The Funny Little Things

notes3I think we all to some degree have funny little things we do. Our own signature things we do with certain people. You might sign off a letter in one way to one person because it has special meaning or it’s just something you’ve always done. When I was 16 I met my best friend Danielle, we were slightly odd teenagers and came up with some pretty weird things and ideas. We made up this club an always signed our letters with the initials A.I.N. To this day we cannot remember what that stood for but get great laughs at how incredibly strange we were!!!

Joy has something with each of her boys, that she always puts in their cards or whatever. My daycare boy shows his love by touching finger tips with you. Just his thing. Jason steals my nose, that’s our thing. The words “nothings impossible” is mine and Bailey’s thing. For as long as I can remember every time I say I love you to him, he says to me…”I love you more.” Then I say to him…”that’s impossible” and in turn he says, “NOTHINGS IMPOSSIBLE.” I think it’s sweet and something that we will do forever.

So do you have a funny special thing you do with a certain someone?

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22 Responses to The Funny Little Things

  1. candi says:

    Each time spongebob comes on me and my boy will grab our noses and do it when he does, at the beginning of the show, my son will say ready mommy, ready, and we do it together. I can remember signing my letters to my best friend with my nick name that she always had for me.

  2. SKL says:

    My daughters and I make suspicious faces at each other during pauses in activity (like when they are waiting at the table while I prepare to serve them). It’s like, OK, you’re acting good and quiet, what are you secretly up to?

    When I say “show some baditude” the girls will make fists and convulse with fake anger.

    I can’t resist “spanking” their little butts and I say “boop boop!” when I do it, so now they do it to me, to each other, and to their dolls / bears: “boop boop!” Sometimes it’s “beat beat!” I hope they don’t do that when the social worker comes for the post-placement visit . . . .

    At bedtime my oldest daughter goes down first, then I bring sis in about 5 minutes later. The eldest must then get up and kiss sissy and make her bear kiss sissy. Then as I put little sis down, big sis jumps up and down in her bed, pretending to be bratty. So I must turn around and say “as for YOU, young lady -” upon which she laughs and collapses back onto her pillow to get tucked in again. This exact scene has been replayed at least 200 times on a nightly basis.

  3. Elena says:

    My husband and I have a lot of inside jokes. We’re always throwing out movie quotes or a word or phrase that reminds us of a certain understanding we have. I love it. I can’t think of anything specific right this minute.

    My Dad and I had a lot too. There was one old-timey song that if he whistled the first bar I had to whistle the second then we would take turns whistling it. We also quoted a lot of Pink Panther movie lines to each other.

  4. mssc54 says:

    Sign off a letter? Is that like the alphabet or something?

    Aimless In the North (AIM)

    “Butterfly kisses” with my youngest bio-daughter.

    My middle daughter has a friend who lives out in the “boon-docks”. She loves me all the way to Ashley Fender’s house!

    My oldest daughter fell out of her stroller while I was “in charge” and to this day (28 years later) has a half inch scar on her forehead. She still kids me about that.

    Lindsay and Porter we’ve had about 30 months now and their little personalities are flourishing each day so we haven’t landed on that special thing yet but they are always saying the funniest things.

    Last night the Mrs. had them in the van on the way home and just out of the blue Linz says; “Hey mommy… did you know that policemen are out all the time?” Really says mommy. “Yeh, except in the morning when they are eating their doughnuts.”

    Just too funny that that is common knowledge for six year olds!

  5. Joy says:

    This is such a cute thing. I always sign Jason’s stuff with Skid. He used to always sing me that song, Skidamarinkadinkadink skidamarinkadoo, I love you. Toby’s with More. He used to always say I love you more after I said it, like Bailey does with you.

    With the grandkids, I have special little names for them. I always say Hiya Handsome to Bailey. I call Trinity either Pink or Chickie and I call Christopher Magoo.

    It’s nice to think of fun things.

  6. SKL says:

    This reminds me of one of our Thanksgiving traditions. My dad and I attended college at the same time. There was this English prof who was all foo-foo and really full of herself. We were a down-to-earth, working-class family. I took her because she was the only choice for a class I wanted; he took her because he heard she was really easy and he is severely dyslexic. She would get all emotional about the individual students – or, at least, she did with me and my dad. And because my dad needed all the help/sympathy he could get, he sucked up, thus encouraging her excesses. There were many family jokes at her expense.

    Well, one of her favorite words was “poignant.” So every Thanksgiving (it’s been 22 years now), someone uses the word “poignant” in a sentence and everyone dies laughing. New in-laws just look at each other and shrug.

  7. thegoddessanna says:

    Tim will sing to me when I’m upset, in this horrible, horrible way… it’s so wonderful, I love it. He’ll sing this song he learned at Boy Scout camp, it goes like this:
    I love my (object here), I really doo-oo
    I love my (object again), I surely doo-oo
    When my (beloved object) is gone/missing, I’m bluuuueee
    Oh, (object), I love you!

    He uses his pet name for me, but it’s a private name, so I omitted it. I also sing this song to him, and the “You are my sunshine” song. Neither of us can sing very well, but it’s our thing.

    My sons and I have a running joke about being each other’s baby. I’ll ask Tom if he’s my baby, and he’ll go “No, I’m Tom-Tom.” Cam will respond with “I’m Cam-Cam.” When they ask if I’m their baby, I always respond “Of course!” Makes them giggle every time. Sophie and I have our sleep-overs on Sunday nights – it’s the night Tim has to go back home, so we snuggle in bed together and watch Iron Chef America together while trying not to miss him too much. And Eskimo kisses (nose rubs).

  8. Joy says:

    Those kind of things are really neat SKL. My brother and I have a lot of “private” words.

  9. Just a Mom says:

    To both of my girls I always tell them I love them to the moon and back.

  10. Tessa says:

    That is so cute with you and Bailey, NIkkI! Nice post. I love when people say “I love you more.” Too cute.

    Well…I call Eric Magoo (funny Joy)
    With my best friend Mandy I’ve known since 1st grade we always sign letters BFF and with her or my husband we can read each other’s minds in a way we know each other so well… With both we finish each others sentences or just say what the other is thinking by reading the face, you know? (Nikki, they are BOTH Leos and born 1 day apart exactly…they are so alike in weird ways no one should be, it’s scary! It’s weird my husband turned out to be born so close to her. )
    With my brother-he always tickles me so hard it hurts and I can’t get away! He use to be my “little” brother….
    My mom knows I love hallmark-always buys me one-and when I was little I started making my own cards and writing DaleMark on the back (our last name was Dale of coarse-original I know), so I cross out Hallmark and put that sometimes with fam/friends who knew me then.

    Eric and I do the Eskimo kisses too-ever since we first dated he did that. We love to still listen to Eminem together when we are driving somewhere aways away and try to sing all the words right…and other old songs from when we were teenagers, I love it, we have lots of fun doing that. After Eric had brain surgery, he started saying “I’m grateful for you” before bed, and I say that to him whenever I feel like it and sometimes at bed if he forgets….ok we probably have a million things, but I’ll stop at that! He’s gonna be like, why’d you tell them that!? lol

  11. Tessa says:

    SKL that is too funny about “poignant”! It is a funny word!

  12. Tessa says:

    Oh, with one Navy friend of ours, he always says “It is what it_” and you fill in the blank, “is”. Silly, but fun! So we do that sometimes, and leave him a message saying that 🙂

  13. Tessa says:

    Oh, and Eric and Shane always talk in the bathroom together! It’s so funny-in person or even on the phone- so I always make fun and say “what are you guys doing in there?” They’re worse than girls. Nikki, now you got me thinking! I have more little things with peps than I thought. When my friend Ann & I were kids, we always said, “Holy Cow!” So now our thing is to buy each other “holy cows” or stuff with cows, and we went to Catholic school together, so we find funny nun things too! 😉

  14. nikki says:

    I love all of your comments. I think it’s great to have those special things with people. Tessa~ Jason says, “it is what it is.” Funny. Jason always says, “that’s how we roll”, and now Bailey says that!! Very cute!!!
    Mssc~ I adore butterfly kisses!!!! Makes my son laugh and now I do it with my youngest niece, along with the Eskimo kisses!!

  15. Tessa says:

    What are butterfly kisses?

  16. nikki says:

    It’s when you flutter your eye lashes on their cheek!! Kids love it!!!

  17. kweenmama says:

    My daughters had to teach me how to text two years ago (yes, I’m severly deficient when it comes to technology). One of our terms of endearment is “dork.” One day my daughter and I were texting and she sent something that made me laugh. I wanted to text “dork” to her, but my phone wouldn’t recognize the word and I didn’t know how to get out of T9 mode so I sent the word “fork.” She knew what I meant and laughed before sending back the word “spoon.” Now we all call each other fork instead of dork.

    My son and I give each other the hand signal for “I love you” as he walks down the street to school.

  18. nikki says:

    that’s funny kweenmama! I hate that T9 mode!

  19. Sue says:

    My son’s nickname is Bubba and my daughter’s is Trinny Pooh Pooh Bear. I tell her to “do your best in school tomorrow” each night at bedtime, and I tell Christopher that I love him bunches.

  20. nikki says:

    I always say, what’s up chicken butt to Bailey. One time I said it to my niece Emily and Bailey said to me, “I’m your chicken butt!!” I’ll never do that again!!

  21. Joy says:

    Aw Nikki, that’s so sweet. I can see him saying that.

  22. When I tell Jamie that I love her, she says “Ditto” a lot, which is so us……

    With our daughter, when we tell her we love her, she always says, ” I love you more”, and then I say “No way”, she says “yes, way!” and we go back and forth……

    I adore that!!!! Jamie and I also have a V/J symbol that we created that represents our love……..

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