Would you pawn your stuff?

old-jewelryI’m a very sentimental person and I get very attached to “things.” I’ve got all my boys teeth and even saved Jason’s braces.  Yes, I know….eeewwwww.  I just can’t throw things like this away.  I even saved the cast from his broken arm for years but finally did throw that out but it was hard. Something always stops me from getting rid of things like this.  I’m sure I’m not alone here.  RIGHT???  When I saw this on the news the other night it got me to thinking.

Since these hard times have hit all of us, pawn shops have seen a 61% increase in people selling things.  Have you ever thought of doing this?  I will admit that I have a ton of jewelry.  Mostly rings. I lose earrings.  Well, actually, I only lose one!  I’ve never lost both of them!!!  I have a few gold necklaces but don’t wear them all the time.  So the amount I have, is enough for me.  I don’t lose rings. Well, okay, I did lose my first set of wedding rings but let’s not go there!!!  It was the only ring(s) I ever lost and I know I left them somewhere on a trip but they never “turned” up.

I was the first born girl on both sides of my family so I have a lot of “family” jewelry.  I have my dad’s grandma’s gold wedding ring and I have my mom’s grandma’s engagement ring.  My mom has already given me her wedding rings as well as other rings she’s gotten.  Mostly from my dad.  Paul has given me many beautiful rings over the years.  After your married for so long, jewelry is a good and easy gift.  

There have been tough times in my life.  I have been hungry and I have gone without an awful lot of things over the years but not once did the thought flit into my head to sell my jewelry.  To tell you the truth, I’ve never sold anything in a pawn shop.  The thought has just never occurred to me.  It’s not because I never needed the money because there have been times I have, but to sell something like that, with that emotional attachment, just never came to me.

I’ve also had a few garage sales and I’ve also donated an awful lot of my stuff but the idea to sell things like this that are so personal and so meaningful, was never an option.  I think I had garage sales just to get rid of stuff and now I donate every 3 months to the Epilepsy Foundation and that’s because they call and they come and pick it up.  It’s easy and most of the time I have a bag always going for them because they call like clockwork.  I also can’t throw away any book.  Even if I know for sure I’ll never read it again.  I can’t throw a book away but I can donate them or give them away. I feel good about that.

My question is, have you even had to sell something that really meant a lot to you?  I don’t really know how pawn shops work but what if you change your mind?  Do they have to hold it for a certain amount of time so that you can go buy it back?  I’d be so afraid to take that chance.  How bad would you feel if you sold your wedding ring with the intention of going and getting it back but you never were able to?  Would it mean heartbreak and tears for you or would you be able to put it behind you and move on?

I’m just way to sentimental.  Is it bad that I get attached to material things?  I don’t look at them like material things.  When I look down on them I feel a part of my great grandmothers and I think of my parents getting married and know that my dad went and picked these things out.

What about you?  Do you consider your jewelry “materialistic?”  Could you sell it?

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13 Responses to Would you pawn your stuff?

  1. Doraz says:

    I have a lot of jewelry that has been in “the family.” I would hold on to the jewelry for that reason. If my family were starving and I had no other means, I would pawn them in the hope of being able to get them all back. I think you are allowed certain time frames. I have never had to pawn anything, yet, so I am not sure. I do not consider myself materialistic, just sentimental!

  2. SKL says:

    I don’t really do jewelry. I just have a few pendants that were gifts from people who didn’t know what else to get me. I almost never wear them. But, they aren’t worth much money, so I don’t think I’d pawn them – because the guilt at disposing of that kind of gift would be greater than the money I could get.

    Now, if I had a huge diamond? Maybe. I’m not terribly sentimental. It would depend on whether I’d hurt any feelings. If the gift giver was gone and I knew of nobody who would want to “inherit” it after me, I think I would do it.

    I used to be more sentimental, but I found myself piling up too much stuff. I’m a person who can’t stand the feeling of too much “stuff” everywhere – clutter, jam packed drawers, stuff I didn’t even remember existed and knew I’d never use. I don’t have a lot of personal space, either. At some point I adopted a policy that if I wasn’t going to use a thing, I’d donate or dispose of it as soon as possible, except for those gifts I talk about above.

    Now that I have kids, I have put aside a few things for them. A gold bracelet from A’s foster family, their first birthday pendants, a couple pieces of gift jewelry, a couple special boxes, a few special cards. I figure they will appreciate having something special from the past. I hope my kids find these items too sentimental to discard or sell. (I’d love to have something from “my” past, like the gold cross my parents gave me when I was little, but somehow I (or my siblings) managed to lose or break everything I owned as a kid.)

  3. Tessa says:

    I am sentimental if it has meaning, but I also can let it go easily and realize that we don’t take things with us when we leave this earth, so why be too attached now? If everything was stolen from me, or lost in a storm, I know I would be okay. I would be sad for a minute, and then be thankful. When I was in labor, I gave a nurse my jewelry before being airlifted. They lost or stole my opal ring. I had it since I was like 8 years old. It meant a lot to me, the only piece of jewelry that really did, because a neighbor/friend gave it to me and it was passed down in her family. She had no kids, and spent a lot of time with me. I am sad, but I will always remember her in my heart.

  4. shane says:

    I’ve only pawned 1 thing in my life, it was a guitar that Jason sold me after he “hurt his hand” and I only pawned it to pay a bill that was due that week and 2 weeks after that I went back to the pawn shop and bought it back. I’m very materialistic. Even if I was starving I wouldn’t pawn the gold chain my grandma bought me for graduation or the gold watch that my grandpa bought my for graduation. I would rather sell my car or even my blood.

  5. I’m with you, Joy – I get attached to material things, but not because they’re necessarily valuable, but because they hold memories for me and I can’t bear to part with them. I still have my first “Micky Mouse Ears” hat that my parents bought me at Disneyland when I was about three.
    I don’t think my mind would jump to selling my things in a crisis, just like you said. I also can’t throw away books, just like you, Joy.
    We’re a couple of magpies, you and I!

  6. Bjorn Tabanera says:

    my mom sold her wedding ring..doesn’t matter..she’s not with my dad anymore..you know what i think? i think we shouldn’t be attached to material things..they will soon rot or get damaged..we should fix our eyes on the things above and store up treasures in heaven..I’m a Christian=) and thats what i learned..im still working on this though..

  7. darryl says:

    I am also very materialistic, I find it hard to part with some things even though I never use or wear them. The only thing I ever pawned in my life was my wedding ring.

  8. SanityFound says:

    Ok now don’t laugh ok, am serious now… I own one silver Celtic necklace with a 150 year old Amber stone in the centre, the engagement ring my father gave to my mother which she passed to me when I turned 21 and a silver belly button thingie that has sparkle. The necklace was given to me by my ex but the sentimentality doesn’t lie in that but rather the Celtic meaning and the energy in the stone, I never take it off. The ring I never wear and probably could sell it, its yellow gold which I never wear and the belly button jewels … well am to s**t scared to take it out… NEVER going through that again that’s for sure!

    Last year I had to sell a lot of my stuff, alot of it sentimental and close to my heart, threw away all my keep sakes and things I could not take with me into my new life. It broke me in more ways than I can say.

    Great post huns!

  9. Sue says:

    I am sentimental about some material things, but like you said, it’s because they mean something to me. I would never sell my wedding ring. Toby asked me once if I wanted to trade up and I’m like, why would I get rid of the first ring you gave me?? I recently lost one earring (why is it always just one of a pair??) that he gave me forever ago and I wear always and I’m still bummed about that. I’ve been in a pawn shop, but not to buy anything and hopefully will never have to sell anything.

  10. nikki says:

    I’ve been in pawn shops often, Jason likes to look in them. We’ve never sold anything though. Jason is sentimental and so am I. I only have 3 rings, my wedding, the one my dad gave me and the one Joy has given me to pass down. All mean the world to me and would never even think of selling them. I have a heart locket my mom gave me when Bailey was 1 with his picture in it, and a 3 diamond necklace and matching earrings. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, I almost would prefer something else other than jewelry. Jason puts a lot of thought into the gifts he gets me, some are even homemade. Those I’m very sentimental about…but no one but me would buy them anyway! Call me crazy but I’d be a little disappointed if I got jewelry all the time on our special days. The pieces I do have will stay in our family though!

  11. javajunkee says:

    I have a ton of jewelry..mostly from walmart so I’m doubting it’s going to bring in much cash 😦 I look around and see nothing that would dig us out of a hole if I sold it.

  12. Just a Mom says:

    I have all my mom’s family jewelry and it is not going anywhere but to my daughters. I gave my aunt one of the family brooches once because she always admired it and she said it reminded her of her mom. I found out she pawned it so I went down to the pawn shop and bought it back!

  13. mssc54 says:

    Problem is that Pawn Shops only take things that have actual value. Dang it!

    I’ve shopped there a time or two. In fact I wish they would put all those CDs in some sort of order instead of just stacking them all together.

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