Are you loyal??

I’m not talking about to your spouse. I’m talking about to your products. This is something I have a beauty-products1problem with. I cannot stick with one brand of any product. Joy is the most loyal person I know when it comes to her products. Me on the other hand am the worst!

I try, I really do. When I find something I like, whether it’s a certain brand or flavor or scent I think to myself, “I really like this one and I’m going to stick with it.” I should know by now I’m full of BS! All that goes out the window when I get to the store to replace whatever item. For example, soap, I generally stick with Dove, I like the way it feels. But then I see that Olay has a new scent and I just maybe might like that more. I change everything from coffee creamer to toothpaste. I change laundry soaps, dish soaps, shampoos, even my make up and face creamers. I do it with food too. I like to try new things at restaurants, 9 times out of 10 I’m disappointed and wish I’d gotten something I knew I liked. Then I have to hear Jason say, “I told you so!” I never ever like giving Jason that power!

Joy gave me a couple of bars of soap to try, Dove Energize with grapefruit and lemongrass. I loved it, it was so refreshing and the smell was outstanding!! Do you think that’s what I have now? No. Dove but a different scent. I have that scent in my shampoo and conditioner right now and I want so bad to keep using that but I know once I get into the store that will change. I think they give us too many choices!!!! For someone like me, too many choices overwhelms me. I try every new coffee creamer that comes out, usually I’m pleased but there are those times that I’m completely disappointed.

Am I the only one that has hard time committing to one brand, scent or flavor?? I wish I could stick to one, it’d make shopping with me a whole lot easier. My husband refuses to shop with me all together now. I have to look at everything, I may find something new I’d like to try!! See there I go again, it’s never ending!

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15 Responses to Are you loyal??

  1. javajunkee says:

    the only laundry soap I use is purex free and clear…it doesn’t irritate anybody in the house and it’s a good price..

    nope the rest is up for grabs on who snags me with their scent, price or whatever.

  2. Once I find the perfect product, I stick with it. The only time I switch is if it’s unavailable, or like this summer, I can’t afford it (I had to switch from Burt’s Bees to a cheaper organic brand at the commissary).

    Speaking of loyalty, it’s kinda crappy that a few of my favorite stores are going out of business… now the search begins again for comparable stores. I remember when Bath & Body works discontinued my favorite scent (I bought the perfume spray) of night-blooming jasmine. I boycotted them for over a year I was so mad!

  3. SKL says:

    I’d say I’m mostly loyal, but I will try something new if I’m convinced it does everything my old product does, and claims to do a bit more. I don’t buy a lot of “consumer products” and the ones I buy tend to be simple and natural. I don’t care about brand names. So I guess I’m in a market segment that isn’t easy to win over with point-of-purchase advertising – though I do have some “buttons” that will sway me. For example, if I find a generic non-food product that claims to be the same as my usual product, I will try it.

  4. Morocco says:

    I’m pretty loyal but sometimes I change. I used Ivory soap for years, but switched last year when my dermatologist said it would be better for my skin.

    I also enjoy trying new products! I usually keep my eye peeled for samples and free coupons because it can turn out to be quite expensive. Or if someone I know has it I’ll try it there first.

    If I do buy something new that I don’t really like, I’ll pass it on to someone who I think will to avoid being wasteful.

  5. Joy says:

    Nikki, you make me laugh. I’ve never looked at this in this way before. First of all, I’m a heck of a lot older than you are so I’ve been “disloyal” in the past. That’s how I got to be “loyal.” By trial and error for myself. I know what works for me now and what doesn’t. I have extremely sensitive skin so I can’t really use things with a lot of perfumes in them so when I find a lotion or moisturizer that works for me, I stock up on it. I always have this fear that they will discontinue something I use like Goddess mentioned. I also stock up when I find a lip balm I really like. That new Lypsyl I tried and loved, I bet I have 12 of them upstairs. They change them so often and I LOVE that new one. When I got to Walmart, I buy every single one off the shelves that they have.

    I also don’t look around in the stores. I would only use Dove soap so I just go, pick it up and carry on my way. I buy them in big packs usually from Sam’s Club but if Dove comes out with a new “scent,” I’ll buy one bar and if I like it, I will buy it the next time. I love the Dove with the grapefruit, it makes me sing out loud in the shower!!! LOL!!!

    Food, I’m not loyal there. I’ll try almost any new food. You crack me up. This was a great post.

  6. SKL says:

    One thing that will make me change is if I try something at someone else’s house, as Morocco mentioned above. I have learned a couple of great ideas from the most unlikely sources. For example, I always bought bar soap because my mom always did and I saw no reason to change. Then my boyfriend mentioned that he only used liquid soap because that way he never has to clean soap scum. Well, at first I balked, but then I realized that made a lot of sense. Also, even though liquid soap might cost more per ounce, it goes farther because we waste a lot of bar soap by leaving it out to the elements. So long story short, I have learned from ex-boyfriends to use liquid soap, liquid laundry detergent, and a few other conveniences.

  7. K. Trainor says:

    I stick to old favorites. Rarely do I venture into the realm of newness. (Boring, I know!)

  8. Just a Mom says:

    I stick to the tried and true! I don’t like change unless it goes into my pocket! 🙂
    This is a true story: I use the cheap Sauve shampoo but I use an expensive Paul Mitchell conditioner. When my husband and I were dating he came over to my house and he must have been snooping around in my bathroom. I hear him scream “this is just plain insane, there is no way this could happen!” It turned out he used the exact same shampoo and conditioner. I should have ran as fast as I could! 🙂

  9. Tessa says:

    OMG Nikki, you are my twin. That is so me! And I am sure Eric is soon to stop shopping with me also!! LOL I am the same way, but I do love trying new foods-even though it scares me and I get mad when I don’t like it and say, damn-I should have got what I usually do!
    I think hair products you got to switch it up or else the hair gets use to it and doesn’t work right anymore, but that theory might just be in my head!!
    I wish I was a “loyal” brand gal too, but we’re brave right? Joy is right, eventually we’ll probably be “loyal” gals too after trying it all. I agree, Nikki, there are WAY too many options and choices out there! I say that ALL the time! I wish it was like the olden days when we just had a few options! Cheers to us for trying new things! 😉
    I finally wrote a new blog if anyone wants to check it out!

    Java- I use the same stuff-Purex! Or whatever is cheapest that is fragrance free at the time! Cheaper than the “baby” brands they try to sell you at twice the cost, when what you’re paying extra for is the baby smell-which I love, but not at that price!!

  10. Elena says:

    I’ll be loyal to a product out of pure stuck-in-a-rut-edness until they piss me off for some reason. Then, to heck with them! I’ve never had a brand be loyal to me!


  11. mssc54 says:


    I’de rather stick with something I know than risk saving $2 on something that might be as good.

  12. nikki says:

    Jason is trying to help me be more loyal. He went to the store and got me the same Dove shampoo and conditioner. Joy you know that Dove soap you like? I know you like bar soap but you have got to try the body wash, it’s like a million little beads exfoliating your skin!!! Makes me sing a little louder in the shower!!

  13. Joy says:

    LOL Nikki, I’m not sure I can be UN-loyal to my bar soap. I’m going to have Jason tape you singing in the shower and I’ll put it on here!!!

  14. nikki says:

    It’s really too bad I’m too old for American Idol!!!!

  15. SanityFound says:

    “I love the Dove with the grapefruit, it makes me sing out loud in the shower!!!” lmao oh boy Dove has a grapefruit flavour?

    I’m really bad, my skin is really sensitive so I can’t use just anything because I have an allergic reaction so no cheap stuff works, sadly. Dove is also a big no no, something in it makes my skin (don’t laugh its ironic) dry out.

    This all makes me loyal for certain products, beauty and skin care I have to be (even Ponds I had a reaction to) so only Este Lauder there –

    If there is a new scent I always smell it first and never just try it either. My nose is super sensitive so some products just make me sneeze while others stick in my throat (hard to explain) and make my breathing difficult – No aerosol’s (spraying can kind) can be used near me and heaven help you if you use spray and cook it closes my chest faster than a mouse after cheese!

    Clothing brands I am a whore with, if I like it and it suits my build it’s on me, doesn’t matter who its from.

    So to sum it all up I am a confused human who has mixed morals towards products lol… aye now isn’t that typical! *sniff*

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