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shoes-on-matDo you take your shoes off at the door?  Even if you only have to “run in and grab one thing?”

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14 Responses to Question of the day

  1. Doraz says:

    Well, good question! If I am sitting in the car ready to go, and I realize I forgot something and have to run in, then NO…I do not. If I just clean my shoes real well, I am OK with it. If I am coming home from being out for a while, I immediately take my shoes off and put on my fuzzy slippers! Then I head to the kitchen for some tea or coffee!

  2. SKL says:

    Usually yes, unless it’s gonna be a pain in the butt and my shoes are clean & dry.

    I hate wearing shoes. I take them off at work too, and while I’m driving. But even worse is stepping on the nasty slush that someone tracked all around the house. Ick.

  3. holeycheese says:

    It depends..
    In Sweden I would.. at least in the winter. You have to if you don’t want the house full of melted snow, sand and stones.

    In Israel.. naaah. only if they are dirty. This is a “keeping shoes on-society.” So you keep them on anyway.

  4. SanityFound says:

    Depends on the house, in the current one the tradition is to take them off at the door so I abide though I do have them on now when no one is looking because they keep them warmer than warm (with 2 x socks… know I am nuts)

  5. Morocco says:

    I agree with Doraz.

  6. Sue says:

    Only if they are dirty or snowy. If I’m there to stay, I’ll take them off of course, but if I’m running in to grab something it takes too long to take them off and put them back on! (Unless of course they are dirty. I don’t want that stuff in my house either.)

  7. Just a Mom says:

    I keep my shoes on unless they are really dirty. I guess this would be why I have to vacuum twice a week! 🙂

  8. Gary says:

    I keep my shoes off while in the house. If I have to run in just to grab something real quick and my shoes are clean, I will leave them on to grab whatever it is I need to get.

  9. pewky says:

    Yes I am with Doraz as well,shoes off and fuzzy slippers on at the door.

  10. nikki says:

    I’m with everyone else here, shoes are dirty they get taken off. If their clean and I have to get in & get out then I’ll leave them on. My family in California thought it was the strangest thing when Bailey and I walk into their houses and we immediately take our shoes off. I know I never did that as a child but it’s kinda the rule of thumb here. Unless people TELL me to leave my shoes on (or their house is nasty) I always take my shoes off.

  11. mssc54 says:

    Well, personally (since I own a carpet care and restoration company) I think taking your shoes off at the door is akin to making your dogs and cats sleep outside in the freezing cold!

    If you aren’t Asian or use chop-sticks to eat leave your shoes on! It just seems a terrible waste to kill an animal, glue rubber to the bottom of it’s hide poke holes in it and then tie a knot in it to keep it from falling off your foot… all to just take them off when you get to the soft surfaces.

  12. Tosha says:

    nope I dont.. I do make the kids take theirs off though b/c theirs are usually NASTY!

  13. kweenmama says:

    I hate to wear shoes in the house. They usually come off as soon as I walk in the door UNLESS I’m only running in for something real quick before I leave again. My favorite thing to wear around the house this time of year is my fuzzy socks. They feel soooo good when the weather is cold. I am wearing my blue striped fuzzy socks even as I type this! 🙂

  14. Joy says:

    I have dreaded answering this because I hate it when people with wet, muddy, snowy or just “icky” shoes walk in my house for “one little thing” and walk right back out. Who has to clean up for that “one little thing” that they had to rush in and grab?? It takes me more time to clean that up than it would have taken them to take them off in the first place. So, I may as well walk on my floors that way since “other”people do but I wouldn’t dream of walking in someone else’s house without first taking mine off.

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