What to do with the kids on a snow day??

3404521_blogDon’t we always love a snow day?  Or do we? I know how it goes working in a school when we are going to get a snow day.   We always found out the night before and had a calling tree.  It’s up to the superintendent to decide this.  This is how we do it in Minnesota.

I know now that we live in the country, we have more “late starts” than closings.  We don’t have the plows going all night like in a city so once the roads are plowed, the kids can go to school.  Our schools aren’t closed very often just for the cold but more in cases of a LOT of snow.

I know for me, I worked in the same district that my kids went to school in so if they had a snow day, so did I but I often wonder what people do with their kids if there is a snow day?  Chances are high if everything is closed you’ll be at home too but what if your not?

I guess parents with kids in daycare go through this kind of thing often if the daycare lady has a sick child or she takes a day off. What do you do with your kids?  Do you have to take a day off if your kids need to stay home?

Do you love a snow day or is it nothing but trouble for you?  I LOVE getting snowed in.

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11 Responses to What to do with the kids on a snow day??

  1. SKL says:

    I work mostly from home, so if my nanny has an unscheduled day off, I can pretty much work around it. As for snow – I do enjoy it as long as I don’t have to dig my car out in the freezing cold or slide uncontrollably on icy roads.

  2. I have never had a snow day in my life :(. No snow here, you see.
    I have a feeling a lot of parents either call in sick on a snow day so they can stay at home with their little ones, or perhaps they drop their kids at friend’s houses, friends whose parents don’t work or have the day off etc.

  3. Sue says:

    A snow day is just like any other day that they wouldn’t have school. We don’t do anything spectacular b/c if school has been called off then it’s too crappy outside to do anything or go anywhere! You must have known a 2 hour late start was coming Joy! Did everyone see how cold it was this morning here? -21!!! That’s just the temp. I’m really starting to hate winter:(

  4. Elena says:

    I wish I could have a chance to find out!

    We are supposed to get between one and three inches here in Western North Carolina, which to seasoned snow country dwellers is nothing, but to places that get such a little amount, the local agencies tend to freak out and shut everything down.

    So far, NOTHING! 😦

  5. Joy says:

    This is such a coincidence. I wrote this post weeks ago not knowing that when I published it last night, today would be a 2 hour late start. It’s -21 right now and yesterday the schools closed 2 hours early because of blowing and drifting snow. It’s just awful here today and I for one am very glad I can sit inside and watch the world go by today.

  6. nikki says:

    I LOVE snow days…but we never get them. On days they should I wake up early to check but I’m always disappointed. We haven’t had a snow day this year or early closing or late starting!! SO BUMMED!! I love having Bailey home. If school is canceled because of snow then he can go play in it but if it’s because it’s too cold we play games or do art projects.
    The snow falling yesterday was absolutely breath taking!!! People complain about the cold but I really don’t mind it, I didn’t grow up with it so I really enjoy the freshness of it all. But then again my job doesn’t require me to go outside if I choose not to!!

  7. Just a Mom says:

    We get snow here in Houston every 10 years or so. We got snow in December but it was not enough for them to cancel school. I took my 9 year old to school and we played in it before school started. Then the principal was nice enough to let all the kids play in the snow for 30 minutes. I of course stayed to play in it with them! 🙂

  8. We have run out of our allotment of snow days already for the year……. most times, our daughter goes to the after school babysitter for the day. Last week, I took the day off and we had fun at home….

  9. mssc54 says:

    Snow day? Is that where you pull a trick on your parents? 🙂

    We have hurricane days! They really blow.

  10. javajunkee says:

    hand them shovels and tell them to knock themselves out 🙂

  11. phyllis says:

    I am very anxious about this “snow report” I have 2 kids that need child care and I won’t be able to pay a babysitter. She charges more than I make. I feel guilty calling out. I knew working in the day was going to screw me up, but I went on schedule anyway. Now I am regretting it.
    please advise

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