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I got new glasses this last time I went to get my eyes checked. I didn’t get new ones last year since Iglasses really liked the ones I had before and my eyes hadn’t really changed enough to warrant the expense.  I did splurge on a funky pair of sunglasses though.  So this last time I went in, I needed a new pair just because two years of wearing the same pair 24-7, they were in kinda bad shape.

So I picked out a new pair with the help of one of those ladies who help you.  I got them measured and waited for them to get here.  I got the call and went to pick them up.  I really liked them and they were cute. She put them on me and they felt “okay” and off I went. I didn’t wear them home because I needed my sunglasses so when I got home I put them on and thought “wow, these are cute.” They were a root beer color and a cream color kind of swirled together.

After a few hours they felt really weird.  I looked in the mirror and they didn’t look right.  I adjusted them and I knew something was wrong.  The left lens was sitting against my cheek and the right one, my eyelash was hitting the lens.  I was really irritated.  I’ve been getting the progressive lenses now for roughly 7 years and they are really hard to adjust to so I just hate getting new glasses to begin with.  But something was really wrong with these. I put my old ones on and didn’t go back for a few weeks but when I did, I got my favorite lady and she told me to put them on to which I did and she looked at me and said “those glasses will never be able to be fitted for your face, the bridge doesn’t sit right on your nose!”  She said it was no big deal and I could just pick out another pair and we’d call it a wash.

What I want to know is what happens to that old pair?  The lenses can’t be used for anyone else.  Who in the world would have the same prescription as I do?  I’d like to know why that first lady didn’t tell me that in the first place and why would she measure me and not notice that?  Isn’t that her job?  My lenses cost over $300. Isn’t that kind of a costly mistake to just say “no big deal?”  Is this a part of the reason that glasses are so expensive?

I always keep my most recent pair as a spare but I always take my older ones there and they donate them to people who can’t afford glasses.  I talked to my eye doc about it once when I was there and I asked him how do other people wear someone else’s glasses?  I always thought it could really hurt your eyes to wear the wrong prescription.  He told me it’s just about getting them as close as they can and he belonged to a group of doctors that go to other countries to give eye exams and hand out these donated glasses. That it would be that or nothing for some of these people.

But as much as I like donating what I don’t use anymore, I felt like this was a very costly mistake and in the end, don’t we all end up paying for mistakes like this?

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8 Responses to New glasses

  1. SKL says:

    Don’t even get me started on eyeglasses and contacts. I got the “zap zap” a few years ago and I was so glad to put all that yuck behind me.

    I had a weird prescription too but they let me donate my glasses. I can see the point of having “something better than nothing.” I was legally blind, so if someone with eyes that bad had a partial solution, I know it’s a lot better than nothing.

    As far as it costing a lot to fix a mistake – I believe the actual cost of manufacturing the glasses is pretty small, compared to the amount you pay. You are really paying for the service and the marketing and all that.

    I remember when I was a kid, and I badly needed glasses, and I had to wait until I was in the 3rd grade because my folks couldn’t afford the $50. A friend of the family just didn’t bother so the public school gave their kid free glasses. It would be interesting to find out the true cost of the glasses themselves – then and now.

    Well, I am glad they fixed the problem for you at no extra cost – you are right, it was their fault – why wouldn’t they check before assembling the glasses?

  2. mssc54 says:

    I just buy those $5 reading glasses from the Dollar Store. 🙂

  3. Joy says:

    I wish I could buy those mssc. I’ve had to wear glasses since the 7th grade but for the last few years, old age syndrome has set in and the price of them now is unreal.

  4. Sue says:

    Glasses are unreal! My daughter goes in next Monday and I’m pretty sure she’ll be getting a new pair. I have horrible eyes and wear contacts and those are not much cheaper after you buy the contacts, the solutions and the cases for the whole year. Our eye surgeons at work go to Guatomala for their mission trips so I’ll have to ask them what they do with glasses. People in those countries are grateful to have anything over nothing so it is worthwhile to donate your glasses if someone else can use them.

  5. Sue says:

    BTW, I LOVE the header!!!! Who knew your backyard was so beautiful on a cloudy day:)

  6. Joy says:

    Sue, I took this the day Trin and I went snow-shoeing. It was actually sleeting/snowing and I had my camera all wrapped in saran wrap!!!

  7. G-Ma says:

    OMG…first of all I shouldn’t even talk to Joy for having a gorgeous back yard like that!! lol

    But, you are so right–these kinds of things do drive up prices. I’d be thinking about not going back to that same place next time. Last year I got a pair of contact lenses that have the bi-focal already built in. They ROCK! I still need cheaters if the font is really small–but, it’s so cool to be able to see 98% of everything!! I’ve worn glasses since I was 7 years old–they are so uncomfortable for the face! Especially when it’s 120 in the summer and the sweat keeps them sliding down your face.

  8. nikki says:

    Oh G-ma, that’s nothing. Their property is beautiful!! My favorite thing is to sit out on the deck and just take it all in. I wish I could pick up my house and put it out there, that would be perfect!!!!
    Okay on to the post!! I don’t wear glasses but I should. I’m really bad about going to any kind of doctor. Jason just got contacts and loves them. He’s glasses were very expensive too and he’d had them for years. Way too long, I don’t know how he saw out of them at all!!!
    Yea for sure the first lady should have been more attentive. That’s a lot of money to not have them fit you perfectly!! And you come all the way in here for that, how annoying!

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