The tabloids!

star-001Okay, I have an embarrassing confession to make.  I read the tabloids.  Not only do I read them, I have them delivered to my home.  Let me begin by explaining that I need to read.  Something.  Anything. Before we moved out to the country, I got the Star and Tribune delivered to my house.  I would “wake” up each morning with my coffee and the newspaper.  Out here I could get it but it gets delivered with my mail and I really see no point in getting the paper in the afternoon.  I didn’t have the Internet either when I moved so I ordered these magazines to read in order to wake up.

I also had a subscription to People when it was first a magazine and it wasn’t trash back then.  It was a good “reliable” magazine.  It wasn’t like it is now.  I would never quote anything from them nor take anything they say as fact.  Both Sue and Nikki read them too and mostly, we just laugh.  I love to sit and read when I eat my lunch and a book is so hard to hold so that’s really the only reason I get these.  I get People, Star and Life & Style.

Whack me with a wet noodle!!  Go ahead, I deserve it.  I have figured out a way to get my book to stay open so I really have no excuse as to why I still get them other than it’s just a very old habit.

But when I saw and read this last night my blood just started to boil.  Not in any way about the “celebrity” but for all our young people in general and what they see and what they must think “normal” is.  You look at this and see if you see the same thing as I do and did.

nicole-richie-001This is what was written along the side.

nicole-richie-2-001WTH????  What TINY baby bump????  I’ve never looked like this.  It looks as though my youngest grandson Christopher could blow her over.  Is it just a “headline” to grab our attention?  How in good conscience can people get away with writing things like this? TINY BABY BUMP?????  No wonder there are so many eating disorders among our young if they think this to be a TINY BABY BUMP!!!!  Sorry I keep using caps but I’m on rant.  This makes me so mad.  Our girls as well as our boys should feel okay to be how they are without a magazine telling us that this “movie” star has a TINY BABY BUMP and implying that she’s getting *fat*  Because, isn’t that what the implication is here?

This may be just the thing for me to stop giving my money to these people because I’m telling you………………….this really ticks me right off.

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13 Responses to The tabloids!

  1. fibi says:

    I’m with you.. I haven’t bought a magazine like that for years! This was for a variety of reasons..

    One: The time that Princess Di died – I decided to take a moral stand. If the paparazzi did not have any incentive to constantly hound people, she might still be alive today. And the incentive that they have is the money they receive from the magazines – the magazines that we buy!

    Two: I have 3 daughters – I can’t shield them from everything that can occur in life, but where I can, I will.

  2. SanityFound says:

    I have a confession, I’ve been pregnant with twins for going on 6 years now and no matter what I do I just can’t seem to give birth to them. They’ve been with me so long that they have been given names, Chocolate and Eclair… strange names I know but I’ve come to realise that because I have been pregnant so long when they are finally born they will be celebrities and in turn need celebrity names don’t you agree?

    Just shows how low the world has gone and how low our media has stooped, the women who wrote that article probably has been pregnant longer than I have and hence walks around with a grudge against obviously pregnant women.

    What I would’ve like to read is “Nicole has recovered well after the birth of Harlow and is not reverting back to her previous anorexic emergency. She is looking fit and healthy, ready to wed her buoy in the upcoming wedding”

    Dang I should be a journalist…!

  3. Ok, there is NO way they could have meant this, is there?! I mean, WHAT? Joy, I am totally joining you in rant mode right now. I have SERIOUS issues about my weight, and, I confess, have been obsessed with it for the past months to a scary point. I am happy with how I look now most of the time, but I’m still obsessing.
    BUT HOW CAN THAT BE SURPRISING WHEN THAT MAGAZINE IS SHOWING ME THAT THAT IS A BELLY?! That thing is NOT a belly! That is a flat, weeny little stomach! There is NO belly there!


    I understand the lure of tabloids and I understand they’re fun to read, but this is just disgusting…

  4. javajunkee says:

    oh yeah I’m on the bus with you! I can’t stand any magazine anymore. It’s filled with girls that look like this and this is what our “real” girls think that is normal. NO it’s not and you wouldn’t believe what they can photoshop off.

    I wondered what they were calling a bump. you mean that little bit of flesh over her hips? Ohhh that’s a baby? Holy cow!

    this is one thing that can get me on a rant faster than anything. I get tired of not being able to go into a store other than the tent and awning and get a shirt because apparently a size -S is the new L WTF?

  5. Elena says:

    You’re right, it’s completely absurd. In theory journalism is supposed to reflect real life back to us to show us the parts of our reality that we might have missed, but in instances like this it seems as though they are creating “reality,” or trying to pass off fiction as reality. I don’t know how good it is to have regular doses of this sort of thing… but Joy, you seem so sane and clearheaded, with all kinds of common sense, so it must not be too harmful! I guess as long as you are ingesting it with a fun-loving and critical eye…

  6. nikki says:

    Sanity you’re so funny! Yea Joy that is the first thing I said when I saw the cover…”What bump??” I’m sure glad they weren’t chasing me for a photo after I had Bailey!! They would have thought I was having sextuplets!!!
    I do like to read them when I take my baths. Or when I just don’t feel like getting into a book. I don’t read much into them, it’s pure entertainment. I mostly like looking at the different types of fashion and hairstyles.
    I don’t pay for them, I get them from Joy when she’s done with them.
    This is so sickening, they do this all the time. Scrutinizing them for every 5 lbs they gain or lose. If they walk out of their house without their wedding rings on, they must be getting a divorce! If they don’t have a smile plastered across their face their must be problems!! Give me a break. I know it’s what they sign up for when they choose to be in the public eye but this is just out of hand.

  7. SKL says:

    I had the same reaction as you, Sanity, only I was going to say “wow, I must be about 6 months pregnant with triplets” – and my weight is a low normal.

    This unfortunately doesn’t surprise me. It does bother me, though. Some teen girls will see this and think they are overweight, when the fact is that the woman pictured is quite skinny by all reasonable measures. This is one of the reasons I will teach my daughters that you can’t take most things written “for pay” seriously. And why they might not want to put too much effort into developing their dramatic talents (though I may be a little late for that).

  8. Just a Mom says:

    I hate these magazines and I make sure I point out how sickly these super thin girls look and how unhealthy their bodies are for being that thin!
    I have a 16 year old daughter who is 5’2 and weighs 115 pounds and she has an athletic build. Her dad has a habit of telling her to watch her “pudge” every once in awhile and I go ape shit all over him when I hear him say it! I try to teach both of my girls the importance of eating healthy and feeling good about themselves.

  9. mssc54 says:

    The sadest thing I noticed was that it could be their last get away before they get married. They have a one year old and may be having another baby.

    Since when did shacking up, getting knocked up, having a baby and THEN getting married become the norm?!

    When I was in school we had a name for people like that. (Actually several names. See if you can name all of them)

  10. Sue says:

    I like reading Joy’s magazines b/c they are so absurb! I mean, really, what reality are these crazy photographers and editors living in if they can call that a baby bump??? Um, I look 3 months prego after I eat supper!!!!!! I do like them for the hairstyles and only buy them if I’m at work for the weekend with nothing to read. They do pass a little bit of time!

  11. Doraz says:

    I think these magazines help us to just “let go” and be stupid for as long as we feel like being stupid! I love them for that reason. I also like to see the clothes and hairstyles.

  12. Amber says:

    I just…

  13. lol. Looks like a “bad” tabloid for me. Stories like these should not be flaunted on the “headlines”. I agree with you, so the best move you’ll gonna make now is to switch to “business news instead”.

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