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jobsWhat’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

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25 Responses to Question of the Day

  1. SKL says:

    I had a job for 7 months at a small, family-owned service company. The owner was a egomaniac who was on his third wife whom he married because she got him to stop being an alcoholic. (Needless to say, the company was named after him.) The wife was a shrieking, paranoid control freak who had no idea how things worked but insisted on running them anyway. I was the controller. I took over from a guy who had quit months earlier and taken his assistant with him. I had no assistant (I’m a woman after all – I shouldn’t need assistance). My predecessor was about a year behind on half of his work. My goal was to get caught up ASAP with the backlog and keep the place afloat with half the man-hours the previous guy had.

    They sent me to a class so I could learn two subordinates’ jobs so I could fire them and do their work. The cash was always tight, but the owners would write themselves checks for weekend vacations and forget to tell me. Twice we had employees’ paychecks bounce for this reason. I was hounded by the local yacht club to pay the boss’s personal boat docking fee or whatever that was.

    To get some cash, we applied for a loan, and the bank wanted the owners’ financial statement (considering the business had no assets). Mrs. Boss postponed this step for months and finally shrieked at me because she didn’t think she should have to provide her financials. I’m not sure she ever did hand them over. I did hear that the printer was repossessed sometime after I left.

    The boss liked me a lot because I tested out the same as him on the Myers-Briggs personality profile test (the least common profile). So he had high hopes for me. He was constantly counseling me: “don’t work harder, work smarter. By the way, I’d like you to attend this computer class and when are you going to start reading up on the new line of business I want to pursue?”

    I literally worked all night at least twice a week, leaving at about 7am to change my clothes and come back. I lost a lot of weight because I wouldn’t remember to eat until 2am and then there was noplace to get food. I was getting myself sick. It wasn’t just me, either; in the 7 months I was there, we had nearly 100% turnover. Finally it was New Year’s Day and I got home from my parents’ party at 2:30am. I was exhausted, but I had to go to work because I had a report due to the boss at 8am. I was such a mess. My friend said: “what’s gonna happen if you don’t hand over the report?” I realized my exhaustion was making me irrational. I called in sick the next day and slept, then decided to give my notice. Mr. Boss was taken aback – he thought I was just about to turn the corner and become the perfect employee he knew I could be. Mrs. Boss just screeched more often and told everyone I was out to destroy the company. I gave them over a month to replace me, but they didn’t, so their CPA took over the job. More power to him. Good riddance.

  2. SanityFound says:

    Um definitely the waitering jobs wasn’t too good at it either hmph

  3. nikki says:

    Jason says that too SKL, work smarter not harder!! Great theory!! I haven’t had too many jobs in my life, mostly retail or cafes. I can’t say I hated any of them. Washing dishes when your 16 kinda sucks but it gave me money and I worked with my best friend so it really wasn’t bad. I guess housekeeping was the worst if I had to pick one. You can probably imagine the kinds of things I had to clean!! YUCK! I would never do that again!!!

  4. Joy says:

    I have really liked most of my jobs. Nothing really stands out in my mind as the “worst.” I guess the most “different” was when I worked in a “boar stud” barn. It was collecting and packaging pig semen for artificial insemination. I didn’t do the “collecting” but worked in the lab. We had to put it under a microscope and see how many “swimmers” were in it and add stuff to it to make more of it and to make it last until it got to the lucky recipients. I know how it sounds….eeww…but it was very interesting.

  5. nikki says:

    That does sound interesting!! I will never forget those pig barns up in Canada, oh the things I saw!!

  6. Elena says:

    I may have blocked out some of the more traumatic ones 🙂 but the one that comes immediately to mind is when I worked for a house cleaning company. Each house was its own unique nightmare, whether it was a frat house that the boys had chipped in for its yearly clean (the bathroom was something out of a horror movie… or a child services “we’ll take your kids faster than you can blink” pamphlet) or a house where the young trophy wife (my age at the time!) followed me around, pointing out exactly how I was supposed to make her bed and which direction she wanted the vacuum lines on the carpet to go…

  7. nikki says:

    Yea that sounds horrible Elena!! She actually followed you around??

  8. Just a Mom says:

    I sold Kirby vacuums for a week. One of the days we went selling was during Hurricane Bob was just hiiting the northeast. We had no power but we were still knocking on doors trying to sell. I quit the day after needless to say.

  9. thegoddessanna says:

    Working at an ocean resort amusement park. I wasn’t old enough to work the electric rides (I was 16), so I worked the giant slide. Kids on vacation can be rude, snot-nosed little punks – I would be helping boys into the sack, and they’d cop a feel (10-12 years old). The pay was crap too, but I was mostly paid under the table because I had another job and was working too many hours for my age.

  10. Sue says:

    My worst job was babysitting 3 kids that were HORRIBLE and whose home was DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!! It was my first real job (as it was for the summer), but those 3 months were hell. The kids didn’t listen, the house was a mess every day I’d go, the dishes were never done, the floor was never swept, the bathroom was never clean. I stayed b/c I felt so sorry for those kids. Mom was going to school and Dad worked construction so he was never there. I would get there between 6-6:30am and I would clean until the kids got up. I mopped, I swept, I did the dishes, I did laundry, I did it all! There was one day I spent cleaning her cupboards out and reorganizing! She was very thankful. I know she was doing the best she could and I got paid alright. I babysat 3 years for them. What the hell was I thinking?!!!

  11. SKL says:

    Wow, most of these stories bring back memories! Not good ones! Isn’t it nice to reflect on what develops character?

    And Joy, I now have a slightly different picture of you. Not bad, just more . . . well-rounded, shall we say. I am not sure I could have even applied for that job. And I’ve had some squeamy ones (think nursing home aide – which was actually worse than the one I wrote about, except that it only lasted 7 days). One of my exes was a scientist and he used to do some kind of research that involved harvesting that . . . I don’t know, I guess I’m glad there are others who are willing to do it, because I’m not . . . .

  12. nikki says:

    you and me both SKL!!

  13. Joy says:

    Oh come on you guys. It was a pretty cool job really. It’s really big business in all area’s of farming. Do you have any idea how many farmers buy sperm and artificially inseminate themselves? At least all I had to do was reach through the cubby and grab the bag and do the research on it. Had I had to “collect” it, I wouldn’t have applied.

  14. nikki says:

    what?? they artificially inseminate themselves?? Wait are we talking about the pigs or the farmers?? LOL

  15. Joy says:

    Farmers inseminate their animals “themselves” with sperm they buy of really good stock. Like for example, Kevin and Shelley buy sperm from Black Angus and then inseminate their own cows with that. I’ve seen Shelley do it. It ain’t pretty and it’s not cheap but it’s cheaper and easier than getting a bull in there!! It also keeps the lineage of the herd from getting incestuous because they keep track of who they’ve inseminated with who.

  16. SKL says:

    My mom has a tack shop so I have learned a few things about animal husbandry. Far more than I ever wanted to know. Like I said, I am just glad I don’t have to do that stuff.

  17. Sue says:

    I’d like to change my answer! After taking the kids to the dentist this afternoon and seeing a sign for Dahlco Seed, it reminded me of my corn detasseling days. That job was the worst. I would rather have watched those 3 naughty kids than do that again! Oh wait, I did only last one summer!

  18. tessafroom says:

    Sue, that sounds interesting! LOL I did the same thing-cleaning a disguisting house of 2 kids I babysat! I firmly believe in having my house clean before people come over. You should pay the babysitter extra for that!
    Joy, ewww! That’s the worst!

    I cleaned toliets last summer 2007, that was the worst. Didn’t mind it at first, but after 3 months no thanks. Sometimes guys are messier thank you very much! I loved the job though, it was my favorite, as a state park aide. Loved being outdoors and talking with people. Beautiful deer here and views.

  19. SKL says:

    I co-owned a factory that we bought during hard times. They didn’t have anyone in charge of cleaning. Well, the women kept their bathroom clean, but nobody would clean the men’s. So one day I went in there and went to work.

    Never. Again.

    Those men can wade in pee for all I care. If they don’t mind it, why should I?

  20. tessafroom says:

    LOL true, true

  21. mssc54 says:

    A few summers ago when the temps were consistantly hovering around 100 degrees I got a call from the Housing

    An elderly lady (who had no air conditioning) died in her home and they only found her because of the flies trying to get into the house.

    I had to clean the place up.

    You asked….

  22. Jane says:

    That is so funny Joy. I would never ever guessed that you worked at a boar stud barn. We buy almost all our sperm and I inseminate myself. That’s why they sell shoulder length gloves at the Vet. Sorry is it’s TMI but Joy’s right, it is big business. I’ve never done it with pigs though, just our cattle and we have Black Angus too. It does help with the bloodlines.

    Mssc, that’s horrible!! Poor lady. Poor you.

    I’ve never really had a job I didn’t like. I only worked NOT on a farm during college and I was in food service and I liked it okay.

  23. Tessa says:

    what do u do mssc?

  24. Joy says:

    Jane, I figured you’d know about AI. I thought you’d do your own too given the size of your farm. I’m just not sure why it surprised anyone that I had this job once. LOL!!!

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