Winter Driving

winter-drivingEvery year we go through this.  Winter comes, snow flies and the roads get slippery.  So why is it that every year when winter arrives and we know the roads are going to be slippery and snow covered, people still drive like idiots???

As an example.  Going to work last week it had rained during the night and it turned into snow by early morning and it froze.  The roads were like skating rinks.  

I was driving slower than normal and trying to be very careful.  We get to about a 200 foot double lane over pass and there were about 15 of us cars driving slower all in one lane-single file.  I look over to my side and see some idiot is flying by, probably going about 120 km (65-70 mph).  I’m thinking if he loses control and doesn’t hit the ditch he will for sure cause all of us to have an accident and we are on an overpass….we have nowhere to go but down.

Funny thing, a little further up the road who is in the ditch???  That same car.  I guess he lost control and went straight in.  He didn’t roll or hit the ditch or anything. Needless to say most of us in that line up that he had just gone flying by, drove right past him.

I know the nice thing would have been to stop and make sure he was okay but I kept driving.  I kept thinking that I have a family at home and he could have just caused me to have an accident from driving so recklessly.

What about you?  Does your weather change this way and do you get snow in the winter and what would you have done?  I’m still pretty furious even just thinking of this because when I saw him speeding towards me when it was that slippery, I got that heart stopping fear where it takes a little while for your heart to get back to beating at the regular rate.

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14 Responses to Winter Driving

  1. SKL says:

    I’m with you. I live on a Great Lake and my parents live 60 miles away in the “snow belt,” so I’ve had my share of freaky winter driving. And idiot aggressive drivers. Often it’s an SUV and the driver seems to think his big wheels are going to save him. Next thing you know, look who’s in the ditch.

    I have to admit I’m a “there but for the grace of God go I” driver. I have made mistakes for which God has graciously forgiven me, so when I see someone in trouble, even if it’s an idiot, I don’t dare feel too superior. I don’t stop, though – especially not on an icy road (I’ve gotten stuck that way before). I’m a woman alone or a woman with babies in the car. Who knows who that other person is. Let some man or group of people help them out.

  2. Idiot drivers annoy me to no end. Grr. I will never get the point of driving at an insane speed on a wet road when it’s OBVIOUSLY dangerous. Is it an ego thing? Is it a thrill thing? Is it just stupidity? I really will never understand it.

    The winters here are, well, not really winters. No snow, for one thing. And it’s November 20th and it’s still in the 70s Fahrenheit. It’s not even all that cold at night yet. God, I can’t wait to go to college somewhere cold :).

  3. nikki says:

    We go through the same thing here. It’s as if snow has never fallen in Minnesota!!! I can understand if it’s you’re first winter but for everyone else, there’s no excuse. I think there needs to be some winter driving classes when you take your regular classes. Maybe there are, if so people need to may attention in class, lol!!! I grew up in California and I didn’t even get my license until I was like 24 or so, but I have never gotten into an accident or caused one. I don’t drive too slow, go with the flow, but if I feel the need to go super slow I do, and I don’t care how pissed off the people behind me get. Better safe than sorry. And Lisa, I would have driven past that a-hole and laughed at him, that is if he’s okay and doesn’t have children with him.

  4. kwoneshe2 says:

    Growing up where we always get snow or ice, I notice this every year! What burns me, is when people in 4WDs, and I have one, seem to think they can still drive 60 ON ICE!!!

  5. Just a Mom says:

    We don’t get snow here but we get the crazy drivers every time it rains! Just take a deep breath and slow down people. Better to get there 5 minutes later than to not get there at all!

  6. thegoddessanna says:

    When I was stationed in Monterey, California, it actually “snowed” once (so much for global warming!). Like, 5 snowflakes fell from the skies – and the residents went insane. Half of them drove 5 miles an hour, and the rest sped around worried that the frozen precipitation would damage their paintjob (or they were too lazy to put their convertable top up).

    It didn’t get much better in Virginia, at least here in Hampton Roads… I dread snowfall, even though I love snow, because the white stuff turns drivers into fraktards. It’s not like there’s a lot of snow where I learned to drive, but I know to take my time and not be paranoid about snow.

    I love the people who drive superfast in their SUVs in the snow – they make the evening news more entertaining.

  7. Sue says:

    I live in Mn also, so I agree with Nikki! I have relatives in Missouri and it’s very funny to hear them talk about snow or the cold. If it snows 2 inches there school is closed and virtually everything shuts down! They just don’t have the equipment to plow out a huge city. I have to admit that I usually drive right by someone in the ditch b/c I don’t want to end up with them and there are too many weirdo’s out there.

  8. Joy says:

    People do drive so weird the first couple of times it snows. I just stay home and pray for everyone else out in it. I hate the freezing drizzle. I love winter but hate driving in it.

    This reminds me of a story about when we first moved out here. It gets very foggy and we were coming home one night from the grocery store and it was really foggy and we were going pretty slow. This guy whips around us and we thought “whatever, go for it” and all of a sudden we see his tail-lights and here he’d hit a deer. There are lots of them out here too. He was very sheepish when we stopped for him. We had to bring him to our house so he could use the phone. This was before everyone had cell phones. Not that his would have probably worked where he was anyway.

    I find some people just drive to fast for the conditions it’s under.

  9. tessafroom says:

    Yes, Minnesota drivers are scary! Snow is scary to drive in! Rain here in Washington gets slick too, but drivers are careful usually. In MN, many drivers think they are invincible!

    Last time I drove when we lived there and it snowed, I was driving home from abbott hospital where I worked. It was dark and snowing bad. Even though I was driving careful, I did a 360 and came to a stop facing oncoming traffic!! It was the scariest time ever. Luckily, the cars slowed down and I got over in time to turn around. I went like 10 mph the whole way back to our apartment in Coon Rapids about 15 min away…probably took me 30 minutes though! I was shaking.

  10. tessafroom says:

    One winter my best friend who lived up north did a 180 into the ditch! She’s a nervous nelly on the road and I KNEW, just knew it was going to happen-so I more or less thought it was funny! She was going slow and it was just funny how nervous she gets…I got us out proud to say, and drove her home! I miss Minnesota!!! I miss the snow!!

  11. tessafroom says:

    I cannot wait for it to snow here on Whidbey Island and for everyone to close up shop and drive like grannies, then Eric and I will pass them by and wave 😉

  12. Amber says:

    Im an even tempered driver for the most part. I don’t think adding my bad behavior to the situation is helpful. *shrug* I did however see on a gadget for your car that is a pushbutton light for your car that is a light up sign that gives people a happy face, sad face or gives them the finger…lol

  13. K. Trainor says:

    I probably wouldn’t have stopped, either, but I would have called 911 on the person’s behalf.

  14. Jane says:

    Yes, those first few times are tricky for some. We’ve had snow already and I’m pretty used to it but I know there are some who just turn into idiots for the first few times. I don’t like the freezing drizzle.

    For people who cruise around like it’s nothing new really do irritate me too. I wouldn’t have stopped in this case because there are plenty of others to help him out and you were a woman alone. One just never knows. If it happened anywhere near me, I would stop because that guy could be sitting there all day if he was really stuck. Or I’d go home and have my husband take the tractor to pull him out. But in your situation, I’d have driven right by too.

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