Well, I did it.

I am finally a true adult.  I mean, I’ve been an adult acting like an adult for quite some time, but thecoffee2 other day I felt like a true, whole, finally took the leap, adult. 

I bought my first can of coffee.  I know, I know.  NOT what you were thinking, but for me this is a BIG DEAL!!!!  My family knows that I did not drink coffee and if we were having any type of family get together at my house someone had to bring the coffee if they wanted to have some!  Ok, technically it’s the second can of coffee I’ve purchased, but the first one was probably 2 years ago and was for a family function and not for me to drink.  This can is because I’ve started drinking coffee and I wanted to be able to make a cup whenever I felt like it!

This whole habit started at work.  Coffee is the one thing that is still free there so EVERYONE drinks it!  It’s the worst coffee in the world, but we survive.  Since winter rolled around and it’s gotten chilly I’ve started having a half a cup of coffee in the morning at work.  Honestly, I can’t drink a whole cup b/c it makes me really hot and then I’m using the bathroom every 15 minutes for 2 hours because it’s a great diuretic!  Anyway,  since I’ve began this little ritual at work I’ve noticed that when I’m home I’m craving a cup of java.  Not an endless pot, but just that little cup with the french vanilla creamer that makes it taste like a cappuccino without all the fat/calories.  Hmmmm.

My husband can’t understand why I’ve started and I can’t really either, but I know that it just tastes good.  The little can I bought will last me forever since I only make one cup at a time and I don’t usually drink it every day, but I feel like a real grown up!  Dumb, I know,  but it really made me chuckle when I walked out of the store with a can of coffee in my cart and a little voice in my head that said, welcome to adulthood!

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17 Responses to Well, I did it.

  1. Doraz says:

    Welcome to the adult world, Joy! Happy coffee drinking!

  2. Joy says:

    Doraz, my daughter in law Sue wrote this. I’ve been a grown up “in this way” for years. I’ll knock anyone out of the way for my morning cup.

  3. Amber says:

    You bought coffee in a can? Sue a can? And you call yourself a grown up? HANG YOUR HEAD GF! Sheesh….

    A CAN…. !!! Thats like the nasty stuff they drink in 3rd world countries! Gross!

    I vote we get a collection together and send Sue some Starbucks, Petes, Seattles Best, or any other real coffee made from real COFFEE….

    Poor Sue!

  4. Sue says:

    Well, it wasn’t the old metal can, it was Folger’s in the plastic container!!!! I am not going to spend $$$$ on some fancy crap that really tastes the same as the less spendy stuff after I add a TON of creamer to it! Thanks for the thought though, Amber! Plus, I really don’t like Starbucks or Carribou Coffee:)

  5. Elena says:

    Do we have to hang our heads if we can’t afford to buy coffee not in a can?

  6. SKL says:

    OK, let’s be honest, we do NOT drink coffee because it tastes good! It still tastes exactly the same as it did when our parents gave us our first taste – YUCK!! We are addicts, plain and simple.

    I bought a can of coffee years ago so I’d have some if my mom came over. I think it’s still in the cupboard somewhere. I drink instant coffee. I found a nice organic brand. It’s somewhat palateable because I make it with half water and half milk. I drink it all day long!

    I started on coffee in my second year of grad school. A friend moved into the dorm room next to mine and showed me how to make “milk coffee” (boil milk 3 times and then combine it with a very concentrated shot of instant coffee and sugar). Later that year, we visited a friend of hers who showed me that if you add a cocoa in the concentration and put whipped cream on top, you have the most amazing coffe mocha ever. Needless to say, I was hooked for life.

    The good thing is, I discovered that if I drink coffee, my ability to think begins sometime in the morning instead of 2pm, which caused my law school grades to shoot up. Kinda wish I’d discovered that sooner.

    So anyway, welcome to the club!

  7. Mrs. C says:

    I’m still laughing over you becoming a coffee drinker. You went all these years without? If it wasn’t for coffee, I would never wake up in the mornings!

  8. Joy says:

    I love coffee. But only in the morning. I can have a social cup of it later on in the day but I don’t enjoy it like those first couple in the morning.

    I don’t like the Starbucks type coffee’s either. They are so bitter that I can’t stand it. I’m sure you have to acquire a taste for it like you do for coffee in the first place. I was out shopping one day and stopped for a cup and I’d never had it before. I took one sip and thought I was going to choke. I thought I was going to grow hair where I didn’t want hair to be and I thought who in the world pays $4 for a cup of coffee that tastes like this??? That was my one and only time for that. I do have to admit that I LOVE those Cappuccino’s that are more like hot chocolate that coffee.

    I love my Folgers. I always have. I am a creature of habit and that’s what I like.

    I wanted to mention Sue that I loved your writing style for this post. I think it was very cute and you really had me wondering just what you did and the way you walked out of the store with a little spring in your step, I really enjoyed reading it. Welcome to adulthood 😉

  9. Just a Mom says:

    Ahhh, nothing like a nice hot cup of coffee! I drank my first “real” cup of coffee on my first day of high school. My mom poured me a cup and said well you might as well start now since you think you are all grown up anyway! I was hooked for life! Actually it just replaced my can of Coca-Cola!
    I have tried to make my oldest daughter become an adult but she would much rather stick with her hot chocolate!

  10. Congratulations, Sue! I’ve become a coffee addict way too young in life :(. But it’s definitely an acquired taste and it’s quite an amazing drink to have just for something yummy in your mouth!

  11. mssc54 says:

    Keep the can to put real coffe in when it’s empty. 😉

  12. nikki says:

    Oh Sue!!! You had me laughing!! Welcome to adulthood…I’m just a big kid that drinks coffee to pretend!! LOL First of all..when you told me you were drinking coffee I couldn’t believe it!! It’s soooo not you! I love my coffee and I love my coffee from my plastic container…Folgers! It’s all we drink and I would never pay a lot for it either…we drink way too much! WTH is wrong with coffee from a can anyway!! No Elena we don’t half to hang our head low because of that! I actually don’t even drink coffee for the caffeine, it’s the warmth and taste. As you all know I try different creamers…my newest one…White Chocolate coconut cream!!!! How delish does that sound!?? Great post Sue! tff!

  13. DM says:

    I can still remember my first cup of coffee too Sue- I was 16..we were working on a farm and the wife just automatically poured everyone a cup..there I was stuck in the middle of the table..didn’t want to offend her- Lester (an older gentleman saw my problem whispered to me…just put lots of cream and sugar in it..I was able to choke it down…

    jump ahead 5 years..I LOVE my coffee- black no sugar please. I drink it for the buzz and I drink it for the taste. For me, it is one of the simple pleasures of life..I love starbucks,and I love folgers…..if you’re looking for any gift ideas..anything coffee related works for me 🙂

    I too enjoyed your post Sue. DM

  14. Amber says:

    Ok I was gonna write this whole big long geeky thing about coffee roasting and not all of it is bitter …. how the big coffee companies have made it more so over the years because of us bad computer people and demand blah blah. But Ill spare you all that ….

    Made well Sue, good coffee is.. good. Not the bitter crap that you normally get. Im just as against that as the canned stuff. But to be honest, for the prices they charge for the can these days you get better value from the bean roasters – to answer Elena.

    But I do realize its all what you get used to and I was mainly just razzing you to razz ya! 🙂

  15. Sue says:

    Oh, I got ya Amber! In high school I worked in a grocery store and when we got our coffee beans and grinder machine it was like smelling heaven when you walked down the aisle! It still took me 12 years before I started drinking the stuff. My grandmother would be so proud that I’ve finally done it. I remember trying it as a kid/teenager and my glass was mostly sugar and I wondered how on Earth people could drink it!

    Maybe if I keep this habit up I’ll find some good grinder and get the whole beans, but for starters I needed something I could just pop the top on! I had to read the side of the can to figure out how much to put in the coffee maker for crying out loud!!! New kid on the block!

  16. Joy says:

    Sue, fana has one of those little grinders and I’ll bet she doesn’t use it anymore. She used to put a whole bunch of beans in a bag as a “surprise” and it was gross!! She’d mix them all up and you could taste amaretto and vanilla and all kinds of gross stuff. I’ve been drinking my Folgers for so many years that chances are pretty high I won’t change. Unless of course I go visit Amber and she can serve it to me in bed while I look out over her beautiful lake taking pictures.

  17. SKL says:

    Now I want to go to India where my friends bring me specially-made coffee to drink as I relax in the sunroom, contemplate antiquity, and hide from the real world. Maybe next time I will spend a few bucks to stay at a resort and really live it up without guilt. Aaahhh . . . . OK, back to work now! Slurp . . . .

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