One out of four


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11 Responses to One out of four

  1. fibi says:

    Oh dear!! It’s me!

  2. Doraz says:

    No, No, No, It’s not me! No, I am not in denial!
    Ha Ha Ha Funny one!

  3. Sue says:

    Well that explains A LOT!

  4. Gary says:

    (thinking…thinking…thinking) Damn! Must be me! LOL

  5. Joy says:

    All my friends are nuts like me I’m sure!!! I’m not sure any of “us” are mentally balanced!

  6. There is no doubt that it is me……

  7. nikki says:

    ME..mentally balanced?? Not sure I want to be! It’s much more fun this way! I’m trying to think of one friend who is completely mentally balanced………………….nope can’t think of one!

  8. Morocco says:

    LOL, I think it may be all four in my case!

  9. SanityFound says:

    I’m with Joy, its almost a prerequisite to cope with me – you have to be non balanced 😀

  10. Laura (LS) says:

    Um…. what if ALL of my friends AND my family are nuts?????

  11. Joy says:

    You must be the sane one then Laura.

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