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I ordered roman shades today from JCPenny.  What’s the big deal of that you say?  The big deal is that after I placed my order I got an email telling me that on my next order, I can take off 10% and have FREE shipping.  Well, isn’t that lovely?  Why didn’t they just give it to me on this order?  Like, NOW? 

I will tell you that I keep note pads in almost every room of my house for when I get something brilliant to write about, it doesn’t come in one ear and go out the other.  If I don’t write things down, I forget about it and I had this written down!!  It happened to me at Christmas.  I had ordered Paul and I new snowshoes and boots. While I was there I was checking them out for Bailey, Trinity and Christopher and “couldn’t help myself” and got them all a pair too. I spent almost $600 at that store and as soon as I placed my order, I get a letter from them telling me I will save 20% on my next order if it’s placed before Feb. 17.

Well give me a break.  After spending money like that I highly doubt I’ll be spending money within the next two months.  That’s an awful lot of money.  You mean to tell me they couldn’t have given me a deal of some kind on an order like that?  Sue buys stuff from there and I told her if she wanted to use the code she could but like me, who shops this close after Christmas?

I realize the “why” they do it.  So you’ll shop there again but isn’t there a way they can look you up somehow to see your shopping habits?  I am very loyal to the stores I shop at.  If I need something for my home like blinds or drapes or rugs, stuff like that, Penny’s is the first place I look.  I have gotten a lot of things on sale but if only once, someone gave me a deal like that “when” I was placing my order, I’d be more apt to shop there again viruses the “ploy” to get me back by giving me the “next time” deal.  All that does is irritate me as I know “why” they are doing it. 

Besides, I lose them and if I do order something, do you think I can find it from two months ago???

Okay, I’m done now.

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14 Responses to Save money on your NEXT order

  1. Doraz says:

    Joy, if you go to the sales person who helped you and express to her your dissatisfaction with this policy of theirs, and you are considering canceling your order….the manager will immediately come over and give you a discount. I worked for JCP for 7 years! They do not want to lose you as a valued customer. If you try it, good luck. If you don’t, hope you like your shades when you get them!

  2. SKL says:

    Bookstores are the worst. They know they are addictive, especially now that you can buy a nice latte every time you go there to browse. They give you all these coupons – I get them on my receipts, in my email, and in my VISA bill – and you go there thinking you are going to save all this money – and you end up spending way more than you ever imagined. Then there’s Toys R Us. $5 off one practical item that I normally buy – how can you go wrong with that? But on the way to that aisle, you find so may cute outfits “on sale” and cool new educational toys . . . . It’s almost spooky the way they play with your mind. I’m starting to think I would be better off if I just discarded all coupons the minute I get them.

  3. fibi says:

    I’m with you Joy.. I can’t be bothered with ploys like this..

  4. So annoying that stores do this… But it’s a marketing strategy and it obviously works on many a client or they would have changed it by now. Sadly, corporations and stores can’t keep track of every client and figure out which are loyal and which are not, so they go for the general hook and bait trick of trying to get you to buy again in a couple days.
    Still, you can make it work for you! With the snowshoe incident, for instance – you know you want to buy more, so buy the first two pairs, wait a day, get the coupon, use it for the other things!

  5. Sue says:

    It is too bad that it’s always “next time”. Unless I REALLY want/need something, it’d better be on sale and I’d better be getting free shipping or I’ll wait for it. They get enough of my money, why can’t they do something for their repeat customers?

  6. Joy says:

    Doraz, I bought them online. I don’t “go” to stores unless I really have to. I love Penny’s and would never quit buying stuff from there but it would be really nice if JUST ONCE I’d go to checkout and got a percentage off “just because.” They do have a lot of “free shipping” deals but if I need something and can’t wait, it’s irritating. They also send out a lot of flyers and I do hang on to them for a while but as soon as I get rid of them or they “expire,” that’s always when I need to order something. It’s almost to bad that can’t keep it in your account somehow instead of wasting the money on all the ads that never get used.

    Emily, they don’t always do that and L.L.Bean is really slow delivering so I didn’t want to take that chance with a gift. I think I got that “next off” because I’d spent so much money, not just for one order. I don’t really shop there all that much just because they are really slow at getting your stuff to you. There have been times it was so slow I forgot that I’d ordered anything.

  7. SKL says:

    I guess it could be worse. The great institutions of higher education that I attended have also gotten a lot of my money already, yet instead of offering me a deal, they send me repeated requests for more money (“Support our Annual Fund!”). Just because it’s obvious I am so happy with my purchase, I want to pay more for it, into eternity.

  8. Gary says:

    I couldn’t agree more Joy! It’s very frustrating to always have to wait until “next time”.

    I have found a store that is really good about not making you wait until “next time”. Gordmans sends us coupons in the mail quite often and even to our email that you can print and bring into the store. Since my wife and I don’t have to wait until “next time” to save some money, we will try to shop there before another store.

  9. Doraz says:

    Joy, they also have lots of discounts online, even Penney’s. Have you checked that out? I find coupons online for everywhere I go! I just google for free online coupons, and get lots of sites. You can even be specific on stores when you google them.

  10. K. Trainor says:

    I’m with you. Sure would be nice to see that ‘special offer’ now rather than later. And I’d be more likely to come back out of gratitude, too!

  11. nikki says:

    Hmmm can’t relate when it comes to buying online. I’ve purchased MAYBE a handful of things online in my life. I did buy my mom an engraved necklace for Christmas from Things Remembered (love that site) I was a nervous wreck until she had it in her hands. Anyways….I think they for sure should give you a discount or at least free shipping when spending that kind of money. I understand the reason but like you said, you just spent $600, do they expect you to spend more money in the next 2 months?? That’s crazy…even for you! Can’t wait to see the new shades!!!!

  12. mssc54 says:

    I didn’t read any of the other comments so forgive me if this is repetative.

    Cancle the order, bring it back to the store and then whip out your coupon for your NEXT ORDER!

    The one I absolutely hate is the envelope that comes in the mail that says “YOU MAY ALREADY BE A WINNER”. Really?! No kidding?!! I MAAAAAYYY be a winner?


    Magazine anyone?

  13. Tosha says:

    I absolutely hate that! that happened to me last week and it really really irritated me! Usually its for places I rarely shop at and would never get a chance to use the coupon.

  14. darryl says:

    I would go to the contact us page and let them know.

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