3 cup chopped fresh dill

1/3 cup diced red onions

1/2 cup feta cheese (optional)

3 cups diced cucumbers

1/2 cup lemon and herb dressing (see above)

Salt and pepper to taste

Dice ingredients as needed.  Toss with dressing, then top with feta cheese if desired. Chill before serving.

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6 Responses to Recipe from Goddess Anna

  1. Sue says:

    That sounds good…hmmmmmm…

  2. Just a Mom says:

    I am a salad eater and these look great. I am most certain going to make the lemon herb dressing!

  3. Joy says:

    I just love salads too. I love one with supper. Goddess, could you please give us the amounts for the dressing? How much of everything?

    My mouth is watering.

  4. thegoddessanna says:

    To be honest, I just add stuff without measuring. You know those Italian salad dressing containers, to make your own? I use that. Or not, because I just checked my cabinets and it appears the thing is in storage.

    Okay, start off with a 1/4 cup of olive oil, a couple tablespoons vinegar, a teaspoon or two of lemon juice, and everything else to taste. If I had the ingredients, I’d do it real quick, but I don’t! Sorry! : (

  5. Joy says:

    LOL, thanks, that’s close enough. Just to give me an idea. I’ve never made my own dressing before so I had NO idea.

  6. Jane says:

    This really looks good. I just love a salad for lunch and this will be a nice change. The dressing really sounds good. Thanks Goddess Anna.

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