A new day… a new beginning

dawnIt’s not very often I have to get up really early. I have one daycare boy, 2 years old, that gets here at 5:30am, he goes back to sleep. However when his brother comes along which is close to never, I stay up. He’s 9 and I just don’t feel comfortable going back to sleep with him up. I have to say I almost wished he’d come more often.

I used to always think the nighttime was my favorite time of day. I am a night owl and so are Jason and Bailey so it works out well. I do love that time we spend together, but this, this is different. It’s dark, same as night but so different. It’s my time, a time set a side for me and only me. It’s peaceful and refreshing, the thought of a brand new day starting and I get every piece of it. It’s a relaxing time for me, no cleaning, no demanding kids, no phones ringing and no TV. Blissfully quiet, other than the sounds of Mr. Owl, which I love!

This is such a great time to reflect on yesterday and ponder on what today will bring. I want to do this everyday! I have recently been reminded to breath…really breath. Take time to feel and enjoy each breath. This is my time, my time to reflect, dream and most importantly…breath. I am a student in this class of life, with a great teacher…our dear Vanessa. With her words and encouragement and inspiration, I am discovering myself and my new found love for life.

I love the sweet smell of dawn
our unique daily opportunity to smell time,
to smell opportunity
each morning being, a new beginning.

~Emme Woodhull-Bäche

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15 Responses to A new day… a new beginning

  1. Mrs.C says:

    I have always considered myself to be a night owl too. But, with the changes in our life, and my Ricky having to be up by 5am, I’m becoming a morning person. 🙂

  2. Joy says:

    I really love being up early in the morning too. There is something very peaceful about being awake when it’s dark, anticipating the day when you know the sun is coming up. To watch that is really something else. I used to feel that “peace” when my boys were babies and I’d have to feed them during the night. It’s like your alone in the world. There is something really nice about it.

    I do have to say I’m a total night owl. It’s not so much that I hate to get up early. It’s more like I can’t make myself go to bed early. I love the nighttime. I know everyone is sleeping and safe. I love that feeling knowing where everyone is and that everything is fine.

    I had a painter here very early two weeks ago for a week so I had to be up early. It was really nice sitting here, watching the sun come up and seeing all the animals come to life out back. But, I just don’t have enough to do all day to get up that early. I’ve had to train myself to sleep until 8-9. If I get up any earlier than that, I feel I need a nap later in the day and somehow, that never seems to work out and napping really does create havoc with night sleeping. If I worked or had more to do to keep myself busy, I’d much rather be an early bird but at this stage, getting up early doesn’t work.

  3. nikki says:

    I was more tired at bed time than usual. I have a really hard time falling asleep so it helped that. I was dragging my butt by 6 or 7 though and that was a Friday when I have to be up till after midnight playing poker. I have a hard time getting up if I don’t have to but I’m going to try. Jason gets up at 5 and I’m going to start getting up with him…except for Fridays! I’m also going tonight to find myself a good yoga CD and start that too.

  4. Just a Mom says:

    I set my alarm for 30 minutes before I have to get up and get the kids moving. On good weather days, I grab a cup of coffee and go sit outside in our backyard. My problem now, if you can call it a problem, is that my youngest has started to wake up and join me! She pours herself a cup of milk and justs sits next to me quietly.

  5. SKL says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I truly wish I could be a morning person. On the rare days when I am awake before things get busy in the morning, it’s so nice. But like Joy said, I can’t just go to bed at 10pm, and I need my sleep. I am a night owl – I get my “third wind” around midnight. Even when I force myself to get up early, I still can’t go to bed early, so I guess it’s one of those things that isn’t meant for me.

    Before kids, I used to have a nice morning routine on most days. Clean up my room, do some yoga, have breakfast, slowly enjoy a cup of coffee while reading spiritual and mind-stretching books, enjoy a leisurely shower. I was able to go to work later than most people because I used to work until the wee hours. Well, now that I have kids and have a different kind of job, all that is in the past. As my kids get more self-reliant, I need to figure out how to get parts of that “good life” back.

  6. Joy says:

    When your kids are small, that changes everything but I still found it hard to go to bed early. I’m like you SKL, I seem to come alive at 10 instead of wanting to head to bed. Also, IF I had more to occupy my day, that would “maybe” make a difference but I doubt it. As much as the mornings are peaceful, I still really like that time at night when I putter around my kitchen and I love the knowledge that everyone I love is safe in bed.

  7. mssc54 says:

    I so enjoy my quiet time in the mornings. It really helps to put the entire day in the proper perspective and too set my attitude on the right course.

  8. Elena says:

    This is a beautiful post, thanks for sharing it.

  9. What a beautiful, beautiful post. I know exactly what you mean! Those days where you wake up super early and the air is so clear and wonderful, quiet and serene.

  10. nikki says:

    I’m really looking forward to this in the spring and summer. Being able to sit out on my porch and look out at the lake with good cup of coffee. Or in my back yard with all the trees and bunnies!! I can’t wait! If only I could do something about that road that goes right between me and my beautiful lake! Someday I’ll have woods and a lake all to my self!

  11. Nikki:

    You are such a love………. 😀

    This is so interesting that you wrote about this, you must have felt my soul wavelength yesterday. I was up, really early for a Sunday. My only day that I stay in bed past eight usually. But, I was up at 6:30, which was terrific. The house was completely quiet; the dog didn’t even get up. I puttered around, and just enjoyed watching the sun come up, and the day begin.

    My house is never as quiet as it was, and I loved it. A beautiful way to start the day. It did remind me of nighttime feedings with our daughter………

    My yoga has been happening early in the AM, around 5:30 AM, and I love that the house is quiet and still at that time; helps keep me focused and relaxed as I do it.

    Have fun shopping tonight; I cannot WAIT to hear about it! I got my book/DVD at Borders if you have them there; they had a bargain set; and they even had one that had a yoga mat with it!

    Sending you a big hug, girl!!!

  12. Sue says:

    I am a morning person. I always have been and it probably has to do with my dad being a farm boy and they NEVER slept in. Sleeping in to us was 7am! Now, I can sleep much later, but feel my day is wasted. I am up by 5:15 to go to work and I drive in silence. It’s nice. Me, my thoughts and nothing else. That’s what I like about running. It’s like you’re in your own little world and you can focus on yourself for a change!

  13. nikki says:

    Vanessa~ I’m checking at Walmart and Target first since that’s all we have here. I’m really anxious about it, very excited! I loved the way it made me feel and I want to feel that again! I will for sure tell you about it. Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement you’ve given to me. *hugs to you* 🙂

    Sue~ that’s what I loved about running too, however my knee just can’t take it anymore. My elliptical is a lot kinder to me, but I have to have an hour long show on or I will cheat and get off. If I have that one hour show on my mind tells my body I can’t stop until the show is over…it works really!

  14. Otto Mann says:

    breathing is definitely one of the most important things.

    It really helps calm down your nerves.

    Whether your really nervous or really angry, taking a couple deep breaths makes a world of a difference!

  15. darryl says:

    I’m unlike most people I go to bed around 6 or 7AM and get up around 2PM. I have worked nights most of my life, I enjoy working nights but the older I get the more I feel out of sync from the real world, maybe thats whats wrong with me LOL. nice post nikki.

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