Little House Out-takes

I was going to put something really “sweet” on here.  It’s probably my favorite television show of all time but man, this really cracked me up.


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7 Responses to Little House Out-takes

  1. Gary says:

    hehehehehehe, those are funny! I remember watching this show with my parents when I was knee high to a grasshopper. 🙂

  2. darryl says:

    Very funny, You dont expect humor like that in the setting they are in.

  3. Yeah, it’s so surprising in that cute little setting with the old fashioned clothing to have them burst out laughing all of a sudden. There’s something so sweet about it all ^_^.
    I loved the first book in the series, but never got to see the TV show because it was never on here – I hear it’s supposed to be really fun to watch though!

  4. Joy says:

    I also read the series Emily but if you’ve never seen these shows, you’ve really missed out. I have the entire series on DVD’s and now much to my liking, Trinity likes it. As a matter of fact, one of them is in my DVD player right now from a day last weekend.

  5. Doraz says:

    I love it….This is one of my favorite shows. I watched it all the time! It was done with a lot of style! Thanks!

  6. pammy says:

    That show was great.Watched it every week.

  7. javajunkee says:

    oh my gosh that was hilarious! I too was a faithful little house watcher. I miss that show and miss Michael Landon
    😦 that one at the end was funny!

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