12 step email program


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7 Responses to 12 step email program

  1. shane says:

    That’s very funny. I can’t think of anything that bothers me more about computers then unwanted emails. Seriously like 1 out of 10 is worth reading. It’s very annoying.

  2. SanityFound says:

    ROFL where do I sign up???

  3. javajunkee says:

    Oh my gosh that’s so funny. I’m not so much about the email as I am about here…I’m on here 20 times a day seeing who posted something new. I’m a google reader addict!

  4. nikki says:

    That was me yesterday. A new email came in and I knew who it was from and really wanted to read it. Jason says to me,”your brother needs the computer, why don’t you let him do his thing first?” It took everything I had to close up and hand it over. I probably looked like that women!!!!

  5. Joy says:

    That is so funny Nikki!!!

  6. Elena says:

    This would be hilarious if I wasn’t so addicted to my computer… as it is, I find it pathetic! 😀

  7. Sue says:

    Yes, I think we could all use this class!!!

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