The Cowardly Lion: I Do Believe in Ghosts!

I don’t think I’ve written a post this personal yet.  By personal, I mean for both myself and all of you.  I view spirituality as a very personal journey that affects each of us differently.  I would like to know what each of you thinks about our souls and what happens to them when we pass. 

I bet that all of us have some type of “ghost” story that we can tell.  Something out of the corner of your eye, something right in front of you, the noises you can’t explain, that feeling of not being alone even though you’re the only one home.  That kind of stuff.  Lately, things have been happening to me and around home that really got me wondering about this!  It all started when I found an orb in one of my pictures.  ( I can feel all of you rolling your eyes at me!)  I have been taking pictures for a long time and I can tell you that I have NEVER had one of these show up before! 

This past summer, my sister and I were bored one afternoon and decided to go look at houses.  We had walked through a couple with no excitement, but the third one was different.  We walked in and I said, “man, it’s cold in here!”  I really liked this house so I was taking pictures of the different rooms with my digital camera (nothing fancy) and didn’t notice anything until I loaded the pictures onto my computer that night.  There, in the upper corner of the living room, is a round translucent ball.  I thought, that wasn’t there when I was in the house was it??  None of the other pictures of that house had an orb in it. 

Then, my grandpa from Missouri came to visit.  We all had supper over at my mom and dad’s after which we made the kids sit on the couch with great grandpa to get pictures.  We took a lot of pictures between my sisters and I, but only 1 came up with an orb in it.  Right over the head of my nephew whose mom is the one who was with me at the houses the day the first one showed up. 

A couple of weeks ago, I went out with my cousin and her girlfriend for a couple of drinks.  As we’re chatting, Kim, my cousin’s friend, says she thinks she has a ghost in her house!  Ok, explain.  She said when they are in bed at night they can hear the bathroom door opening and closing.  A couple of days after, she was talking to her mom on the phone while cleaning the bathroom and telling her mom what had happened and the bathroom door slammed shut!  Apparently, whatever is there didn’t like her talking about it!  Needless to say it freaked her out.  Her mom’s advice was to tell the ghost or whatever to please stop and leave them alone.  Guess what?  NOTHING has happened since.  I said, I feel your pain!  I think there is someone in my house too.  When I’m home and Toby is not I hear things.  It’s usually when I’m in the shower and it sounds like there is someone walking around in the living room and opening the cupboards.  Freaky right?  Come to find out, Toby hears the same thing when I’m on call and not there for the night!  Wonderful!  To top it off, our TV has been acting up.  I was thinking it was just because it was old, but the more I thought about it the TV starting acting up about the same time I started hearing things.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but the last time the TV was being dumb I said out loud, “Can you please stop messing with the TV?”  and ya know what?  The TV has worked fine since!

My cousin had to put her stories in too that night.  She said that she doesn’t get orbs too often in pictures, but they have a video monitor in their baby’s room.  She sees them all the time on there and they zoom all over the screen.  She said she lays her baby down in the crib, turns off the light and RUNS to her bedroom just so she can watch them on the monitor.  She tried getting her husband to see them, but as soon as he’d start watching the monitor they would stop!  Must not like him or something!

Sorry, this got a little long!  I have many more stories I could share, but I think you get my point!  I do believe in spirits and an afterlife because too many things have happened to me and my family for me to ignore it.  Yes, maybe some things can be explained, but not all.  I do believe in ghosts, I do believe in ghosts, I do I do I do believe in ghosts!orbs1

That night we went out…Left to right, my cousin Jenny, her friend Kim, myself and my friend Tara.  There were many pictures taken that night, but this was the only one with orbs in it.  IDK…..!

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22 Responses to The Cowardly Lion: I Do Believe in Ghosts!

  1. Tessa says:

    Sue! This is so fascinating to me. I am really interested and really do believe also. I am fascinated by out of the ordinary things like aliens and ghosts and spirits and religion. Hence, why I am a psychology major. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    That is weird! It looks like the moon in the picture. Very odd, I expected it to be like translucent, but it is not! That must freak the hell out of you when in the shower, or are you use to it? I would only take a shower when not alone I’d be so scared!
    I know people with ghost stories, I have been skeptical, because I have not experienced it, but I do believe anything is possible and too many stories for it not to be true.

    Personally, I believe we all have a soul-each and every one of us. I believe it is made of energy, which researchers have scientifically proven it exists. I believe we are all specks in a huge universe-of God. I think the possibilities of afterlife are endless. I do not think there is only one answer or just heaven and hell and that is it. I do not think there is an actual “hell”, only in our minds and on Earth (war, murder, mental illness-we create hell). I think our souls live on forever and transform in and out of form until we are enlightened and decide to move on. I believe in reincarnation, and if you don’t get things right this time, you will come back. Maybe not even to Earth, I am sure there is life elsewhere too! I am very passionate about this topic and love to discuss the unknown.

    It is funny I came to the blog the night this is posted, since I have not been here in awhile!

    • Jamie says:

      Your article is very interesting. I just built a new house and have a new baby. But we have plugged the video monitor up in our 4 year olds room for a while until the baby moves to his nursery (he’s currently sleeping in our room in a bassinett). I see orbs all the time on the video monitor flying around and my husband never seems to see them. Its really starting to creep me out.

  2. Tessa says:

    I wanted to say too, I think the energy our souls of made of is God’s pure love and light. I believe it is so, so powerful and if we tap into our soul we can do almost anything positive. So thinking this way, ghosts must be harmless! The only thing to fear is fear itself, huh?!

  3. nikki says:

    Well ‘m glad I read this right before going to bed! it’s late so I will comment on this in the morning! FABULOUS post Sue!! Okay off the bed…I don’t believe, I don’t believe, I don’t believe…that didn’t work! GREAT!

  4. fibi says:

    Yep! I believe.. Always have.. I believe there is so much more to this world than what we can see, touch, taste, smell…

    Great post!

  5. shane says:

    I beleive in ghosts too. When I’m alone in the house I hear sounds like cubbords opening in the kitchen, and sometimes when I try to open the door to the garage it feels like someone’s on the other side pushing on it. It’s like I have to force it open. The sound thing could be in my head but the door thing is creepy. Great post Sue!

  6. Morocco says:

    I don’t believe in ghosts because the Bible says that the dead have no thoughts and are no more. I never want to see or interact with one either. I have had some strange experiences, but I don’t put too much time in trying to understand them. I would rather attribute them to things other than the supernatural.

    However, I do believe that evil spirits roam this earth and like to “play” with the human mind.

  7. SKL says:

    Well, I am not sure, but let’s say I don’t disbelieve. We used to say we had a “friendly ghost” in a big old house my parents bought when I was 12. I figure if it is the soul of a dead human, chances are, it’s a friendly soul, since most people are good at heart. If it’s a dog’s soul, even better. If it’s a cat’s, I don’t know, maybe those are the mischievous ones . . . .

    Whether ghosts are real or not (as each of us pictures them), one thing I’m sure of is that there is an infinite volume of reality that we don’t know about. I don’t see why that wouldn’t include ghosties.

    I will say ghosts don’t scare me, any more than living people do.

  8. Tessa says:

    Nikki, that is too funny! SKL, I love what you wrote. It is true, we should not be more scared than we are of people!!

  9. Just a Mom says:

    Great post. Personally, I believe in ghosts and I have had many experiences with them over the years. I am never afraid of them, actually it is always the opposite. I am intrigued (SP?) by them.

  10. Joy says:

    I just love this subject. I know how freaked out you were after looking at that house that day. I wish something like that would happen to me. I have no stories to share. I wish I did because I do believe in this. I do believe my loved ones are around me. If I didn’t believe that, it would be to hard to say “good bye” to anyone. Do I have any “proof,” no I don’t. But that’s okay, I don’t need proof. I just know.

    The weirdest thing that happens in this house is the oven fan on the microwave goes on without anyone turning it on. We can be sitting at the table eating and it will just all of a sudden turn on. But that’s hardly a big deal.

    Another thought. It’s never very quiet here. With 5 cats and 2 dogs, if it sounded like something was weird, I’d think it was one of them.

    Great post Sue. It’s fun to see what people think of this. How’d you sleep Nik?? LOL!!!

  11. nikki says:

    Funny!! I took sleeping pills to ensure a good nights rest!! jk

    I have only felt my dad. Only twice. The first time was the night I got the call he was on life support. I was sleeping or so I thought, it’s still very confusing to me, I heard a baby crying and I was pregnant so that was impossible! I had the most overwhelming feeling my dad was standing outside Baileys nursery door. I sat there for the longest time scared out of my mind because something like that had never happened. I had to go pee really bad and I was so scared to get out of bed but I did VERY quickly!!! When I leaped back into bed is when Jason woke up and I was still shaking!! Then when I was in LA we had to stay at a hotel, the night before he was to be buried, I woke up from a hand touching my right shoulder, very lightly. Everyone else was sleeping. It very well could all be in my head but I do truly believe he was trying to connect with me. Even after 9 years, I can still feel that touch on my shoulders. Very strange!
    Funny story I have to tell you all!!! When Bailey was probably 5 or 6 we lived in this house that had two doors in our bathroom. One going to our bedroom and the other into the hallway. Well when you open one, the other will shut. Bailey was so convinced that both his “heaven grandpas” were playing with him!!!! No joke, you ask him today and he’ll still tell you it was them playing with him!!!!

  12. Gary says:

    I totally believe in ghosts! I have had a few personal experiences that have made me a total believer. One was shortly after my grandmother died and the other shortly after my father died. Neither experience scared me in fact, I had the complete opposite reaction.

    My wife SWEARS we have a ghost here at our house. She tells me about occurances that happen all the time although they don’t happen to me. I wish they would!

    About the orbs. I am a wedding photographer and honestly have about 100 or more photos similar to the one you posted of you with your cousin and friends. These orbs sometime appear when using flash photography in low light situations. They are caused by dust particals or reflective objects. Using your photo as an example I can see in the background how dark the bar was and since you and the others in the photo are well lit, a flash was obviously used to take this photo. When the flash of the camera fired, some dust particals were in the air close to the the front of the lens and reflected the light from the flash back into the lens and created the orbs in the photo.

    This can be explained in greater depth here.

    Please don’t think I am discounting what you are saying about the orbs in any of your photos Sue. Those orbs could quite possibly be spirits and NOT what I am describing. I just have some experience with these orbs in photos and can offer an alternative explanation.

  13. Sue says:

    Thanks for all your thoughts everyone! Believe me, Gary, I looked it up as soon as I found the first orb in the picture of the house. I wish I had that pic to show you all, but my computer died so it’s stuck on there for the time being. It was a sunny afternoon and my flash did NOT go off when I took the picture and I took more than one picture of that room standing in the same spot, one right after the other. Dust or other things floating in the air are very possible and I don’t discount that. Usually I’m very logical, but I’ve had many other experiences with things other than orbs to make me a believer!

    Nikki, when I was pregnant with Trinity I went downstairs one night to go to bed and as I lay there, it felt like someone was right next to me and whispered in my ear “Sue”. I swore I felt the breath in my ear! Freaked me out, but I was all alone in the room and I was too scared to get out of bed!

  14. nikki says:

    Sue….I literally have goose bumps from head to toe!!!!

  15. javajunkee says:

    my husband will tell you that demons appear as “friendly ghosts”…that’s a whole nother topic. I disagree with him to a point on that.

    the place I used to work had at least 2 spirits roaming around. 1 was a little girl ….our bartender saw her one night. She had stayed in a room and heard scratching on the wall…woke up and saw a little girl about 10 years old scratching on her wall. She also was a little on the bratty side but that’s why we all loved her. She rigged up the ice machine to shoot ice randomly at people. They would come up to the front desk to tell us that the ice machine which points down had ice flying out. Yep she was bored once again. My daughter went in to help the housekeepers one day and she felt the “cold” that you describe right down by the ice machine…there was one cold you knew where she hung out. She also went out by the pool and had little pool parties by herself. That one somebody got on audio tape. It’s all actually very cool as far as I”m concerned.

    our other one is an old guy with emphesimia (sp..wrong but not looking it up)….he hung around down by the bar after hours. You could hear him jingling his change around in his pocket. He just hung around down by the bar. There were no other doors down there and we would have people closing up the bar that would hear him. Guess last call meant nothing to him.

    Now both of our trailers have been new ..I think that older stuff has a better chance of being visited or lived in by spirits. Like the place I worked…it’s over 35 years old. It’s also said that the whole area over where it’s built was an Indian burial it’s hard telling just how many spirits are actually roaming around on that side of town. Very very interesting post!

  16. mssc54 says:

    @Sue: “I would like to know what each of you thinks about our souls and what happens to them when we pass.”

    Thanks so much for opening the door!

    I believe the Bible is the Written (inspired) Word of God.

    Therefore I believe that our souls will live for all of eternity. I know, it’s impossible for the human mind to comprehend.

    When we hear the word “ghost” used we instantly think of a negative sort of being. I mean we can’t really be blamed for that thought, it’s in books, TV, film, etc. Ever participated in or heard of someone sitting around telling “ghost stories?”

    I think most people get hung up on titles/names. Unquestionably the spirit realm exist and THAT is where the real action is happening.

    The “enemy” (satan and all of his minions) have had the benefit of being created as a sort of “super created beings.” If you recall satan was appointed the Chief Musician in heaven. One day he wasn’t happy with that and wanted more. That is when he and one third of the other super created beings (angels of darkness) were cast out of heaven.

    The enemy has had the benefit of observing human tendancies since man was created. He is not here just to make our lives unconfortable or miserable. He has come to “steal, kill and destroy!”

    Now since he is such a smart creature he realizes that there are “good people” on this earth who will simply not participate in (concious) sin. These people will do all they can to do “the right thing.”

    So here is where my (current) belief/understanding is on this.

    The enemy is completely content to let us just go through life being “good people.” After all his sole (or soul) objective is to make sure that each individual does NOT believe in the Creator and accept Jesus (the Christ) as their Savior.

    If we are just going through life without the knowledge in our heart that Jesus is the Son of God, died and rose from the dead it’s great news for the enemy. He doesn’t have to “mess with us.” (we don’t have a target on our back)

    However, one of his slickest deceptions is to get us to keep ourselves busy with things that, on an eternal scale, really aren’t that important.

    In other words, someone who does not believe in the Savior may seem to have a great life but when that same person (or group of people) begin to get a little serious about developing that relationship the enemy will get them busy with… stuff. Get them busy so they will have, what they think is more important stuff to take care of.

    Often when one person in a family or a group begins “the journey” they will have other family or group members become curious too. That is when the enemy will kick it into high gear. Not only busy stuff buy serious difficulties may begin to happen. After all, there is nothing more contagious than a person who is happy and content down to their very soul.

    If you havent read about my personal (in the flesh) angel story…

    @Javajunkee: “my husband will tell you that demons appear as “friendly ghosts”…that’s a whole nother topic.”
    *THIS IS COPIED/PASTED FROM “QuickVerse 2007″*

    Hebrews 13

    13:2 some have entertained angels without knowing it. The word “angel” may refer to superhuman beings (see Gen. 18:1-8 for an example of such entertaining) or it may refer to a human being who is a messenger from God (see James 2:25 for an example of such entertaining).

    13:10 Those who still want to be under the law cannot enjoy the benefits of our altar—the cross and all it stands for.

    13:11 outside the camp, where the carcasses of sin-offering animals were burned (Lev. 4:21; 16:27).

    13:12 Jesus also … suffered outside the gate. See John 19:17-20. This showed Jesus to be our sin offering.

    13:13 Christians are exhorted to go outside the camp; i.e., to leave all false religions and join themselves to Christ.

    13:15-16 The believers’ sacrifices are praise, doing good, and sharing (Phil. 4:18).

    @Sue: “I view spirituality as a very personal journey that affects each of us differently.”

    That, in my view, is the most profound sentence in your post.

    The reason is, is because when the time comes each and every individual can not rightly say, “Well my parents didn’t teach me.” Or, “The church is full of hipocrits.” Or, “All they want is money.” Or…

    There will be a final (personal) review of our journey.

    Jesus said that if we are ashamed of Him then He will not confess us as His follower. On the other hand, He also said if we are NOT ASHAMED of Him… He’s already paid our fine. (paraphrasing of course).

  17. Sue says:

    Javajunkie~thanks for sharing your stories! Thankfully, I have never stood face to face with a spirit and I don’t want to!

    Mssc54~I too, am a Christian and believe that our souls live for all eternity. Isn’t that the true prize at the end of all of this? Eternal life with God? I was curious to know what everyone thought about this since this group seems to be religiously diverse. That doesn’t make anyone right or wrong, but it gives us different perspectives on how it all goes down in the end or if there’s an end at all. I am going to read your story right now!

  18. mssc54 says:

    Surgical Sue: While there can be many false/wrong religions there IS only One True Savior.

    It’s almost like investing your entire life with Bernie Madeoff. All along you feel great about what you are doing but in the end you have nothing. 😉

  19. Sue says:

    Mssc54~that was a great post! Thanks for the link. I’m feeling spiritually re-energized!

  20. Sue says:

    Did you talk to Darryl, Mssc54??? He thinks it’s so funny to call me that!

  21. mssc54 says:

    @Sue: Darryl sounds like a wise and witty guy! 😉

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